Discord Spam Messages [Type, prevent & Security Guide]

Lately, there appears to have been a significant increase in Discord spam messages, notably if you’re in several enormous groups. Individuals locate you in a community and approach you directly. It could be a fraud, self-promotion, or simply somebody making small talk, yet one point is for sure: it’s obnoxious. Learn more about spam, how to avoid being hacked, and other security-related topics in this post.

Types of Spam on Discord

To preserve users’ experiences and the platform’s integrity, Discord employs a proactive filtering system. Below are some detailed steps that are being studied and implemented for Discord members’ safety: 

Types of Spam on Discord

Direct Message

Users dislike receiving unwanted texts or advertisements. For both individuals and bots, here are a few instances of DM spam:

  • ads and unwanted texts.
  • Invitations to a large number of servers.
  • Significant number of texts containing the exact information sent in a brief amount of time.

Join for Join

Join for Join is the procedure of inviting individuals to enlist in your server in exchange for a commitment to enter theirs. This may appear to be a fast and enjoyable method to welcome individuals to your server and encourage them to explore new groups, however, the boundary between Join 4 Join & spam is narrow. 

While these invites are not unwanted, Discord’s spam filter may identify them as spam. Their service is strained when users deliver huge amounts of texts in a brief period. It’s possible that measures will be taken on your profile due to this.

Entering Several Servers and Sending Numerous Friend Requests

Although you are encouraged to explore new groups and create new connections on Discord, they will impose rate limitations to prevent spammers from benefitting this by making mass joins or requests. It’s possible that entering a lot of servers simultaneously or submitting a lot of friend requests would be deemed spam.

Discord acts accordingly against individuals who join servers too often or give out several friend requests at once in an attempt to shut down automated spam. A huge percentage of Discord members will rarely run into their proactive filtering system, but if you issue a friend request to anyone you notice on a thousand-person community in a matter of seconds, they will have to intervene against your profile. 

Rather than attending numerous servers in one go, it is recommended to utilize Server Discovery to locate dynamic public groups on issues you’re interested in. 

Invite Rewards Servers

The term “invite reward server” refers to a server that offers an incentive, usually monetary, to players who successfully recruit new members through invitations. Since this practice frequently leads to spamming people with unwanted communications, we highly discourage it. Discord reserves the right to take corrective action, up to and including the complete deletion of the affected account(s) and server(s), if this situation leads to spam.

Bots and Selfbots

Kindly let Discord’s Trust & Safety team know if a bot approaches you to be connected to your server or if it urges you to go on a suspicious website.

Discord does not develop bots to provide you free items. You are being taken in by a con. Report any bot-sent direct messages (DMs) that offer you anything or beg you to click on an url.

Free goods has a powerful pull, and we get that. We wish we could say otherwise, but these bots are fake. Don’t add them in exchange for anything, as they’ll probably end up causing problems for your server. There is no method to recover data that has been accidentally destroyed.

Your account might be suspended or deleted if you utilize a user token in a third-party program (a “Selfbot”) or if you automate your account in any way. If the AI detects a bot being utilized for spam or other malicious purposes, it will alert it. As a consequence of their inquiry, the bot and its owner’s account may be deactivated. To prevent your bot from being hacked, if its source code is exposed online, you should delete the token from the content.

Prevent Receiving Spam Messages on Discord

It’s simple to put an end to unsolicited DMs. Discord features a built-in option that enables you to block DMs from various members of the Discord server. Which implies your pals will always be able to send you private messages. To deactivate private messaging in Discord, execute the instructions below.

Prevent Receiving Spam Messages on Discord

Step-1: Head over to Settings on Discord

Launch the Discord application and navigate to the lower-left area of the screen to the settings button.

Spam Messages

Step-2: Switch off Accessibility to Private Texts in Your Privacy Settings

Upon that left part of the settings window, select Privacy and Safety. “Server Privacy Defaults” is located at the bottom of the page. “Allow Direct Messages from Server Members” should be switched off. It will be turned on by default; therefore, you must switch it off.

Spam Messages on Discord

Unknown individuals will no longer be eligible to text you on Discord after this is switched off. Take pleasure in a more calm social setting.

