Cannot Find Module Discord Desktop Core

A significant number of individuals have been using Discord to interact since its inception in 2015. Initially, Discord was mostly utilized by the gaming community, but it has now evolved into an all-in-one platform for chatting with one another. Users of Discord may interact with one another via voice or video calls, SMS, pictures, videos, and other means. Discord has some faults and bugs, one of which is cannot find module Discord desktop Core. This article will explore the issue and possible solutions.

Desktop Discord Core Module Error

Desktop Discord Core Module Error

Users join the ‘server’ group, which includes several channels. They can use the generic channel to send messages or use the voice channel to chat with other individuals. Videos, pictures, internet links, music, and more may all be shared by users. The channels are generally devoted to a specific topic or have a set of regulations that must be followed. You may either start your personal server or join someone else’s using an invite URL.

A new function was implemented in October 2017 that enabled gamers to have certified servers, similar to verified social network profiles. Until 2020, Discord mainly was a gamer’s app. Discord made the decision to become an all-in-one chat tool for everybody at this point. Most of this is due to an upsurge in users brought on by the pandemic. People are increasingly utilizing Discord not just to chat with one another but also to play games. Some customers are having difficulties utilizing the service on their PCs. 

The following issue appears when users launch their Discord app

Cannot find module “discord desktop core”.

To operate efficiently on your pc, Discord saves cache and application data. As a result, you must remove it for the program to reinstall and resume regular operation.

Process of Resolving the Error

By following the methods below, you can fix the bug.

Method-1: Delete AppData

The subsequent route should be accessed – Local Disk (:C) /Users/AppData/ Roaming/discord

Remove the entire contents of the folder. After that, launch Discord; it should immediately reinstall itself and begin functioning correctly.

Method-2: Delete AppData using Commands

You can use the Run Commands to delete AppData if the previous technique doesn’t somehow succeed.

  • To start, navigate to your computer’s ‘Run’ program and input appdata.
  • After that, select Local and access Discord.
  • Then load ‘app 0.0.308’, followed by ‘resources.’ Right-click build_info in the resources folder and edit it in notepad.
  • Finally, ‘0.0.308’ should be replaced with ‘0.0.306’.

These remedies should hopefully assist you in resolving this error code.

Delete AppData using Commands

Setup problem in Discord: Failed to extract installer

When attempting to install Discord on your PC, the ‘Failed to extract installer’ error may be easily fixed.

Install Discord from scratch

If you’ve previously installed and purged Discord, this patch should work for you. In the computer, there are probably to be some leftover items and directories that might create issues. Firstly, ensure that Discord isn’t operating in the system tray to address the problem. If it is, stop doing it. Then, launch Task Manager and terminate any Discord-related processes. Afterward, launch File Explorer and remove the Discord folder by typing %AppData%/ in the location box. Repeat the same process for the following location: C:\Users\fatiw\AppData\Local. Finally, launch the Discord installation after restarting the computer.

Extract Discord Setup File

Extract Discord Setup File

If you’re implementing Discord for the first time, or the prior solution didn’t work, you might have to transfer a file to the Discord setup location manually. You’ll require to have an archive extracting program installed on your computer, such as 7zip. To fix the issue, execute the following steps.

  1. Start Discord by clicking on the EXE file. Keep the error message visible on your computer screen.
  2. To extract the Discord EXE file, right-click on it.
  3. There will be a file named Discord-0.0.309-full.nupkg in the unzipped folder.
  4. Proceed to the succeeding location in File Explorer: %LocalAppData%\SquirrelTemp.
  5. Then, in the subfolder, insert the Discord-0.0.309-full.nupkg file.
  6. Extract the Discord-0.0.309-full.nupkg file by right-clicking it.
  7. Proceed to \Discord-0.0.309-full\lib\net45 in the extracted directory after it has been retrieved.
  8. To install the program, double-click the Discrod.exe file.

Turn off Antivirus

The majority of individuals who report this problem say their computer is protected by McAfee. After deactivating it, Discord was able to install properly. Switch on Windows Defender instead of the antivirus you’re using on Windows 10. Discord will not be affected by Windows Defender, and neither will your PC.

The above techniques should aid you in addressing the setup problem. Restart your computer and double-check that your C drive has adequate space.


What should I do if my Discord installation fails?

Answer- Remove the Discord folder by right-clicking it. Your computer should be restarted. Discord will be able to be reinstalled on your PC. Simply download the Discord program and execute the Discord setup file to ensure that it is correctly installed.

Why isn’t Discord deleting?

Answer- Unable to delete can be an issue, and many people have claimed that they are unable to do so using Discord. To fix this problem, implement the appropriate modifications to your basic settings. You can attempt to uninstall the application together with all related files and registry information.

Why is Discord not operating on my computer?

Answer- Several Windows clients have noted that accessing the application’s online version resets the sessions. Go to and sign in to the web edition to do so. Discord should now operate properly when you’ve signed in with the correct information and launched the program on your PC. As a final alternative, remove and reinstall the application.

Cannot Find Module Discord Desktop Core


Discord is typically a reasonably smooth platform with few glitches. However, you may run across some issues while using it or installing it. Discord is simple to set up, and difficulties throughout the process are uncommon. Hopefully, this article on Cannot find Module Discord Desktop Core will assist you in resolving the issue and allowing you to continue enjoying Discord.

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