How To Join a Server on Discord Without Invite

When it comes to gaming communication, gamers could never appreciate Discord sufficiently for bringing together gamers from all over the globe. While Discord wasn’t explicitly designed for players, the application’s outstanding capabilities like audio and video chats and open and private servers have made it a hit amongst everyone now.

Tons of enthusiasts use Discord every day to follow their favorite player’s broadcast. This article explains how to join a server on Discord without invite to enable you to obtain the most out of your Discord experience.

How To Join A Server On Discord Without Invite

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Extend Your Social Connection

There are several open and private servers whereby users may meet new individuals, engage in topics of their own passion and stay up to speed on the latest developments in the Discord application. In contrast, new members of the Discord group can’t readily enter the Discord servers since they don’t have access to them. If you need assistance in using Discord on a Computer or smartphone, we’re here to assist you and explain how to join a server on Discord without an invite.

Connect to Discord Server Without Invite

Discord servers may be found by searching for them in the Discord program on a Desktop or by joining arbitrary open servers. If you use Discord’s “Explore Public Servers” feature, you’ll discover a plethora of open Discord servers.

You may also join servers on Discord without any invite by visiting sites like “” and “” Many Discord users have created their unique public servers, which are then searchable by other members. Furthermore, you may incorporate your personal open Discord server to any of these domains at no additional charge at any time.

You may also head to the Disboard site and enter the title of the server you wish to attend and join it immediately without even an invitation code if you are already aware of the server’s name. 

Let’s have a look at a way for anybody on Discord to join the community without sending an invitation URL. Execute the instructions below for free access to a Discord server using one of three different ways. using one of three different ways.

Method-1: Browse Discord Servers Open to the Public

If you’re looking to enter a server, public Discord groups are a suitable alternative, although you don’t have an invitation code. Discord servers of many types may be found in one location.

Go to your desktop and launch the Discord client. If necessary, log in to your profile. From the left-side toolbar, choose the green compass symbol.

Then, use the top search field to look for the server’s title. Pick the server type from the left column to find out the server title, like gameplay, media, or academics. Browse to the server’s name after that. Tap on the server’s name after you’ve located it.

Finally, you’ve entered a server on Discord without having to be invited to do so. It’s now possible for you to see their available server details and terms of service. For example, what are the acceptable topics of discussion and publication inside the group (server), and what should be avoided. To avoid being thrown off of the server, you should use this method.

Method-2: Browse Servers of Discord on

In addition, may be used to enter a Discord community without an invite address. Discord bots and services that don’t need an invitation link are listed here. You may use the webpage for hunting for a particular Discord bot that will carry out a specialized job on your profile.

Whatever browser you’re using on your device, start it up. Check out the webpage for additional details. Then tap on the Discord Servers choice in the top navigation pane. In the search field, type in the title of the server you want to join (such as Among US or Fortnite) and press enter.

Additionally, you may pick the server’s classification from the drop-down menu to discover it even faster. You may enter the server whenever you are satisfied with the results of your server. To join a server, select the Join server box at the upper right of the screen. can now recognize the Discord application, and it will be connected to the Discord immediately. Afterward, go into your Discord profile and have fun using the server. You may even join other servers you’ve been considering for a lengthy time in this manner.

Method-3: Browse Servers of Discord on

Browse Servers of Discord on

The webpage may assist you if you don’t intend to explore any of the aforementioned domains or if you can’t find your preferred server on any of those pages or in the “Explore Public Servers” area.

A decent technique to enter the Discord server with no invitation address that you like the best is to do so using this option. To be more specific, you may enter a server by typing into the web browser search box and entering the server’s title.

  • Launch a web browser. Discover a server by typing, such as Minecraft or Fortnite.
  • You’ll then be sent to the Discord application, where you’ll be prompted to enter the server.
  • Next, tap on the Join server.

In this approach, you may enter the Discord server without having to provide an invitation code.

A saturated server that can no further accept new members may be the cause of your inability to connect to the server. That’s why it’s best to look for alternative servers or wait for the community to open up and allow new users.


Is it safe to enter a Discord community via a third-party site?

Answer- The simple response is yes. Discord servers may be joined without third-party invitation URLs. Clients may find a listing of active servers and robots on the Discord server webpages.

How to Quit a Discord Server?

Answer- For those who wish to quit a Discord server, all they have to do is head to their current server, tap on the id in their top-left edge, and pick “Leave Server.”

In Discord, why can’t I enter servers?

Answer- The URL and invitation code to a Discord server are both required for joining. There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to enter an online Discord community, such as having an erroneous server URL, a sluggish network connection, or an outdated invite code.


Even though it may appear to be a simple operation, entering a Discord server might be a challenge, especially if you don’t possess the server’s invitation URL. There are many ways to connect to public servers, including direct links, manual server additions, the explore tool, and third-party webpages. You may find this article on how to join a server on Discord without invite beneficial.

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