Recovering a Hacked Discord Account

On the internet, hacking is rampant. From systematized organizations seeking to make cash or transform society to home hackers using dark web-purchased tools. Regardless of who it is, every internet service needs to deal with hacking. Discord is only one instance out of many.

Thankfully, Discord understands that profiles are hacked and has a system to cope with them. To begin, see whether you can safely sign into your Discord profile and modify your password right now. Usually, hackers will reset the password as instantly as they gain access to prevent you from signing in, although if it’s just a child goofing about, you might be able to reach there before they do. If that’s the case, reset your password, alert it to Discord, and appreciate the fortunate heavens that you survived the ordeal.

Discord will redirect you to its Trust & Safety website whenever you report a hacked profile. You’ll see right once that the website is intended for reporting individuals, not hacking. You’ll be asked for your Unique Identifier, message URL, and Server Username. With the exemption of your Unique Identifier, the remaining two fields are useless for reporting a breach.

Proceed to the Discord request page alternatively. Fill the web form to the best of your ability, and choose Other Terms of Service Violation as the Report Type. Complete the report by adding a detailed explanation and submitting it. Then all you need to do is wait for Discord to respond to your petition and implement any measure they see fit.

You must also verify if you have a PayPal account associated with Discord. Look through your PayPal account regarding any unusual behavior. If you discover anything, proceed to PayPal’s resolution center and report your profile as being hacked. You must also check your pre-approved transactions page for Discord and erase it if it shows there. It should block any future Discord payments.

*AUTO SPAM* Discord Messages iPhone

Strengthen your Discord Account’s Security

There are various helpful hints for enhancing Discord’s overall security. However, do not delay until you’ve been hacked to put things in place. Do it right now since prevention is always preferable to treatment. For a safe Discord profile, you may do the following:

  • Authentication using two-factor.
  • Install an antivirus and a firewall on your system.
  • Create a robust password.

How to Report Someone on Discord?

The Discord mobile app for iOS and Android makes reporting users a breeze. To report a message, just find it and click the report button. Select Report at the end of the menu and release the button. This choice will be accessible in both direct and public communications. Choose a report type on the subsequent screen.

Reporting an entire Discord server is as simple as opening it from the left switcher, tapping the three dots at the top, and selecting Report Server.

How to Block Spam Messages on Discord?

You may prevent users from posting URLs and texts that have been frequently flagged as spam in Discord with AutoMod’s “Block Spam Content” filter.

General Tips to Protect Against Spam and Hacking

  • Never open a link from an unknown source. There is a chance that an external site might gain access to your personal information if you leave Discord by following a link that leads you there. To make sure a link is safe, run it through a site scanner like Sucuri or VirusTotal before you engage on it. If you want to be absolutely sure of where you’ll end up after clicking on a shortened URL, you could always use a URL expander to get the full address first.
  • If the source of the file is unknown or suspicious, do not download it.
  • Keep private information private. As with any online contact, it’s important to be cautious and only provide private information with individuals you know and trust while joining new communities on Discord or communicating with strangers.
  • Only via these channels will Discord make any kind of public statement. They do not employ users or chain emails to disseminate information.


What is spam chat in Discord?

Answer- It’s a specialized piece of software that, using a Discord Webhook, constantly broadcasts a flood of messages into a Discord channel.

How many messages are considered spam?

Answer- There is no hard and fast rule on how many emails constitute spam. It varies from system to system.

Can non friends message me on Discord?

Answer- To contact a user who is not already on your friends list, you must both utilize the same server. It’s also possible that they’ve restricted direct messages from anybody who isn’t already on their friends list, a feature that can be customized for each server.

How do I stop Discord DM from non friends?

Answer- Each server has its own privacy settings that may be adjusted independently of the global settings for notifications and servers. By toggling this option on or off, you will be able to prevent yourself from receiving Direct Messages (DMs) from people on that server who are not already on your friend list.


Spam Messages may be inconvenient, and they can potentially escalate to hacking if you fall for fraudsters who send you dangerous material to tap on. This post on Discord Spam Messages may hopefully assist you in taking preventative actions to avoid these situations.

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