Lenovo Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10

As a Lenovo laptop user, the laptop may get stuck while booting at some point in your usage. If that happens, the screen will freeze with the Lenovo logo on it. Without taking any action, this loop of getting stuck during the boot won’t end, and you might suffer a big time. 

The first mistake that maximum users make when Lenovo laptop won’t boot windows 10 is panicking. As the issue is relatively easy to solve if you have proper guidance. Along with that, you should stop panicking and start the required procedure to solve it.

Lenovo Laptop Won't Boot

The Possible Reasons Behind Lenovo Laptop Gets Stuck While Booting in Windows 10

Finding the root of any problem and the reason behind it makes the solving process much easier. This is also not a different scenario, as you should find the primary culprits behind the issue. While this issue occurs, you will see the Lenovo laptop not booting black screen, which is the first signal.

The possible reasons are:

  • Errors in any external devices connected with your laptop while updating can make the laptop freeze during the boot
  • If the BIOS setting is not correct and you are trying to boot your laptop, it can get stuck with a frozen screen having a Lenovo logo on it
  • The corrupted hard drive (HDD) or the memory (RAM) is also capable of causing this irritating issue

The Complete Fixing Methods When Lenovo Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10

When Lenovo Laptop Won't Boot Windows 10

After finding the root of the error, it will become way easy for you to solve it. But you need to apply the fixing methods appropriately to get your job done quickly. Before applying, you will have to acquire a complete knowledge about those methods. 

The fixes to apply when you face the Lenovo laptop black screen on startup windows 10 issue are:

Fix-1: Unplug all the External Devices from the Laptop

The external devices connected like the Printer, Scanner, or Web Camera can freeze your laptop while booting. If that happens, you need to unplug all the external devices connected to the laptop as soon as you can. That even includes the keyboard and mouse, and restart your laptop instantly.

Then reconnect those devices, and hopefully, your laptop won’t freeze during the boot this time.

Fix-2: Running the Lenovo Diagnostics Tools

In every Lenovo laptop that runs with the Windows OS, you will find the Lenovo Solutions Center. It is a built-in diagnostics tool to test and troubleshoot for finding any error in the laptop. Along with helping to locate, this Lenovo Solutions Center also helps resolve the issue on Windows 10.

It scans the hardware, updates software in your laptop for the procedure. So, while you are booting the Lenovo laptop, and it freezes, you need to press F12/F11/F10/F9/F2/F1 to open the Lenovo Solutions Center. After scanning your hard drive, it will fix the issue if it is somehow software-related.

If not, you will have to leave your old hard drive and use a new one for your Lenovo laptop. But if it is unable solve the issue, read the following fixing method, and apply it in carefully.

Fix-3: Disable the Lenovo Service Engine

Sometimes, if the Lenovo Service Engine is enabled, it can prevent the Lenovo laptop from booting. At first, you will have to enter the BIOS section and find the menu bar of it. Then locate the “Security” tab from the menu bar, and disable the “Lenovo Service Engine.” After disabling, save the changes you made and press the “Exit” button.

Hopefully, you won’t face the boot prevention anymore. But you will have to hop into the following fixing method if that doesn’t happen.

Fix-4: Perform a Power Reset

Before performing a power reset, you need to disconnect all the external devices from the laptop as you did in the fix-1. Then you will have to detach the AC adapter and the battery as well, if possible. If detaching the battery is not possible, wait until the battery is fully discharged and then go to the next step. 

The next task you need to complete is to press and hold onto the power button for about a minute. Then connect the AC adapter and turn your Lenovo laptop on, and there won’t be any sticking issue during the booting period.

Fix-5: Reset the BIOS to Default Settings

Resetting the BIOS to default settings can solve the screen freezing problem of your Lenovo laptop. For the task, you need to restart your laptop first and then tap onto the F2 key or other keys to enter the BIOS section. 

After that, there will be instructions on display to load default settings, and you need to follow them appropriately. At last, save the changes you made, hit the ESC key to exit the BIOS section, and thus, the BIOS settings will be set as default.

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What can I do when my Lenovo laptop gets stuck during boot after being updated to Windows 10?

The first thing you need to do is stay calm and find out the root of the issue and the reason which is causing trouble. Then go through the fixing methods discussed above until you know entirely about them. After that, apply those solutions one after another, and hopefully, one of those will get the job done.

Do I need to use any third-party software to solve the boot freezing issue of my Lenovo laptop?

To solve this issue, no third-party software or website is not recommended. Unplugging the external devices and performing a power reset is capable of solving it. Along with them, running the built-in Lenovo Diagnostic Tools and resetting the BIOS to default settings are also recommended.

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Final Thoughts

The issue of Lenovo laptop won’t boot windows 10 might bother you even if you are a veteran Lenovo user. It can even hurt you a big time if you don’t follow the appropriate path of solving it. That’s why knowing the actual reason behind this issue is highly recommended in the first stage.

Then we have some of the best fixing methods above to assist you. Go through the fixes discussed above, apply them properly, and hopefully, your Lenovo laptop will boot correctly.

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