Discord Message-id Lookup – In-depth detail

Every time you chat with someone on Discord, there’s a message-id for each conversation. A message-id is like a message’s address on the internet. They’re more helpful than static links because if you go to that particular message-id, then it’ll take you back to the exact place in the conversation and show you what was said before and after.

Discord message-id lookup is like the Google of Discord. If you don’t know how to find something on Discord, perhaps you can find an article on this site that helps you. When in doubt, use the search bar! It’s in the right corner(top) of the site.

Discord Message-id Lookup

Discord Message-id To The Text

This is helpful because when you’re in a big conversation, viewing an old message can be hard. It’s much easier to look at the message sent before. But the downside is that the message-id isn’t always easy to find!

For the last message in the conversation where do I find the message-id?

If you want to find the message-id for the last message in a conversation, use this site’s search bar. You can either enter the exact message, or you can try entering a few words of what it said. If it works, it’ll show you which conversation on Discord has that text. Sometimes people paste short messages into large conversations to make sure they’re quoted properly. If you’re unsure about the message-id, try reverse lookup one of those messages!

What are the common ways to find a message-id?

What are the common ways to find a message-id?

The easiest way to find a message-id for your past or future messages on Discord is by clicking on the message you want to find the id for. This should bring up the chat history of that specific chat, which will contain your message-id.

Alternatively, if you know who you are looking for in a chat but don’t know what their username is, type”.find” followed by their name in the text box and press enter. The bot will then create a list of all members in that chat with that name. Clicking on one of these members will bring up the list of messages they sent. Clicking on the message you’re looking for will again show you the entire chat history of that chat.

The tool also does a more general find-all of all messages in this channel, if nothing else, so it can be helpful for finding conversations where people are talking about you, but it doesn’t point out who their message is to.

Discord ID Number

Discord ID numbers are basically the identification numbers of your Discord account. They are unique, numerically assigned to you, and can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, if you want to join a certain server or group on Discord then you need to enter that server or group with your ID number. You can then use this number for many other purposes online as well. It is also an efficient way for users to communicate with each other using their identified accounts.

How to Get Discord ID Numbers?

Discord ID numbers are assigned to you by the Discord staff through your online gaming activity. That said, Discord IDs are created automatically by the platform’s servers, so there is no way for you to manually generate them. You only can get the one created for you by the platform’s servers. But you can customize it as per your needs if need be. The process is so simple that even a newbie can handle it easily.

How to Get Discord ID Numbers?

Step 1: Connect to Discord with your email.

You can easily connect your account with your email and instantly get a Discord ID number. You may have to wait for a few minutes and let the platform send you an invite.

Step 2: Join a server on Discord and add friends to it.

Once you have connected your Discord account with your email, you need to join a specific server. You can do so by navigating to the official Discord website and searching for the server of your choice. Once you have joined a server, just add some friends who are part of that network.

Step 3: Create an Icon for your account to recognize it.

The next step is creating an icon for your account to recognize it. This is basically an image that can be found on your home screen that shows up when you open the sidebar on the main screen.

Step 4: Add your Discord ID number in that Icon.

Now that you have created an icon for your Discord account, at this point, you need to add your Discord ID number to it. This is simply the personal number that each Discord user has for identification. It is the way to identify your profile on Discord.

Step 5: Change your icon to set up a new profile.

Now you have to update your icon according to changes that have been made. For this, go to the Settings menu again. Now click the ‘Profile’ tab in the right corner(top) of your account screen. Choose whether or not to display a personal image for this profile.

Step 6: Add your Discord ID number to other social media profiles.

If you are new to Discord then you may want to choose a Discord ID number that best suits your taste. However, this is not possible because the platform only provides you with one Discord ID number for identification purposes.


Discord is a chatting platform that allows gamers to communicate through text messages. It also features voice chat, special access channels for mods, and more. This Discord msg-id lookup is a web application that allows users to search a given message ID and, should it exist, displays the message. This msg-id lookup is slow but has the added benefit of displaying if the message exists. It was born out of a need for real-time Discord message-id lookup, to see if a given message existed.

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