Discord Blocked Message – Unexpected Text, Failing & Blocking

Discord is a digital platform that allows you to communicate with your friends, colleagues, or other individuals that share your interests. Discord offers many of the same capabilities as other chat systems, allowing everyone on your server to message you directly. It’s possible, though, that you’re upset by a person who is contacting you and no longer desire to read their texts. It’s also possible that someone has blocked you. This post will go through every aspect of the Discord Blocked Message topic.

Determining Whether You’ve Been Blocked on Discord

People you interact with within a server may send you personal text messages and ping you when you’re using the Discord application. You may also view their texts. Unless you choose to block them, everything is accessible. If you don’t want somebody to be capable of communicating with you again, you can block them. Many individuals inquire whether there is a way to find out if they have been blocked. Here are a handful of approaches for determining whether or not anyone has blocked you on Discord.

Failing to send text

You may be blocked if you fail to communicate with others. You’ll still be enabled to see any previous chats you’ve had with this individual, but you won’t be able to reply or begin a fresh one. 

You Receive an Unexpected Text

If you send a text to someone on Discord and receive a reply that the individual is only receiving texts from friends, you have most likely been blocked. This is a rather basic error display that informs you that you must share a server or be connected with the person in question. If you were once friends with this individual and spoke with them, there’s a strong possibility you’ve been blocked.

You Receive an Unexpected Text

You’re Not Friends Anymore

You will no more be on someone’s Discord friends list if you block them. When you block somebody, they are removed from your list of friends instantly. You can re-add them later, but they will be unable to interact with you for the period.  They can, however, know when you’re online and view your prior conversations.

Clyde Bot Notification

Clyde bot is an authorized bot that comes pre-installed in Discord that alerts you to any activities that aren’t responding. If you try to text somebody on Discord who might have blocked you, the Clyde bot would respond with the preceding text:

Clyde Bot Notification

Blocking on Discord

Launch the Discord server on a Windows computer or Mac and right-click on the user’s name to block them. A menu will emerge if you do so. Choose ‘Block’ from the options.

Blocking on Discord

A confirmation box will display, inquiring whether you’re certain you would like to block them. Select ‘Block’ once more to finalize. All of this person’s conversations in your server will vanish from your display.


Click the profile image of the user you want to block on the Discord android application. When you do so, a menu will display. Select the three dots in the menu’s upper right corner. Choose ‘Block.’ A notification box confirming that the individual has been blocked will emerge.

notification box

When you block someone, their name will be deleted from your list of friends, and all of their conversations on the server you conveyed will be concealed. After blocking their texts, you may see them by tapping the ‘Show message’ icon on your computer or the ‘Blocked messages’ option on the smartphone application.

In common servers, the user you’ve blocked probably wouldn’t be able to ping you or use the ‘@’ symbol to reference your name. If they attempt to text you, they will get the same error text as described previously. The individual you’ve blocked, on the other hand, will be capable of viewing when you’re online and accessing your previous conversations.


If you use Discord, you may come across inappropriate messages or obnoxious individuals on the servers. Knowing how to block somebody can be useful in that situation. However, it is possible that you have been blocked by somebody else, and you would like to know whether you have been blocked. This post about Discord Blocked Message will be beneficial for any of the problems stated.

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