Discord Audit Log Deleted Messages

Discord is a splendid way to connect with fellow game players, colleagues, and peers. You may also modify or remove messages on the system. When texts are erased, many individuals become irritated, notably if other individuals are doing this to affect or abuse them. This blog will provide an overview of Discord Audit Log Deleted Messages.

About Audit Logs

Audit logs are a record of who performs what and when. Simply, it displays which mod/admin booted, banned, or altered privileges for a member, which Bot modified a user’s name, and so on. If you possess the authority to observe, it’s under server settings and doesn’t appear on smartphones.

Discord Audit Log Deleted Messages

The Audit Log in Discord

Discord has a built-in audit log that allows administrators to better understand the contents received in a texting channel.

One won’t be able to view the details of the text, just when it got removed, on which channel, and by whom, thus this tool is relatively restricted. Other relevant information, such as the activities of your moderators/admins, may be observed in the audit log. The log will inform you who has been expelled, introduced, restricted, and so on.

You must first enter the server’s settings to have visibility to the audit log. Either right-click your server’s logo, as well on the left of your display, and pick Server Settings, or tap on the server’s title at the top-left of your Discord display and choose Server Settings.

After you’ve gotten into the settings, look for the “Audit Log” option and hit it. You may currently be ready to view a list of the texts that have been removed or changed recently. The audit logs for Discord are only available for the previous ninety days. If the mods/admins require to retrieve information from a long-time member in a huge group, this might be a challenge.

Remove Audit Logs on Discord

Navigate to Settings and look for Auditing, which you’ll find under Audit Log. Choose the most recent audit log. Next, select Delete Logs from the menu bar. Select OK from the confirmation box.

Are Deleted Messages Visible to Discord Server Admins?

Regardless of whether you control the Discord server, you won’t be able to read deleted messages. The restrictions for these communications are based on Discord’s earlier assertion that once a message is erased, it is permanently destroyed. Owners or administrators can notice that a text has been erased using a bot like Dyno Bot; however, not the body of the text.

Are Deleted Messages Visible to Discord Server Admins?

Viewing Removed Discord Texts

In a nutshell, no way. It won’t be possible to locate or view your deleted Discord chats.  If you or somebody else erases a message, it is permanently removed from the system. Every text chat is the same way. These incidents have been authenticated several times by both the Discord corporation and Discord users.

Additionally, the Discord Terms and Conditions specify that server owners are not permitted to view your discussions. While it is likely that Discord maintains its internal audit logs that include deleted chats, there’s nothing you can do about it from within the program. If you remove your private DM by accident, you can be certain it’s lost forever from Discord.

Use Dyno Bot to Be Notified of Deleted Discord Messages

Dyno Bot is one of the finest Discord bots accessible on the platform. One of its advantages is the capability to see real-time updates on server occurrences. This comprises the elements listed below:

Entering or Departing from the Server

The Dyno Bot will track anyone who joins or leaves the server. You can check who has arrived and who has departed by scrolling among the profiles.

Messages Being Posted and Deleted

Anyone who has published or removed texts in the server will be tracked by the Dyno Bot. You can inspect your log if folks on your server claim that somebody broke the rules and then removed it. Regrettably, these logs only indicate the addition or deletion of content. They don’t reveal the topic of the message. 

Are Discord Chat Logs Stored?

Discord persists to expand quicker than anyone anticipated, as does the user-generated material. As the number of users grows, so do the number of text messages. They decided early on to save all conversation history indefinitely so that individuals may access their info from any platform at any moment.

How to work the discord audit log


Discord is a powerful tool that lets you customize a server in practically any manner you wish. The ability to modify and delete messages is part of this. Learning about Discord Audit Log Deleted Messages will assist you in effectively managing your server and tracking actions in order to have a safe server atmosphere.

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