How to Spoiler an Image on Discord Mobile

Amongst gamers and YouTubers, Discord is a well-known instant messaging application. Discord has also demonstrated its impact among individuals in the cybersecurity industry, and it is increasing in recognition with each day. It’s presently one of the most prevalent applications for connecting with individuals around the globe.  

The advantages that Discord offers its consumers are what make it renowned. Discord Spoiler Image is one of these features. You might be curious what a Discord Spoiler Image is and how one might create one. This blog will go through how to Spoiler an Image on Discord Mobile in detail.

How to Spoiler an Image on Discord Mobile

What is a Spoiler Image in Discord?

If you’re a fan of movies, television shows, or anime, you’ve probably heard of the phrase “spoiler.” If you’re not familiar with the term, it refers to a work of fiction that exposes the narrative or synopsis of a series of events. This gets more fascinating when one is watching a film and enjoying the tension when someone reveals all of the storylines and completely deflates the thrill.

Spoilers wreak havoc on the experience. To avoid spoilers, Discord has implemented Spoiler tags, which will prohibit anyone else from ruining the enjoyment. You may also submit a spoiler text or a spoiler picture via Discord. An example of a spoiler text and image can be found below.

spoiler text
spoiler image

The picture is designated as a spoiler in the above snapshot, and the black strip conceals the content. Both of these pieces of text are instances of spoiler content.

Process of Sending Spoiler Image

You may be anxious to post the Discord Spoiler text and photos now that you understand what they are and how to see them. If this is the situation, then proceed with the instructions below to submit a Discord Spoiler Picture. We’ll go through how to post Spoiler texts and photos on a desktop first and subsequently how to share Discord spoiler pictures and texts on a smartphone.

For Computer:

When opposed to smartphones like Android and IOS, delivering discord spoiler text and photos on a PC is quite simple. It’s even easier to share the spoiler image than it is to share the text. To share spoiler messages and photos in Discord, follow the instructions below.

Sign in to Discord and proceed to the server wherein you intend to share the spoiler pictures.

Next, to the left of the text field, hit the “+” button.

Choose the picture you wish to share.

After you’ve chosen an image, you’ll be presented with a snapshot similar to the one beneath.

Sending Spoiler Image

Once you’ve decided that the image is designated as a spoiler as indicated by the box, there’s an option called “Mark as spoiler.” If you check the box, the picture will be posted as a spoiler image.

Mark as spoiler

For Mobile:

It’s a little challenging to share the spoiler photo from a mobile phone. In Discord PC, you may post the picture as a spoiler by clicking the “Mark as spoiler” box; however, this is not the situation for mobile. Complete the instructions below to send discord spoiler pictures on your phone.

  • Navigate to your smartphone’s file manager. For your mobile devices, you may utilize the built-in file manager.
  • Once you’ve found the image you desire to share as a spoiler, open it in your file explorer.
  • Insert “Spoiler_” to the start of the image’s title. Modify the title of your picture to “Spoiler_Img_123.jpg” and upload it to the Discord server.
  • The picture is flagged as a spoiler after you press the send button.

To upload a spoiler photo to Discord, use this strategy on both Android and iOS.

Spoiler messages, in addition to Spoiler Images, can be provided to hide the text. Both PC and mobile users can use the same approach.

Step-1: Sign in to Discord and proceed to the server wherein you intend to publish the Spoiler content.

Step-2: When you’re on the server, write the text you intend to post between two pipe signs as a spoiler. If you’re not sure what a pipe sign is, check at the illustration below, or write your text after “/spoiler.”


Step-3: The text within the pipe symbol || has been altered in the above screenshot as a result of the annotation. Publish the text when you’ve completed this.

You’ll notice that your text has been tagged as a spoiler after you’ve sent it.

How to Spoiler an Image on Discord


If you prefer to share spoiler content, type it in, highlight the section you want to designate as a spoiler, and then hit the eye symbol. This adds the pipe sign and marks it as a spoiler automatically. 


This is all. The Discord Spoiler Message has been effectively delivered.

How To Create Spoiler Images on Discord Mobile


In Discord, how do you cross out text?

Answer- The tilde key, which is present on both conventional and virtual keyboards, may be used to cross out a message in Discord. You may cross out text in Discord by adding two tildes on each side of it. If you’re running Discord on a computer or browser, you could also use the context menu to cross out words.

What does Discord’s RED text mean?

Answer- It simply indicates that your text was not delivered and the members of your server haven’t viewed it, so you’ll be offered the ability to “retry” and send it back, just like you would in a message or any different messaging platform.

Can you use spoilers on attachments?

Answer- On desktop versions of Discord, you may designate attachments as spoilers by posting them and then checking the Mark as Spoiler option before pressing the send button. To post files via mobile, you must rename them as described in the preceding processes.


It’s always more enjoyable to experiment with the Discord app‘s many functionalities. Now that you understand how to Spoiler an Image on Discord Mobile, you could have some amusement with your buddies. However, keep in mind that the spoiler image will not function on earlier versions of the Discord software for smartphones, so be careful what you share.

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