Discord Custom Status Ideas – Easy Guide

Discord is an excellent platform to showcase your talent, collection, and creativity via streaming and status. Your status on Discord is the way of expressing about what you are up to and how you are feeling. Through various cool statuses, you can also show off in front of your friends and audiences. 

The best seven Discord Custom Status Ideas below, in this case, will help you to create a better impact. Your cool and aesthetic status will also inspire and motivate your friends and others to follow you.  

The Best 7 Discord Custom Status Ideas that You Must Try

The best status ideas in Discord below will assist you in gaining popularity. Those unique status ideas that you must try at least once are: 

1. Try Including Some Kaomoji

The inclusion of some kaomoji can make your Discord status way aesthetic and incredible. There are various outstanding and cool kaomoji available that you can choose based on the topic of your status. From the cute polar bears to the smiley faces and stars, you will like most of those and can easily select one. 

Including Some Kaomoji

2. Adding Emoji Before and After the Text

Apart from the kaomoji, you can also add the basic emoticons before and after the text of your status. You can also add emojis after every word of the status sentence for a more aesthetic look. Based on the theme, you can choose the emoji and also the color of that particular emoji.  

Adding various emojis in the beginning, in the end, and even in the middle of the text will help to liven up your status. 

Adding Emoji

3. Using Hashtag Before the Status Text

Hashtags are mainly for any campaign or trending issues on social media platforms. Suppose a particular hashtag is trending on Twitter or Instagram, and you want to share and support it on Discord. In that case, you can use that hashtag and put it as your Discord status, and make it reach your friends and audiences.  

If you find a remarkable song or an exciting video, you can share it on Discord as your status. But you need to remain way careful in this case, as people may sometimes take it negatively. Before sharing the song or video link, you need to ensure that the video or music actually deserves the limelight. 

But you need to stop overdoing these types of videos and songs related status as some servers can even label you as a spammer. 

5. Applying Cool Fonts for the Status Text

You might have got tired of using the common fonts to update your status on Discord. Using cool fonts is an aesthetic way to make the status interesting to your audiences and even to you. You must use the text generators for the task, and once you do it, your status will become way attractive to the viewers. 

6. Inclusion of a Throwback or a Memory

Memories always bring back the sweetness and joy of the days you passed. On your Discord status, you can try sharing your interesting memories from years or months ago. You can add any quote with that memory-related status to make it even more happening.  

Along with that, these shared memories will relive those memories in the mind of you and your friends. 

7. Try Sharing What You are Up to

There is no better way of sharing with your friends about what you are doing and up to than the Discord status. You can write about the project you are working on or even which movies you are about to watch.  

It will also be a good idea to share your hobbies via Discord status and make it reach your audiences and friends. 

How to have a Custom Rich Discord Presence

Final Thoughts

Via Discord status, you can express what you feel on any topic and what’s on your mind. Cool and attractive Discord status will work as the boost to increase your popularity. In that case, you would surely want some unique, aesthetic, and creative Discord Custom Status Ideas. 

From your excellent and aesthetic status, people will also find inspiration and motivation. Those creative ideas will help you express the things you are about to do and what you are up to more clearly. 

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