How to Mark as Spoiler on Discord Mobile

Discord is a prominent instant texting platform that facilitates gamers, Redditors, and Patreon producers to communicate and exchange media. Its prominence in the videogame broadcasting community has helped it garner recognition in recent years. Numerous rankings of the top 10 messaging applications in the globe include this program.

After responding to user input, Discord’s programmers have started introducing innovative functionalities. The inclusion of “Spoilers” is the most recent. Spoilers are texts that are concealed and can only be viewed by tapping on them. This post will demonstrate to you how to mark as spoiler on Discord Mobile.

Spoiler Tags

Individuals typically utilize the spoiler label to convey information without ruining the enjoyment or excitement for the rest of the community. For instance, a movie’s peak, a book’s surprise, and so on. Users may now include spoilers in their Discord conversations, according to a recent upgrade. When you apply the spoiler label for content in Discord, the content in the mark is immediately blacked out. When you (or anybody else) presses on the blacked-out region, the spoiler content in Discord will be revealed.

Finally, if you depart from a network and then return, the content will be blacked out once more. Once you label a picture or clip as a spoiler, Discord will distort the picture or video. What’s behind the distorted image/video can be revealed by clicking on it. When you exit a server, the image/video will be concealed again, just like texts. Regrettably, you can’t go back in time and undo what you’ve witnessed.

Process of Marking Spoiler on Discord Mobile

It’s simple to insert a spoiler label to content on the Discord smartphone application. However, applying a spoiler label to photos or videos is a little more challenging.

Process of Marking Spoiler on Discord Mobile

Method-1: Highlight the Content to Mark It as a Spoiler for iOS

Only iOS devices are compatible with the first technique. You may choose the section of your text you wish to designate as a spoiler and afterward utilize the formatting line to label the selected region of the content as a spoiler, just as on a computer.

Perform the following actions:

  • In Discord, compose a message in a text channel, a Personal Inbox Message, or a Public Chat.
  • Choose the content you wish to make a spoiler for.
  • Just above highlighted content, a formatting line will emerge.
  • Select “Mark as spoiler” by tapping the right arrow.
  • Your content has now been tagged as a spoiler.
  • Finally, you can post your text with the spoiler.

The part of the message you tagged as a spoiler will be blacked out in Discord. The content will be visible to anybody who touches on the blacked-out portion.

Method-2: Applying Spoiler Markdown Syntax on the Android and iOS Discord Mobile Applications

Even if the Spoiler Slash function isn’t compatible with cellular phones and the formatting line isn’t available on Android. This solution is compatible with all types of smartphone devices.

The spoiler markdown syntax on Discord is ||This||. Using || at the commencement and || at the finish of your content will indicate it as a spoiler.

However, finding the | symbol inside your cellular phone keypad may take a few moments. However, after you recognize where this is, the remainder is straightforward.

Method-3: Applying the Discord Mobile Application to Tag Images/Videos as Spoilers

On smartphones, labelling images/videos as spoilers is difficult. Discord does not even provide you with the opportunity to use it.

Individually modify the name of an image/video on your cellular phone and insert the phrase “SPOILER_” (minus the quotations) prior to it to indicate it as a spoiler. For instance, if the image/video’s name is “Funny Memes,” you’ll need to edit it to “SPOILER_Funny Memes.”.

If you post the image or video on Discord now, Discord will instantaneously conceal the image or video and designate it as a spoiler. To rename a picture or clip on your smartphone, head to your file manager and locate the picture or video.

Discord Spoiler Image Troll

You may have a good time with your buddies or even Rick Roll them if you use the spoiler image function.

You may also use other memes as spoilers and fool your friends throughout conversations to have some amusement. You may even use graphics like the ones below to warn your pals that you’re about to share anything that might ruin things for them!

Discord Spoiler Image Troll


It’s always more enjoyable to experiment with the Discord app’s many capabilities. Have pleasure with your buddies now that you are aware of how to mark as spoiler on Discord Mobile. Keep in mind that the spoiler image will not function on earlier versions of the Discord application for smartphone devices, so double-check what you’re sharing. 

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