How to Join a Discord Server with a Code

To join your favorite or desired Discord servers, you must have the invitation URL link or the code of the server. Without these, joining a private server on Discord is quite impossible. Now, even if you have the link or the code, as a new user, you need clarification about how to join a Discord server with a code.

You can collect the invitation code via various social media platforms where the members of that server share code to recruit new members. If you have anyone familiar or friends on that server, you can also get the joining code. Then use the code to join the server that you desire.

The Reasons Why You Should Join a Discord Server with a Code

Using the invitation code or link to join the Discord server is the easiest and most effective way. You won’t have to search for the desired server from tons of servers present on the list of trending ones. Also, you won’t have to face the hassle of filtering the server categories if you have the server invitation code.

Along with that, you won’t have to search for the server specifically through the search box as well. These codes or invitation links are a must for the private servers, and for the public servers, codes and invitation links make things easier. 

If you have the server invitation code, joining the server becomes way more effortless compared to the period when the code is not available.

How to Join a Discord Server with a Code – The Step-by-Step Process to Access your Desired Server

When you have the invitation code or link, which are basically the same, it becomes way easier to join that server. However, there are some differences between the interfaces of the mobile and PC version of Discord. That’s why we will learn the process of joining a Discord server for both these two types of devices:

How to Join a Discord Server with a Code PC

The PC interface of Discord is comparatively organized, and it is easier to find the icons. So now, if you have the invitation code, here are the steps to follow to join that server with your desktop or laptop:

Step-1: Copy the Invitation Code and Access the Discord Dashboard

The most important thing in this process of joining the server is the invitation code itself. That’s why you will have to manage the invitation code of your desired server from somewhere. You can get it from a friend or even, luckily, find one through any social media platform. 

No matter how you find the code or link, you need to copy it for further usage when you finally try to join the server. To join any server in Discord, you must open the Discord software on your computer and then log into it. 

When you are logged in, you will be directed to the Dashboard of Discord which is also known as the Discord interface. Here, you will find various sections and icons to manage your entire Discord account.

Step-2: Locate and Enter the Add a Server Section

In the left portion of the Discord dashboard, there will be a list of the servers you are currently joining. You will be able to identify different servers as the display pictures of those servers will be shown. When the server list ends, another icon will be under those display pictures.

It will be a green icon consisting of a plus sign in the middle, which name is “Add a Server.” After locating this option, you will have to click on that icon to enter the process of adding the server.

Add a Server

By clicking that, a new box will appear in front of you on the screen as “Create a Server.” Scroll down a bit, and you will find another option named “Join a Server.” Enter this section only when you have an invite from a server in the shape of an invitation code. 

 Join the Server

After locating it, click on it immediately, and it will direct you to the section “Join a Server.” Here, you will see the message “INVITE LINK” with a blank box just below the message. Just paste the code or link into the box you copied a while ago. 

In the below section of that page, there will be a button called “Join Server,” and click on it to finally join your desired server. These are the steps to follow if you are in doubt about how to join a discord server using a code with your PC.

discord server

How to Join Discord Server with Code on Mobile

If you ask how to join public servers on discord mobile, you just need to manually find the servers and join those. No invitation code is mandatory here, but if you are willing to join a private server with mobile, then the code is a must. The process of server joining is the same for Android mobile devices and iOS devices.

So, if you have an iPad and don’t know how to join a discord server with a code on iPad, the process is quite identical. Now, let’s get on with the joining process through mobile when you have the invitation code:

Step-1: Copy the Invitation Code

Before entering the Discord dashboard, you need to copy the invitation code no matter how you get it. Because you will require this code to join your desired server in the final phase of the process. 

Step-2: Enter Discord Dashboard, and Access Add a Server Section

In this phase, you must log into your Discord account, which will direct you to the dashboard. Like the PC phase, there will be a list of the servers you joined with their display pictures. Just below the pictures, there will be an icon containing the plus sign in it, which is called “Add a Server.”

You need to click the “Add a Server” icon to get things into the next phase.

Add a Server

Step-3: Use the Code to Join the Server with Your Mobile Phone

As you enter that section, a new page with the heading “Create Your Server” will appear. In the lower section of that page, you will find an option called “Join a friend on Discord.” It will take you to another page where there will be a blank box with a message above the box.

Create Your Server

It will contain the question “Do you have an invite,” and as you have the code copied, you just paste it into the box. After doing so, press the “Join Server” button below to make your way into your desired Discord server finally.

Join Server

How To Join A Public Discord Server On Mobile


How to join the discord server without an invite?  

You can join a public server without any invite, but it does not apply to private servers. For the public servers, you can find one by searching by the server’s name. If the result of searching is positive, and you are satisfied with the server description and activity, you can send a join request. 

That’s how you can join a public discord server without any invitation link or code.

Where will I find the invitation code to join a private Discord server?

As you can only join a private Discord server through an invitation code, you must somehow manage it. Some servers share their invitation link on various social media platforms to recruit new members. You can find the codes of your desired servers from those platforms.

If any of your friends are a member of the server you want to join, you can also ask for the code from that friend.

Final Thoughts

There are two types of Discord servers, one is public, and the other is private. To join the public servers, an invitation code is not mandatory, but an invitation code is the only path for the private servers. 

So, if you are willing to join a private Discord server, the process of how to join a Discord server with a code is crucial to learn. First, copy the link in when you get it, and then paste it in the right place to finally join your desired server.

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