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Do you want to know when a particular Discord user’s profile was formed? How about determining if an account belongs to a human individual or a robot? Perhaps you’re curious about the lifespan of your own Discord profile? To assist you, this post explains how to check Discord account age.

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Discord is a notable VOIP platform and messaging program for gaming enthusiasts throughout the globe. In addition to sending basic text or voice messages, Discord provides a wide range of valuable functions for gamers, including customized servers, voice channels, and a variety of customizations and connections.

Discord’s customizability and unique capabilities have recently propelled it to new heights of demand, especially among groups and distant employees. As well as a place to connect with individuals who have similar interests, it contains servers devoted to almost any subject imaginable.

It’s not uncommon to find servers with tens of thousands of individuals, although this isn’t always the case. It’s easy to figure out the tenure of a particular Discord user on your server. Continue reading to learn how to determine a user’s Discord account age.

Prerequisites to Check Discord Account Age

To figure out how old a Discord profile is, you must initially guarantee that the Developer mode is active and the Streamer mode is deactivated. The individual’s ID may be seen on when developer mode has been activated.

Users’ personal data may be retrieved from the webpage. This contains their unique ID, username, medals, and the date on which their profile was first established, among other things. Whether you wish to learn when the person started Discord or if the user is a robot, this detail is significant.

A person’s Discord user ID is required before you can search for them. After enabling developer mode on Discord, you may capture a user’s id. Activating the developer mode is as simple as going to settings and selecting “Advanced.” You may enable developer mode in the “Advanced” options. The user’s ID may be copied by clicking on their avatar image and selecting “Copy ID” while developer mode is enabled.

Process of Enabling Developer Mode

In Discord, sign in and navigate to the Account Settings (wheel symbol) beside your picture in the lower-left edge of the window.

Enabling Developer Mode

Navigate to the ‘Advanced’ section on the left column and switch on the ‘Developer Mode’ option.

 Developer Mode

Process of Disabling Streamer Mode

Proceed to ‘Streamer Mode’ on the left pane under User Settings. The ‘Enable Streamer Mode’ option must be deactivated before continuing.

Streamer Mode

Check Age of Account on Discord

To begin, you’ll want to make a note of the profile’s Discord Identifier. Copying your personal ID is the only way to find out how old your own profile is. You’ll require the user’s Discord Identification if you wish to see their account lifetime, which you can get by copying it from the right-hand column of Discord.

When you’re on Discord, right-click the title of the person you desire to inspect the account period of and choose “Copy ID.” To determine the age of your personal account, just right-click on it and select ‘Copy ID.’

Check Age of Account on Discord

A copy of your Discord Identity will then be available for you to take note of. Visit Discord Lookup.

 Account on Discord

Enter the number in the ID box and press ‘Lookup’ to conduct a search. Captcha confirmation must be completed.


Once you’ve done that, the Discord user’s names, credentials, date of profile setup, and if the person is a robot will be shown on the webpage.

Discord user

You can simply determine the age of a Discord account by looking at the date on which it was created.

To be clear, bots like MEE6 and Dyno are prevalent on Discord. Of course, Discord contains legitimate individuals, and in order to discover the duration of any Discord profile, you must guarantee that you are looking for a genuine profile.

Discord Account Creation Date


To create a Discord profile, what is the necessary age requirement?

Answer- Users must be at least 13 years old in order to utilize the Discord application or webpage, or even greater based on relevant ordinances.

On Discord, how can I modify my birthday?

Answer- You must make an application to Discord in order to have your age changed on the platform. You must complete out the form with your birth date and, if feasible, upload a photograph of yourself displaying your identification. Finally, post your application and wait for Discord to adjust your age on its own.

What is the best way to indicate your age on Discord?

Answer-   Click on “Trust & Safety” (below What can we help you with?), input the mail id associated with your Discord profile, next click on “Appeals, age update, other questions,” and finally click on “Update my age information.”  Insert the birth date that appears on your identification card.


For various reasons, knowing when a Discord profile is created is critical to understanding how it works. Determining the age of your profile is a simple process that just requires your Discord Identity to complete. Nevertheless, one advantage is that you could also verify the age of a friend’s or server’s profile using this feature, which is convenient. Hopefully, this article on how to check Discord account age will be of use to you in your effort.

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