What Does the Phone Icon Mean on Discord

Discord, a popular communication software, originally established to offer gamers a place to connect and form networks. Since its debut in 2015, though, it has expanded to attract individuals from all around the planet, along with writers and artisans. It has surged in notoriety as more people have started working, playing video games, and socializing digitally during the outbreak.

Discord has a number of tools to help you have a spectacular communication experience. It also has functionalities that assist your friends and family in comprehending how you’re feeling. This post will go through the many functions as well as what does the phone icon mean on Discord.

About Discord

Discord is developed to let consumers engage with one another on a rudimentary scale. Any group is referred to as a “server.” On servers, there are several text channels where you can post to converse with numerous individuals and audio channels where you may voice-chat with members. You may also exchange films, photographs, URLs to the web, music, and other media.

Each server ordinarily includes many channels, all of which are specialized to a dissimilar topic or include its unique system of guidelines. For instance, you may create a channel to discuss a video game, another for regular chit-chat, and one for kitty photos. The alternatives are infinite. Both entering other servers and developing your own are completely free.

Countless Discord servers exist, each specialized to a certain subject. There seems to be a considerable probability you’ll be able to uncover a Discord server for whatever you’re enthusiastic regarding. It’s especially noticeable in gaming, which accounts for the bulk of the highly active Discord channels.

Discord can be integrated to other platforms like YouTube and Spotify. The program is available on both computer and smartphone devices, so you may utilize it regardless of the gadget you’re utilizing when gaming.

Discord Mobile


It might be inconvenient to run the same application on many devices with various interfaces. Fortunately, Discord brings everything all together by employing comparable styles and functionality on both your computer or laptop; even for the smartphone applications for your phone and tablet will be convenient to utilize.

The best aspect is that you don’t have to walk to your desktop to get an upgrade on your preferred gameplay or chat group network. The smartphone application can also make video calls, create chats, conduct voice calls, and search the system for hundreds of servers.

Discord for smartphones and Discord for desktop both perform the similar functions and are reasonably convenient to use on any platform. Even if you’re not near your individual devices, you may use a browser to access your profile and have brief exposure to all of your discussions.

Phone Icon on Discord

On Discord, the phone icon, also known as the mobile presence function, may allow your pals or server users to understand that you are absent from your war post while you go exploring! 

The Mobile Presence icon will display beside a user’s name anywhere a random user appears, regardless of whether it’s in a server’s Member’s lineup, in the User Profile, or anywhere else. It’ll resemble this:

This simply implies you’re utilizing your phone to use Discord. If you’re running Discord on your smartphone rather than a computer, the phone symbol shows by default, and you don’t have to do anything to enable it.

Phone Icon on Discord

Discord Features

Discord allows you to link your existing social network profiles to the application, making it quicker to find individuals you recognize and complete your profile page. Linking accounts goes further than the conventional purpose of locating individuals you’re previously friends with to interact with on Discord because the software blends personal conversations with public chat spaces. It also makes it simpler for others to recognize you in actual life if you want to do so.

Various activity indicators, in addition to the phone symbol, are provided to signify whether you are offline, sleeping, or wish to seem incognito.

Discord also features a Go Live function that server admins may activate to let players to live stream games to other members on the server. Once joined to a voice conversation, just press the Go Live option in the lower left corner of the display to “Go Live.” You’ll be prompted to pick the activity and begin broadcasting it after you hit the Go Live option.

Discord is free to access, but it also has a premium membership option termed Discord Nitro. Individuals who spend for Discord Nitro, that costs $10 a month or $100 annually, gain direct exposure to a number of extra functionalities, along with the potential to use cartoon emoticons and utilize emoticons from one server on the other, publish larger files, broadcast in 4K utilizing Go Live, and boost servers, which allows your beloved servers to activate more capabilities and attributes for their members.

Spoiler Tag is a unique function available in Discord. Spoiler labels can be used to warn folks that you’re going to reveal anything that they may not be prepared for. Other members will only notice a gray or black overlay above the information after this label is inserted.

Discord also has built-in Bots, which is a fantastic tool. In Discord, bots are handy assistive technology that can automate a variety of activities on your server. This involves greeting new members, eliminating trolls, and managing the conversation. Some bots also allow you to play songs or play online games on the server.


People are pursuing to venture up with novel platforms for humans to interact with due to the accelerated rise of innovation and modern advances. Discord is such a network, and it has a lot of cool functions. This article explained what does the phone icon means on Discord, as well as other fascinating elements.

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