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The taskbar is unquestionably among the most beneficial functions since it enables you to start programs straight from the taskbar rather than going to their respective locations. When playing games in full-screen mode or watching movies without interruption, you may wish to conceal the taskbar. In such instances, you may not prefer the taskbar to constantly reside at the top of the screen. This post will discuss how to resolve the issue of the Windows 10 Taskbar always on top.


In a computer OS, the taskbar is a navigation bar that runs down the bottom of the display. Applications may be found and launched using the Start menu, or you can see all presently running applications. The Notification Area is located on the right part of the taskbar and enables you to monitor the time and date and the current processes.

All later editions of Windows have had a taskbar since Microsoft Windows 95. The taskbar’s style and structure vary from OS to OS but often takes the shape of a strip down the bottom of the window.

What’s Preventing the Taskbar from Automatically Hiding?

As long as no applications require concentration when the taskbar is concealed, it will remain so. This typically implies that the program’s taskbar button begins blinking when you launch the application. For instance, if you get a phone call on Skype, the Skype app’s taskbar icon will illuminate. When you’ve finished what the program wants you to view, all you have to do is hit the taskbar tab once more to conceal the taskbar.

Two distinct behaviors may trigger your taskbar to remain visible for background programs with a system tray indicator. The first sign that an application requires your focus is a label on the logo or a modification in the symbol itself. The second instance is more common when a notice balloon appears on Windows 8 and before. Sometimes, this leads the taskbar to remain on the screen until you remove the notification.

Methods of Fixing Taskbar Always on Top on Windows 10

The taskbar constantly appears on top of every application Windows following the Windows 10 upgrade, and some users are asking how to get rid of it. The parts that proceed go into further depth on each of these approaches.

Method-1: Relaunch Windows Explorer using Task Manager

First, click right on the taskbar and choose Task Manager. Search for Windows Explorer in the Windows activities area of the Task Manager pane. A self-reboot may be achieved by right-clicking it and selecting Restart.

Task Manager

Leave Task Manager, and you’ll be able to enjoy full-screen movies and gaming once again, free of the Taskbar’s intrusion.

Method-2: Using the “Automatically Hide the Taskbar in Desktop” Action from Settings

Using your keyboard, hit the Windows and I keys jointly to access the Settings page. Next, tap on Personalization in the Settings menu. Right-click on Taskbar inside the left sidebar of the following screen.

Navigate to the right part of the display and activate the choices illustrated in the image beneath.

Action Settings

The taskbar will now be hidden if you shut the Settings window right away. When you drag your pointer to the base of the display, it still appears in the background.

Method-3: Adjusting the Position of the Taskbar on the Screen and Reverting

Step-1: Hit the Taskbar with the right mouse button and choose Taskbar settings.

Taskbar settings

Step-2: After you’ve made your selection in the Taskbar position on the screen, click the Apply button to save your changes and then dismiss the Settings page.

Next, return to the Taskbar settings and adjust the Taskbar position on display choice back to where it was previously.

Taskbar position

Restart your system, and verify whether the problem with your taskbar staying on top has been rectified.

Method-4: Removing Taskbar Pinned Applications

Many individuals have discovered that the taskbar always on top problem is often caused by pinning specific or all programs to the taskbar. If you’ve newly added a program to the taskbar, unpin it from there first, followed by the rest of the programs you use.

To remove a mounted application from the taskbar, do a right-click on the program icon in the taskbar.

unpin taskbar

That annoying “taskbar always on top” problem should be resolved at this point. You may re-pin the program to the taskbar & it should not cause any issues.

Method-5: Turn on Cascade Windows Option

Cascade windows may be activated by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting it.

Turn on Cascade Windows Option

The taskbar will no longer always be at the top of the screen. If Chrome is your preferred browser, another option is to disable the Always on top feature in the Hangouts plugin. Windows 10 users may have a problem with the taskbar being permanently at the top while using the Hangouts plugin.

Remove Taskbar When Using Remote Desktop

Per the complaints, the remote taskbar may not be accessible for certain Windows users while using a remote desktop in the full-screen view. The local taskbar of the client may show in the forefront, preventing them from viewing the remote taskbar under certain situations.

Despite the fact that it may seem to be overly basic, a reboot is recognized to be effective in most circumstances. That may not work, but here are some more ideas.

There is a task manager that you must open. Hitting CTRL, Shift, and Esc at the same time will launch the Task Manager. Navigate to the Startup tab, and close any programs you don’t require to be operating in the foreground. Additionally, you might use the remote desktop scaling option from the Scaling settings box. You may change the size of the remote desktop display from full screen to windowed view and return to full-screen mode as required.


Switching between applications is made more accessible when your taskbar is constantly at the top of the screen. Still, it can also be highly distracting if it continues appearing when you are playing a game or viewing a movie in full-screen mode. Hopefully, you were able to use the information in this post to fix the Windows 10 Taskbar always on top of the screen problem.

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