Windows 10 will not Accept My Password – What You Should Do

It feels annoying when you want to sign in to your PC, but the password is not working. A vast number of users faced and complained about this denial issue regard to their password on Windows 10. If you say Windows 10 will not accept my password, then I’ll say it mainly happens when you update your current Windows OS.  

It can be the reason for your severe headache as it will prevent you from logging into your PC. As a result, your computer will be idle, but you shouldn’t get panicked as it won’t help you solve the problem.  

Windows 10 will not Accept My Password

The Suspected Reasons Why Windows 10 May Refuse to Accept Your Password

While trying to log into your PC, if the password doesn’t work, you will face a horrible experience altogether. As it doesn’t happen all by itself, there are some culprit reasons that cause this issue. Now it is time to take a look at those reasons which can be the most possibly responsible behind this irritating issue:

  • If the keyboard driver somehow gets faulty or corrupted, you won’t be able to type anything with the keyboard
  • When the user types a local password, the Windows 10 OS may refuse to accept your sign in
  • Glitch on your Windows 10 Operating System can also deny your request to log into your PC
  • You may also fall into this trouble by simply typing the incorrect password again and again

Windows 10 will not Accept My Password – Fixes That You Must Try

As you have gathered an overview about this issue by knowing the responsible reasons. The fixing methods we are about to discuss below will make your task of solving it even easier. Now, it is time for taking a look at some of the most effective solutions regarding this problem:

Method-1: Reboot Your PC Three Times

Rebooting a PC is most probably the first fixing method for any kind of computer-related problem. In this case, when Windows 10 is not accepting your password, it is no different. The first thing is, you must turn your PC off by pressing the power button and holding on to it for at least ten seconds. 

Then just simply press it to turn the laptop or computer on and try to sign in by typing the correct password. Try it on a sequence at least three times, and if that doesn’t work, you will have to depend on the following solutions.

Method-2: Connect with the Internet Appropriately

Without the proper internet connection, you won’t be able to complete your Windows account syncing. This may happen just after you update the Windows OS to the latest version and then try to sign in to your computer.

So, you just need to make sure you are in with the perfect internet connection and then type the correct password to sign in. If you recently changed your password and then the internet connection went off, this issue might appear.

So, before trying to log in, connect your laptop to the internet and let the new password get properly registered. Then try to log by providing the new password with a stable internet connection, and hopefully, you will succeed this time.

But unfortunately, it may not provide your expected result on some occasions, and if so, the next method is for you.

Method-3: Using the Microsoft Live Password

Using the Microsoft live password is another fixing method you can try when you are locked out of windows 10 password incorrect. As using the local password for logging in, trying the live password may work nicely. It is nothing complex as it is almost the same as you have used in Outlook, OneDrive, or Skype.

It will probably solve your issue, and you will be able to sign in to your PC. But if the answer comes out as unfavorable, we have another fixing method for you to try.

Method-4: Try Using the Virtual Keyboard

This problem may occur because of a faulty keyboard connected to your PC or for the old version keyboard river. If you tell “my laptop doesn’t recognize my password,” improper connection of the keyboard may also be responsible. At that moment, using the virtual keyboard instead of the built-in or other third-party connected keyboard is the better option.

The steps to follow for completing the task without any trouble are:

Step-1: While trying to log in, there will be an option named “Ease of access.” Most likely, it will be situated at the bottom right section of the login screen, and you need to click on it after locating it. 

Step-2: As a result of this clicking, a new page will appear with a list of various options to choose from. From that list, you will have to find and select the option named “On-Screen Keyboard.” Right after doing so, you will find a virtual keyboard appearing on your computer screen. 

From that keyboard, type your password correctly to log in to your PC that is running on Windows 10.

on screen keyboard


What to do as my PC is not recognizing my actual password and preventing me from signing in?

This password denial issue most likely occurs after you have updated the Windows OS to the latest version. While facing it, you need to find out the reasons and root of this error and apply our fixing methods. You must make sure of a stable internet connection and reboot the PC several times to solve it.

Can my faulty keyboard prevent me from logging in to my PC?

Yes, a faulty keyboard, whether it is built-in or a third-party one, it won’t work well for typing your password to sign in. If it is damaged, you need to use a new keyboard to type a password and then sign in to the laptop or desktop. You can also try using the virtual keyboard by following some simple steps.

Final Thoughts

You may wonder about why Windows 10 will not accept my password and get worried about that. The denial while trying to log into your PC happens when the Windows 10 Password is not working. 

You can collide with this error after a recent update of the Operating System of your PC. But the matter of relief is, there are fixing methods available regarding this issue, and those are way effective. 

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