Discord Tenor GIFs Not Working

If you and your friends often share hilarious or insightful GIFs in your Discord chats, Discord Tenor GIFs not working may be a major source of frustration. If you’re having trouble sending GIFs on Discord, it’s probably because your internet connection is too slow. This is because the system is prone to occasional glitches and file damage. This page explains how to address the problem.

Why Do Tenor GIFs Not Work on Discord Sometimes?

As of the most recent version, there may be occasions when a gif you share with someone does not play. Instead of a GIF, it will look like a still picture was provided. There is a plethora of potential causes, so it’s also conceivable that your GIFS just aren’t loading correctly. It might be due to a technical problem, a slow connection, or a conflicting option in the Discord client.

The GIF’s size must be bigger than 8 MB, which is a limitation of Discord. However, we included some of the most typical causes of this issue below. Therefore, we advise that you investigate the following issues before moving on to the major fixes.

Tenor GIFs Not Work

Internet Connectivity Issues

If you’re already online and experiencing no issues, checking your internet connection might seem unnecessary. Consider the fact that a slow internet connection can prevent GIFs from uploading correctly.

A GIF may become unplayable after being uploaded incorrectly. It might not seem important, but you should make sure your internet connectivity is strong enough before submitting a GIF.

Files Larger Than 8 MB

Both the number of teams and the terms under which they can communicate are limited. To avoid any hiccups in functionality or performance, they limit gif files to under 8MB. Therefore, if your GIF file is greater than 8 MB, the upload will be denied.

Nevertheless, even if the GIF was effectively sent and uploaded, it would not play or demonstrate as you would assume it to.

Discord subscribers, on the other hand, will have a higher file size limit. Furthermore, the file size restriction is subject to change based on the plan you’ve selected.

Improper File Type

Animated pictures normally have a .gif file extension, but you may also come across them in WebP or different formats. Since Discord does not support WebP files at the moment, this particular file cannot be opened or executed.

Unsubscribed User

The usage of gifs as avatars is restricted to paid subscribers in Discord. In light of this, before choosing to utilize a gif as an avatar, you need confirmation that you are a member of Discord and have at least the Classic subscription.

Ways to Fix Discord Tenor GIFs Not Working

Don’t worry if you upgraded Discord and lost the ability to send gif files to your friends and family after doing so. There are a lot of ways to fix this issue. Next, we will demonstrate a number of tried-and-true methods for fixing the tenor gifs issue on Discord.

Ways to Fix Discord Tenor GIFs Not Working

Remove and Reinstall Discord

Long-term use of software can cause it to accumulate a large number of caches and temporary files. The process of erasing these files can be tedious. You can attempt reinstalling the program if you don’t feel like manually clearing up all the caches and data.

Most software issues can be fixed by just reinstalling the software. It follows that Discord must be removed from the system before it can be reinstalled. In order to remove it, please refer to the instructions below.

  • You can access the configurations by selecting “Start” from the menu.
  • Next, under the left sidebar, select Apps, and from the list of available programs, choose one to launch.
  • Find the Discord app & choose it by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • You can now delete it by clicking the “Uninstall” option.

After Discord has been removed successfully, it can be reinstalled. Installing the Discord Desktop Client is as simple as downloading it from the official webpage and running the setup file. If you’re using an iOS or Android device and need to reinstall the application, head to your respective store’s respective app section.

Sign Out and Sign Back into Discord

The issue with GIFs not processing or uploading properly occurs on rare occasions when your account & the Discord server are out of sync. Nonetheless, logging out and back in should fix the problem. So, here are the procedures you need to log out successfully.

  • Launch Discord, then click the gear icon to access the preferences menu.
  • Drop the sidebar to its lowest possible position.
  • The Log Out button has appeared and is colored red; simply select it to exit the system.
  • Whenever you want to rejoin Discord after logging out, just enter your old login details.

Disable Reduce Motion Option

The Discord server’s animations hover effects, and other kinetic effects can be toned down with the use of the Reduce Motion function. It’s possible that iOS & iPad users will encounter this issue if they try to reduce the motion. If you are using iOS or the iPad OS, you can disable “reduce motion” in Discord’s settings to fix the issue.

Here are the measures to take to do that:

  • To access preferences, select the gear symbol to open Settings.
  • The Accessibility tab should now be selected from the menu on the left.
  • Deactivate the Reduce Motion setting.

After selecting this option, Discord will immediately stop playing any gifs that have been shared. Therefore, turning it off will fix the issue for Apple devices.

Modify The Accessibility Settings

To rectify the situation, you must first make a few adjustments under the Accessibility settings. And the primary motivation for this setup is to enable automatic GIF playback within discord.

Auto-play may be disabled by default, especially when an update has been applied. Thus, you’ll have to turn it back on by yourself. Here are the measures to take if you so desire:

  • To access preferences, select the gear in the top right corner and click it.
  • To make content more accessible, select the Accessibility menu item from the sidebar on the left.
  • Activate GIFs to play automatically when Discord is the active window and you should be all set.

Make sure the STICKERS option is set to Always animate. It will make it possible for gifs to play automatically in Discord without any user interaction.

Consider Uploading GIFs as Files

If you send someone a GIF from your camera roll, for some reason Discord sees it as an image. So, GIFs don’t work. However, sending the GIF as a file solves the problem. So try sending the GIF as a file rather than from your phone gallery.


Why won’t Discord play my gifs?

Answer- There is a chance that the Always animate and Automatically play GIFs while Discord is focused settings are both turned off. That means animated GIFs won’t play until you actively enable them.

How can you make GIFs function in Discord?

Answer- Try adjusting some of the app’s configurations. If everything seems to be in order, the problem might be caused by a corrupted Discord cache. To fix this, try erasing your Discord cache.

How can I get GIFs for Discord Tenor?

Answer- Visit https://tenor.com/ and select the upload option. GIFs will be reviewed for inclusion in our content repository and might require up to 48 hours to be published.


Sharing animated GIFs with close pals is a lot of fun. However, the occurrence of the Discord tenor GIFs not working issue is never a pleasant experience. Tenor GIFs may not be working; however, this issue can easily be fixed using any of the proposed solutions. Therefore, enhancing the quality of your time spent in Discord.

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