Connect two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously iPhone?

Have you ever wished to connect two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously iPhone to get rid of poor sound quality?

While getting an outstanding sound experience through your Bluetooth is sometimes difficult, there is a better way of improving that condition. One might wonder if two Bluetooth speakers can get connected simultaneously to iPhone to improve the sound quality!

Well, if is possible, that’d be an amazing solution for music and party-goers. One solution is to connect two Bluetooth speakers that generate the question is it possible to connect two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously to your Phone?

connect two Bluetooth speakers

Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers Simultaneously iPhone

iPhone is always famous for its innovative product line-up. If you manage to handle it, you manipulate this smartphone what others can’t even imagine.

iPhone added a feature that allows connecting two Bluetooth speakers concurrently to give you a newer experience in listening to music. Simply put, not all iPhone models allow connecting two Bluetooth speakers at a time.

Take iPhone Pro Max 12 as an example. You can indulge your wish to connect two Bluetooth speakers with this model as well as the later versions of this brand. Make sure that the iPhone is compatible before you attempt to connect Bluetooth.

Here, in the post, we’re going to share all you need to know to connect two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously iPhone.

To indulge the wish to connect two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously iPhone, you have to end up with any of the latest iPhone models.

Latest iPhone + Bluetooth 5

Find an iPhone from the latest model and try Bluetooth 5. This version is probably the best to connect two Bluetooth speakers along with projector (not necessarily, if you need only). You’ll find S8 (Samsung Galaxy) as well as iPhone that runs iOS 11.4 in the slot. Nevertheless, you’ll have a limited audio frequency with 4.2 Bluetooth version.

In this circumstance, sync one speaker with your smartphone. Thanks to the excellence of technology, you don’t need to limit yourself. You can try any other options to avoid such a situation. One such example is, you can employ an additional speaker with an app like Ultimate Ears, AmpMe, or Bose Connect.

How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Headphones To An iPhone?

How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Headphones To An iPhone?

After you learn connecting two Bluetooth speakers to iPhone, that’d be an amazing thing to learn how to connect two headphones to an iPhone. If you fail to connect two Bluetooth speakers anyway, you can try this one to continue your party.

Connect Two Bluetooth Headphone

The first question that may pop up in your mind is why I need to try to connect two Bluetooth headphones simultaneously. The answer is, your phone oftentimes doesn’t support Bluetooth 5, which is available on maximum phones. Another reason is that sometimes you like to enjoy music on your own without sharing it with anyone.

So, if you can’t manage Bluetooth speaker connection by any means, give it a shot by following the steps below after installing an app on your iPhone.

Note: always remember that the headphones are not equally engineered and manufactured. So, the best practice would be to emphasize your iPhone rather than the headphones.

AmpMe App

Introducing a versatile app that doesn’t come to serve the exclusively sole brand. Rather, it can be incorporated with any brand. This amazing app requires friends and family to get installed. Strange enough, even the unknown person with the app installed on the iPhone can join your party.

AmpMe works in simple yet dynamic way. After installing the app, you have to share the link on your social media handles. If someone of your app contact is on the app currently, they can join the party by sending a request. Similarly, a stranger can request you by the app’s location service. And when it comes anyone else’s online party, you can participate too by sending requests to the host.

How to Set-up AmpMe

Setting Up AmpMe is way simple. It just requires four simple steps to start your party. Once you install the app, follow the below-mentioned steps to start your party.

  1. Tap the Plus sign
  2. Choose the music service from the menu – YouTube, Spotify and many more.
  3. Access your music profile
  4. Create a playlist.

How to Access Boss Connect and Ultimate Ears

Once you access Bluetooth headphones for seamless music, you’ll love it for sure. However, if you like to taste something new, you can try Boss Connect and Ultimate Ears.

Before you start reading this portion, let me tell you that these two-service providers share some limitation. Nevertheless, they are immensely popular among iPhone users. You can connect a couple of speakers. The limitation is that you have to match the speaker with your device.

Boss Connect doesn’t support all models of speakers and manufacturers. You can take your mood on the high with managing the compatible speakers and headphones. However, you can match the models, you can connect two devices at a time.

Ultimate Ears serves you through any of the two apps – Boom and MegaBoom. You can start audio streaming connecting two speakers with any of these two. This audio stream service provider also shares a limitation like Boss Connect. Before get going, you have to match the devices with the app. You can’t pair with incompatible speakers or headphones.

The Google Play and App Store list the compatible device. So, you should make sure before installing the Ultimate Ears or pairing the speakers it they are compatible.

The Bottom Lines

Thankfully, you can connect two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously iPhone. However, you have to learn all the limitations in your mind while you attempt to do so. As you’ve already gone through several ways out to connect two Bluetooth speakers, as well as several apps and services, keep them in your mind.

If you end up with Boss Connect or Ultimate Ears, make sure you match the devices. Otherwise, you can’t connect Bluetooth anyway. In addition, if you decide to purchase an additional speaker or download an app, don’t forget to check the model of your iPhone.

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