Discord Get User ID from Username

Apart from several other social media and communication platforms, Discord has a number of unique characteristics that give it a competitive advantage. It has also been steadily introducing minor enhancements to optimize the user experience. One of Discord’s unusual characteristics is that it enables several individuals to apply the same Username; however, each name is distinguished by a four-digit number tag at the end. This post will cover Discord get user ID from Username.

About Discord Number

A Discord identifier, sometimes known as a tag ID, is comparable to a username on several social media and communication platforms. It’s in the structure nmbhf#2021, which stands for characters#numbers. The following are the three parts of a Discord username:

Characters: It is the Identification you entered at the start. Each hour, you have the chance of modifying your username up to two times.

Digits: It is a Discord user‘s 4-digit unique identifier that is issued automatically.

Hashtag: This appears between the Username or Characters and the Digits.

Getting your Discord ID

Individuals, servers, and personal messages all have unique multi-digit identification numbers in Discord. Make sure you’re in developer mode in your Discord configuration if you wish to get Discord ID. Select the Username with the right-click. The user ID will be copied to your clipboard, and you may insert it wherever you wish. You could perform something similar with texts, servers as well as channels.

Developer Mode should be activated. Developer Mode may be found in the advanced options section. To enter the Settings menu, hit the cog symbol, then pick the Advanced menu choice from the left. You’ve activated developer mode by tapping the Developer Mode selector until it becomes green with a checkmark.

Developer Mode

Revert back to your home window and right-click on the Username of one of your friends. There is a choice to “Copy ID” there.

Copy ID

When you choose Copy ID, the 18-digit ID code will be transferred to your clipboard, which you may then insert into a text file or notepad.

Locating Discord User ID on Android and iOS

If you own an Android or iOS smartphone and wish to find out a user’s distinctive identifier, follow the steps below:

Browse the user account of the individual whose ID you’re looking for.

Beneath Developer Mode Panel, swipe up until you locate the Copy ID choice. Select it by clicking upon that. To activate this feature, make absolutely sure Developer Mode is switched on.

Locating Discord User ID on Android and iOS

The clipboard will be copied with their ID. You might potentially obtain the User ID in a different method:

Launch a chat with the person whose ID you’re searching for.

Swipe Tap the three dots in the upper right area and then “Copy ID” from the left.

Copy ID

Getting the Discord Server ID

Right-click on the Server Title to obtain the Server Identification. Copy ID is at the end of the listing in the display pane. The Server ID will be transferred to your clipboard if you press on it.

Getting the Discord Server ID

You could do the similar thing with any channel. Choose the channel and right-click on it to obtain the Channel Identification of a specific server. The Copy ID option may be found at the end of the popup screen. The 18-digit identification code will be copied if you tap upon that.

Right-click anywhere inside a text chat to locate the Message-ID. Copy ID is located on the menu that emerges.


Locating Somebody Without Their Discord Number

When you wish to connect with someone without their mobile number, Discord includes a handy option called Nearby Scan. Nevertheless, there are a few factors you must be aware of first. Only your smartphone devices are compatible with the Nearby Scan function. The individual you’re looking for on Discord must be around 30 feet from you. While attempting to link, both individuals (yourself and the second person) must also have their Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on. Let’s get started on ways to do it, given that we have now gotten the disclosures out of the picture!

On the Discord Application, head over to your friend list. A figure shaking one hand is used to represent the listing. For smartphone platforms, it’s at the base of the display, while for conventional PCs, it’s at the pinnacle.

Next, select the “Add Friend” option on the upper right side. Then, select the Nearby Scan selection. If this is your first time utilizing the function, the application may ask for authorization to access your location, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. You must press the ‘Allow’ button.

The application should begin looking for devices in the area. Be sure your buddy has this function turned on and is scanning at the same time. The individual you’re searching for should surface on your display in a few seconds. To issue a request, hit the send option beside the Username.

Locate Discord Users from your Mobile Contacts

Navigate to the ‘Friends’ section after pressing the three bars (hamburger symbol). At the head of the page, you should be seeing a notification requesting you to synchronize your contacts. Select this option. If you want, select the ‘Allow contacts to add me’ choice before tapping ‘Get Started.’

After which, input your mobile number and verification pin to confirm it. After that, you’ll be prompted to provide accessibility to your list of contacts. This permission should be granted. After the synchronization is finished, you’ll be ready to view all of your connections who have activated the ‘Allow contacts to add me’ choice. Thereafter, you may pick anyone and click ‘Add Friends.’


Discord is an incredible application for interacting with peers, families, and other communities. It has distinct characteristics that set it apart from other social services. Hopefully, this article on Discord get User ID from a Username will help you discover the individual you’re seeking for and connect with them.

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