Nick Eh 30 Discord – Who is Nick Eh 30?

YouTube’s top Fortnite player Nick Eh is known to all. And recently, his new partnership with Twitch is on news. He will soon start his live streaming on the Amazon platform too!

And today, we will go through his gaming life and live streaming performance to let you know if you should get into his community or not!

Who is Nick Eh 30?

Popular Nick Eh 30 is Nicholas Anyone who was born in 1995 is a YouTube gamer from Canada. Along with this, he is a live streamer. He is more popular as YouTube’s top Fortnite professional player. On the official Discord server, he has team members over 350. The team is known as the Eh team.

Fortnite Professional Nick Eh

Currently, this gamer has 2000 or more Fortnite wins and in short, he is one of the top players in this game. And being the top streamers on YouTube, he plays Call of Duty. Halo along with Fortnite.

In Discord, he has a family-friendly community. Along with this, he comes with funny moments and incredible tricks on the Fortnite game. And now, Nick Eh has an estimated net worth of $900,000! We don’t need to mention it because Nick Eh 30 Discord, SypherPk Discord, Ninja Discord, Myth Discord are the very common names when it comes to the gaming world!

Nick Eh and His Fame

Nick was a fan of video games and according to him; it was a quick break or gateway from the school. And finally, he found out that it is not only his time pass; instead, it is his passion. So, he planned to turn his passion into a profession. He started loving making video records and editing them for people. Live streaming got popular along with Fortnite at that time.

But Nick had talent in this game. However, most people at that time were struggling to play it because they were new to it. And so, when he kept making videos, people would watch it. The best part is he started sharing his tips and tricks to help out people play the game properly. And this is why people kept on following him.

According to him, his channel worked because they tried to keep the subscribers updated constantly. Good content is another reason for the success of Nick En 30 discord, in YouTube, Twitch, and other game streaming platforms.

Nick Eh 30 reveals his Stream Room!

FAQs on Nick Ed 30

FAQ- Nick Eh 30 Discord

Does Nick Eh have a Discord?

Yes, Nick Eh is on the official Discord server. His community is family-friendly and very positive. Anyone using Discord is welcome there. You can go through this account and have fun watching his videos and Livestream! If you play Fortnite, this will be amazing to know his tricks to enrich your game!

What are the rules of Nick eh Discord?

In Discord, Nick Eh has decided a set of rules for the users that check him out. First of all, you cannot make any sort of rude or inappropriate comments there that can hurt or insult other users. No bullying is tolerated in his community. No drama should be brought there from Discord, Twitter, or YouTube. No nudity and racism are allowed there. Also, swearing or bad language is not applicable if you go for the Nick Eh community. Make sure you are not talking about politics or religion in such places. If any of the rules are not followed carefully, you will get banned as a user from the Nick Eh community.

Can I go for Nick Eh 30 Discord if I speak other languages?

If you speak other languages, you can still go for Nick En 30 in Discord. However, you cannot speak other languages there. As it is tough to moderate the other languages, Nick requests to use only English when it comes to his community. Also, insulting someone or bullying someone in any other language is very common. And if other languages are expressed there, it will be tough to process them and understand if any rule is breaking or not. So, you shouldn’t use other languages here.

Final words

Nick Eh is not only popular on YouTube. Now, his reach has expanded to Discord, Twitch, and other game live-streaming apps. If you are a gamer and you want to know the tips and tricks of this master player, you can always go and check out his Discord! You surely won’t be disheartened!

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