Messages Failed to Load Discord- In-depth discussion

The popularity of Discord is increasing day by day as one of the best streaming and social connectivity platforms. But while using it, you may face some problems and errors that can bother you. One of those glitches is messages failed to load Discord, and obviously, you are not the only person facing it.

This glitch on Discord will prevent loading the messages that have been sent to you by someone. It can happen because of the errors in either your side or from Discord’s central issues. If you face these kinds of message loading errors, don’t worry, there are many solutions that can solve your issue. 

The Reasons Responsible for Messages Failed to Load on Your Discord Account

Finding the root of the problem is the primary task before you start solving it. Messages on your Discord account may fail to load for errors on either your end or Discord’s end. If you are seeking why is Discord taking so long to send messages, then there is a high chance that the following reasons are responsible: 

  • In most cases, an unstable internet connection is guilty behind the messages keep failing to load in Discord 
  • If you are facing Discord reply message could not be loaded, a server outage from Discord’s end can also be responsible 
  • Improper server regions in Discord can also prevent the message to load  
  • Messages in Discord may take a long time to load if there is any glitch in your mobile or desktop 
The Reasons Responsible for Messages Failed to Load on Your Discord Account 

The Solution Methods to Apply If Messages Failed to Load Discord

While messages are taking too much time to load, the first thing you should do is not to get panicked. The next task is applying the solution methods appropriately to solve the messages failed to load issue, and the techniques are: 

Method-1: Restart Discord Software

No matter whether you are using Discord on your mobile or PC, messages may fail to load. At that time, restarting the Discord software on your mobile or PC can solve the issue immediately. Despite stopping the Discord software, it can run in the background, which also needs to be stopped. 

To do so, you need to go to the “Task Manager” section first. From there, if you see the Discord app running in the background, you need to hit the “End Task” button to stop it. After doing so, start the Discord app from the beginning, and hopefully, the messages will load in time.  

If you are a mobile user, uninstall the Discord app, reinstall it, and enter the app again to solve the issue. 

Method-2: Restart Your Device and Internet Connection

Restart Your Device and Internet Connection 

If the previous solution method is unable to solve the issue, try another solution and shut down your computer first. Then turn off the modem or the Wi-Fi router, whichever you are using. Then detach the power cables with which they are attached, and wait for about 30 seconds after shutting down your device.  

While doing so, remain very careful and try not to harm any of the accessories. Then attach the power cables of both the modem and the router. Turn on the modem first, and being sure about that, you will have to turn the router on.  

When all these are done, turn the PC on and launch Discord, and hopefully, messages will load perfectly. 

Method-3: Try Using Mobile Data Instead of Wi-Fi

If you are using Discord in your mobile with Wi-Fi data, the glitch in Wi-Fi can prevent messages from loading. Then you should turn the Wi-Fi connection off and switch to cellular data. Then the messages will load, and after some time, you can switch back to the Wi-Fi connection and run Discord without any problem. 

Method-4: Switch the Server Regions

The region distance between users can also prevent Discord messages to load. That’s why you should choose a good middle-ground server region to chat with your friends on Discord. Suppose you are chatting with friends from both the east coast and west coast of the USA.  

At that time, choosing “US Central” as your voice region will be the best idea to chat with them without any interruption. As a result, you won’t face any errors while loading the messages sent by your friends. 

Method-5: Report to Discord if There is Any Server Outage

If you are facing trouble loading the messages, then there is a high chance of being a server outage from Discord’s end. But at first, you need to check whether there is any server outage or not. For the checking purpose, you can either use or

After checking, if you find any kind of server outage, you need to report it to Discord as early as possible. You can complete the reporting task from the Submit Request page for any of your problems. While reporting, you will find the “What can we help you with” option from the “Help & Support” section.

Right below that, there will be a dropdown box where you will have to describe which problem you are facing. Then send it to the Discord support authority, and hopefully, the problem will be solved. 


Why are the messages sent by my friends on Discord failing to load? 

The error of messages failing to load on Discord can be the fault of either your side or from Discord’s side. Your unstable internet connection is guilty of most of the cases of messages interruption. Server outages from Discord’s end can also be guilty of this annoying issue. 

What can I do when the messages fail to load on Discord? 

If the fault is from your side, you can try correcting your internet connection first. You can also change the voice server, switch to cellular data from Wi-Fi, and switch devices. But when the fault is from Discord’s end, you need to report the problem to the Discord authority as early as possible.  

Discord Messages Failed to Load 

Final Thoughts

The messages failed to load Discord is not a problem that is out of the world. Once in a while, in your Discord using session, you may face this issue out of nowhere. While facing it, the first thing you need to do is find the base of the problem and gather enough information about it. 

After doing that, you will have to go through the solving methods which are discussed above. Then apply those solutions one after another appropriately, and hopefully, you won’t face this message interruption error. 

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