How to Upload GIFs to Discord

GIFs are becoming the coolest way of communication on various social media platforms through the internet. Usually, GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, commonly used all over the internet nowadays. It also has its significance on Discord, which assists in reflecting what the sender is thinking at that moment.

There are GIFs collections in Discord, but if you think to enrich your collection, you can add more GIFs. In that case, you must know the proper process of how to upload GIFs to Discord. The strategy here is not the toughest one at all, and you will be able to perform it seamlessly after getting the right idea about it.

The Ways You Can Use to Find GIFs in Discord

In recent years, Discord has made its place as one of the best communication platforms for all types of content creators and masses as well. The community of gamers, interest groups, and fan clubs always tend to keep their communication ongoing. That’s when GIFs come into the game, which is a frequent way of communication.

By using a GIF, you can easily reflect on what you are thinking within seconds. There wouldn’t be any necessity to send texts with long sentences at that time. You can use GIFs in Discord chat or use those to comment on the live streaming of any gaming or other content.

Now, before using the GIFs, you must know the ways of finding the GIFs in Discord. There are three ways that are mostly used in Discord to find GIFs and use those later for messaging or commenting, and those are:

  • Use Discord GIF Picker to find the built-in GIFs of Discord manually
  • Insert or Upload GIFs from both online and offline to enrich your GIF collection to use those later
  • Make your own GIF to communicate with others in a unique way

These are the three paths of how to allow GIFs on Discord server and use those later based on your requirement.

How to Upload GIF to Discord – The Step-by-Step to Follow for Inserting Your Favorite GIFs

If you feel the default GIFs are not enough for your usage in Discord, you can upload your favorite GIFs. You can upload GIFs after downloading the file from various resources on the internet. There is also the option for you to make your own GIF and then upload it to your Discord account.

You can use two methods to upload a GIF file to Discord, whether you downloaded the file or created it. Now the methods to follow if you are willing to upload GIFs to Discord are described below:

Method – 1: Drag and Drop the GIF File to Upload

The drag-and-drop method is the easiest way of uploading GIFs or images to your Discord account. You can use this method only if you are using Discord through a browser or using the desktop app of Discord. It won’t be possible to use the drag-and-drop formula while using the mobile version of Discord.

First, you will have to choose the GIF file which you are going to upload. Then keep that file somewhere you can access easily whenever required. Now, as you will upload it, go to that section of your computer file where you kept it. Select the file, and drag it to the window of the Discord app.

To drag the file, first, select it by pressing the right button, and keep pressing it until you drag it to the Discord window. You can also drag the GIF from the other sources and then drop it into Discord. In that case, you can just copy the GIF URL and then paste it to upload the GIF in Discord.

GIF Discord

Method – 2: Upload GIF from the File Section of Your Device

The method here is the most standard one for uploading a GIF to Discord. You can use this method even if you are using Discord with your Android or iOS mobile devices. That’s why this method is used by most of users as you can apply it through any of your devices.

Let’s get to know about this method step by step:

Step – 1: Open the Chat Box Where You Want to Send the GIF

From the server’s list on the left of your Discord window, select the desired server where you want to upload or send the GIF. Click on that server’s display picture, which will open the chat channels on that server. You can also send GIFs through direct messages from the three-headed sign in the upper left corner.

No matter which you choose, the chat box will look the same as where you will send the GIF. 

Step – 2: Find and Click on the File Upload Button

When you are in any chat box, go down to that page to find the space where you write messages, also known as the message field. Just beside that box, you will find an icon with an arrow pointing above. There will be a square almost all around the arrow to complete the icon. 

This icon is known as the file upload button, which you will use in this method to upload your desired GIF to Discord. Click on that icon, and it will direct you to the file section of your device, whether you use a computer or mobile.

File Upload Button

Step – 3: Find, Select, and Open the GIF

The file section will be displayed in a comparatively smaller window than usual at that time. As you are in the file section, access that section where you kept the GIF file. After accessing there, click on the desired GIF you want to upload by taking the cursor on this and then right-click. 

After selecting the GIF, you will see two different buttons at the lower-right corner of the small file window. Those two options will be “Open” and “Cancel,” and obviously, you need to click on the first button. 

Open the GIF

Step – 4: Add a Comment to the GIF and Upload It

Because of your action, you will reach the final phase of uploading the GIF. In this phase, you will have an option for adding a comment to the GIF you are about to upload. It is optional, and you can keep the comment box blank if you want but adding a comment will make the GIF more interesting.


Then just click the “Upload” button below to upload the desired GIF in Discord finally. By following this way, you can upload as many GIFs as you want to Discord. That’s also the process of how to post pictures on Discord mobile in server channels.



Can I use online GIFs on Discord without downloading the file?

Yes, it is possible to use online GIFs on Discord without downloading the GIF file. But you will have to copy the GIF link first and then paste it into the desired chat channel. In this case, the GIF won’t look like the usual GIFs, and the URL will be shown with a preview of that particular GIF.

The person to whom you sent the message can see the GIF, but they must click on that link for the full view.

Is it possible to create a GIF and then upload it to Discord?

Of course, you can, and you will have to create a GIF with some images or a video first. Then save the GIF file to your computer or whichever device you are using. After doing so, upload that file through the message box of any chat channel you desire.

The GIF uploading process is the same, and you can either use the drag-and-drop method or manually upload it to Discord.

Final Thoughts

The significance of GIFs in Discord has been increasing daily since the last pandemic. It is one of the easiest and quickest methods of keeping the community active. There are some default GIFs in Discord for your usage, but you can also add GIFs to your collection.

If you are willing to do so, you will have to learn the proper procedure of how to upload GIFs to Discord. Once you learn the methods of it, you can easily add the downloaded GIFs. You can also create GIFs and then upload those into Discord for use in server chats.

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