How to Add Groovy to Discord

Discord users may utilize the groovy bot to input songs to the server’s audio channel.  Using straightforward commands, the groovy bot can insert songs into a queue, integrate playlists from sites like YouTube or Spotify, and so on. This post will show you how to use Groovy Bot’s capabilities by demonstrating how to add Groovy to Discord.

Process of Adding Groovy on Discord

It’s quick and easy to add a Groovy bot to Discord. You may use the Groovy bot to stream music from any place if you follow the procedures below.

Step-1: Visit the Groovy website

Navigate to Groovy Bot’s main web portal.  You may either do a Google search for “groovy bot” or go straight to their online webpage,

Step-2: Add to Discord

When you’re on Groovy Bot’s official web portal, tap on the pink “Add to Discord” icon or click on “Add to Discord” in the top left corner.  The groovy bot will be invited to your server as a result of this command.

Step-3: Log in and Select Server

When you press “Add to Discord,” you’ll be prompted to log in to your Discord profile. You must pick the discord server to which you wish to connect the groovy bot once you have joined in or already logged in to Discord.

Step-4: Provide Access to Groovy

Once you’ve chosen the server to which you’d like to connect the groovy bot, you’ll be prompted for permission access. It will be given administrator access by default; however, if you don’t intend the bot to have unrestricted access to the server, untick the box. After that, hit the Authorize option.

The groovy bot has been installed to your discord server successfully!! On the right sidebar, you’ll notice the groovy bot confirmation notification.

How to Use Groovy Bot

How to fix Groovy bot not Working

You will need to set up a voice channel on the discord server to utilize the groovy bot. If you already have it, then the groovy bot may be used immediately. You may use the “+” button to create a voice channel on the other tab that pops up on the dashboard. Choose the voice channel on which to click to create the channel.

Then, to instruct Groovy to play a song, use the -play command. The bot joins your voice channel immediately and then plays the requested music.

How to Install, Invite, & Use Groovy Music Bot on Discord

Play Spotify Songs with Groovy Bot

The Groovy bot can play music from Spotify and other platforms. You and your friends can effortlessly listen to your favorite music! You can stream your Spotify playlist by following three simple steps.

  • Firstly, select the More icon, which appears as three dots.
  • Copy Song, Playlist, Album, or Artist Link under the Share menu.
  • -play [URL that was copied]

Discord Music Bot Commands

There are several bot commands that can come in handy when using Groovy bot.

  • Play – You may use the “-play” or “-p” commands to play any music on the voice channel. For example, if you put “-play Bohemian Rhapsody” into the voice channel, the bot will automatically begin playing the music while you are within the channel, stop the song when you depart the channel, and restart it when you return. Users may either play the song by name or by following the link. For example:


  • Join (-join/-j): Groovy will join your voice channel if you execute this command.
  • Disconnect (-disconnect/-dc/-leave/-reset): Disconnect Command is the inverse of Join Command. With this command, the bot is detached from the voice channel and the songs in the playlist are cleared.
  • Next (-next/-n/-skip): Instead of playing the present song, it plays the next one on the list.
  • Previous (-prev/previous/-b): Reverse of Next Command.  It plays the preceding song in the queue instead of the existing song.
  • Pause (-pause): The music gets paused when this command is used.
  • Resume (-resume/-unpause): The pause command is the polar opposite of resume. Plays the song from the Queue that was previously paused.
  • Clear (-clear): Eliminates every song from the playlist.
  • Lyrics (-lyrics/-ly): If the song’s lyrics are accessible, they will be shown.
  • Shuffle (-shuffle/-shuff/-shuf/-randomize/-randomise): Randomly plays songs from the list.
  • Song (-song/-nowplaying/-np): Provides details about the music in the playlist that is currently being played.
  • Jump (-jump/-j/-goto): Jumps to a particular song in the playlist instead of skipping the present song.

The Groovy bot’s premium edition has a variety of functions and settings, including tempo, pitch, noise, bass boost, audio effects, and much more. These features will make your Groovy bot experience even more enjoyable.

How to fix Groovy bot not Working

The Groovy Bot may have difficulties from time to time, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be attributed to a discord server crash; if you’re having trouble, check the discord service status. 

Also, make sure you’ve given the groovy bot enough permissions, which you can do in the settings tab. If the groovy bot still doesn’t answer after following the instructions above, check sure you haven’t changed the default prefix for the groovy bot.


Can Same Server Have Multiple Groovy Bots?

Answer- Groovy can’t be in several voice channels on the same server at the same time. This is a Discord restriction that is unlikely to be altered.

Is the Groovy bot accessible for free?

Answer- Groovy is a no-nonsense music bot that provides consumers with all they want at no cost. It’s quickly become one of the most prevalent and feature enriched music bots on the Discord network.

How can I fix not being able to hear the Groovy bot?

Answer- Make sure Groovy isn’t muted. If this is the case, make sure the “Server Mute” option is unchecked. If you can’t see this option, contact a server admin to unmute Groovy. If it appears like this, it’s because Groovy was muted on your end. Please ensure the mute checkbox is unticked.


Listening to music alone might become monotonous, but sharing your favorite playlist with your friends online can enhance the experience. In your voice channel, the Groovy bot can let you play music from any platform. Knowing How to Add Groovy to Discord makes the work a lot easier. It will also make your experience more enjoyable if you are familiar with all of the music controls.

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