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Gameplay has evolved along with technology. Virtual reality is pervasive in gaming. As a result, companies like Oculus began offering virtual reality. Oculus is a well-known and reputable company, and Oculus quest is the most recent version, and forerunner of Oculus go, and more. These headgears are also known as VR earphones.

The PlayStation 4 is a gameplay console that includes many incredible functions and videogames. As you may be aware, the PlayStation VR headsets, commonly known as PSVR, link up with the PS4 to provide a more immersive virtual reality interaction. There are queries concerning Oculus and PS4. And several of you are confused about Oculus and PS4 interoperability. This post will address does Oculus work with PS4.

Are Oculus and PS4 compatible?

Oculus Work with PS4

In other words, no. Since Oculus is utilized for Computer gaming while PSVR is intended for PlayStation gameplay. Oculus Rift can be linked to the PS4 through what kind of cord? How big of a chance would that be? The PS4 has USB connectors, which is a nice thing; however, these are entirely separate sets of programs, and if your device links the Quest to the PS4, you won’t receive anything in return since the program doesn’t recognize it.

You may think of it as trying to put a Mercedes motor into a Ferrari since they both utilize gas, but you can’t put a Mercedes motor into a PS because they both operate individually. On the other hand, the future is something that can’t be anticipated. It’s impossible to determine for sure currently whether or not it will occur in the long run. 

Is Oculus working with the PS4?

No, that’s the quick explanation. You can’t just use an Oculus Rift instead of a PSVR device. You may attach the Oculus cord to the PS4 since it has USB 3.0 ports in exceptional instances; however, it will not give you the desired results.

PlayStation 4 is among the finest games published by Sony on a system to date. PlayStation virtual reality headsets may also be used with the PS4 to boost VR gameplay. However, the PSVR headgear was released in 2016 and is obsolete and lacks several sophisticated capabilities compared to current virtual reality headpieces, such as the Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Quest 2 and subsequent Oculus models are excellent representations of recent virtual reality headgears.

Does Oculus Work with PS4

Because Oculus Link transforms Quest into a PCVR headset, it is reliant on the computer and associated applications to provide all information, including interpretation, detecting, and relocation of the motion controllers, among other things. It would be difficult for you due to the obvious vast differences in monitoring, program, and other characteristics.

Oculus may be linked to third-party programs that help with the PS4 connectivity. Oculus is currently working on the Oculus Rift, a new headgear that will join the company’s existing range of virtual reality headgear. The company has manufactured only PC headgears until now, and the next one that may be conceivable is for Computers as well. “Morpheus” is a PlayStation initiative that enhances the PS4 VR headgear.

According to the manufacturer, the Oculus Rift may potentially be connected to the PlayStation 4 through a USB 3.0 connector. However, because of the sophisticated characteristics of the PS4, when you link your controller to an Oculus, the PS4 will be completely baffled as to what to perform with virtual reality equipment.

The issue is how these two devices operate; there are significant discrepancies in the programming, settings, and tracking features between them. As a result, before purchasing an Oculus Quest headgear, you should mentally brace yourself for the possibility of encountering compatibility difficulties while linking it to your PlayStation 4.

However, a few solutions might assist you in connecting the Oculus Quest to your controller to play virtual reality games. You may be overjoyed at the prospect of playing your favorite videogames on Oculus Quest, but you will need patience and in-depth expertise to go through the procedure. Listed below is the procedure for connecting your Oculus Rift to your PS4.

  • Utilizing a Virtual Desktop Environment
  • Utilizing SideQuest.
  • By downloading and using the Chiaki application.

Both of these ways will need the usage of the PlayStation Remote Play function. Implementing the instructions above will allow you to successfully link your Oculus Quest to your PS4 and have a fantastic gameplay session.


Technology and complex gameplay systems and devices have become more appealing to young people in the modern age, and their items have been updated throughout time for their clients. To answer the issue of does Oculus work with PS4, the two systems, which run on two separate software platforms, will not function appropriately if they are linked. Therefore, Oculus cannot interact with PS4. 

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