Elegant Borders for Microsoft Word

Microsoft’s Borders and Shading feature allows you to design page borders in applications like Word. In addition to traditional border selections, it also provides more intricate lines and graphical styles, enabling you to build elegant borders rather than basic designs.

Download Microsoft’s complimentary templates with beautiful borders to expand your design possibilities. Templates are convenient if you want to add a border to a specific sort of paper, like as an invite, presentation, or brochure. Elegant Borders for Microsoft Word will be briefly discussed in this article.

Why Add Elegant Borders?

Suppose your lineage has a history of business. In that case, you may have learned how your predecessors embellished their papers which is the ancient manner, by printing them on material that was previously imprinted with borders. What about photographs and other graphic components? Some utilized a thin black pen or merely left good enough alone if they had a firm grip.

Later, with the help of Word border designs and, notably, customized borders, Microsoft Word launched a phenomenon known as desktop publishing, allowing small company proprietors to create professional papers. You might have overlooked this feature in your rush to publish studies, customer offers, and fact sheets. Understand how to apply Word file borders in just a few sequential instructions to give your papers a unique look.

Process of Adding Unique Borders

Process of Adding Unique Borders

Choose the arrow beside the Border box in the Home tab’s paragraph section. Borders and Shading are available to choose from. Pick a Setting on the Page Border menu. Design a basic border with Box, then apply Shadow to provide a shadow to the boundaries, 3D to apply 3D features, and Custom to make your unique border. Employ the basic Box selection if you plan on using decorative lines or artistic borders.

Line patterns and clip art visuals are among the styling options available in Microsoft’s Border tools to assist you in producing elegant borders. In the Style box, choose an option to generate a beautiful line design. Select a color from the palette to replace the standard black color.

Then, under Width, adjust the thickness of the border’s line to make it wider or thinner. Click Art and then a picture or type to apply as a clip art boundary. To configure the border, utilize the Color and Width fields. It’s worth noting that certain clip art pictures can’t be changed in color.

Decide where the border appears on the document using the squares in the Preview window.  By convention, borders are placed on the start, end, and sides of the page. Check the option to turn it off to eliminate a boundary from a region. To pick where the border displays in the paper, click Apply To. You may have it shown on all pages or only certain ones.

Choose OK to put the borders on the page when you’re finished.

Locate Fancy Bordered Microsoft Templates

Tap the File button, after which New from the down menu. Choose the magnifying lens symbol after typing border inside the search field. You may also browse by file type, such as invitation, to make an open invite with a decorative border.

Pick Create to add a template with a boundary you like into the paper. Move any of the blocks on the border’s outline with your cursor to adjust the border’s location on the display. Alternatively, utilize the Height and Width options on the Format tab’s Size submenu. Choose the border to access the Format menu if you can’t notice it.

Locate Fancy Bordered Microsoft Templates

To modify the theme’s looks, apply the Corrections, Color, and Artistic Effects options in the Adjust section of the Format menu. Employ Corrections to enhance or lighten images, as well as modify luminance and contrasts; Color to adjust shade, hue, and tone. Pick an alternative from Artistic Effects or apply any of the Picture Style photos to add an influence or design to the photograph.

Removing Borders

To eliminate the borders, access the word document. Select Page Layout from the down menu. Alternatively, with Word 2013 and 2016, navigate to the Design menu. Choose the Page Borders selection in the Page Background category.

If it isn’t previously chosen, tap the Page Border option in the Borders and Shading box. To eliminate all page borders, choose None. To delete the borders, hit the OK option.


Knowing how to use various Microsoft Word techniques may come in helpful in a variety of situations, notably if you own a business and need to generate professional papers. In that scenario, possessing a plan for creating Elegant Borders for Microsoft Word may be really useful. Hopefully, this post has given you all the details you require to incorporate decorative borders into your document.

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