Discord animated emoji server- Need to know everything

Discord is a popular online platform nowadays for digital communication. You can use all forms of communication such as video calls, sending messages, voice calls. You can also share photos and use private chats to share files with your friends or co-workers.

While communicating, people tend to express their emotions to other people. To do that on an online platform, emoji is an excellent way to express emotions. You can add emojis to your texts easily. Among these emojis, animated emojis are the most popular ones. These animated emojis are movable and you can find these emojis on various discord animated emoji servers.

Discord animated emoji without nitro

Before using the emojis on discord, you should know the limitations of animated emojis. Such as, every server on discord only permits 50 animated emojis. Also, a custom-made animated emoji ought to be of specific measures.

You can either get animated emojis through subscribing to the Nitro server or can get it without Nitro. To use animated emoji without Nitro, there are various methods to add them on the discord server. Let’s get to the methods to add discord animated emoji server without Nitro:

Method 1: Download and upload the animated emojis to the discord server

Animated emojis make expressing your sentiments a lot easier and more simple and effective. You can discover these discord emojis on various websites and download them before using them.

1. Emoji.gg:

Emoji. gg could be a straightforward site that gives a free collection of animated Discord emoticons. The program is organized by category. You can either download it single or you may also download all of the greatest ones in one go.


This website can connect with the discord server straight away. It enables the users to choose their preferable animated emojis straight through the site and use it directly in discord. The maker option also allows the user to create their customized animated emojis.

2. Animated Emojis:

Typically however another phenomenal site where you can download animated Discord emojis for free. They have a large library of Discord animated emojis that are organized alphabetically. The client interface of the site is much less complex than the other websites. That is why exploring the website is easier. This helps the user and allows them to quickly pick the ideal emoticon from their collection of millions. To download them from the website, you must first click the download option. To utilize the animated Discord emojis, you must first upload them to Discord.

To do so, take after these steps:

  • Go to your Discord Server
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Emojis”
  • Click “Upload”

3. Discord. st:

Discord. st is a platform to use discord animated emojis. The site permits individuals to share their favorite animated Discord emojis with their friends and family. These emoticons, however, cannot be downloaded to your device from the website. Instead, you’ll utilize your discord accreditations to log in and utilize them. You may also use this page to make your own personalized animated Discord emojis.

Discord. st

Animated emoji discord bot

Bots are computerized accounts. It can perform a variety of tasks if invited to a server. Anyone can create a bot account but for that one need a good understanding of programming to make a good one. Many well-known bots have skilled creators.

The number of features that these highly configurable and intelligent bots can have is limitless. Music, games, fact-based references, interpretation, and more can all be made easier with Discord bots. Bots have a few special skills that Nitro doesn’t have. One of which is the ability to utilize customized emoji everywhere. The methods that allow bots to discord animated emoji server follows:

Method 1: Animated Emoji Bots can be added to the Discord server

On your Discord server, an animated emoji bot can reduce the time it takes to find and use the proper emoticons. To include this feature in your chats, you’ll need the following:

1. NQN:

NQN is a completely that permits anybody to utilize energized discord emoticons. NQN bot must be invited to the Discord server.

  • Afterward, when, the bot is linked to your server, it will enable you to see the NQN bot within your messages.
  • To find the animated discord emoji packs, go to massages and type! packsearch.
  • Click the plus symbol in the chat window to add the animated Discord emoji pack, or perhaps the arrow icon to explore the alternative pack.
  • Type !packsearch to find a pack via its name (name of the pack).
  • Type !packsave(name of the pack) in the message box once you have discovered the Discord animated emoji pack you desired.
  • In the message field, there will be a message; select the tick sign underneath it.
  • Now, head to Discord’s emoji area. Your animated Discord emoticons will begin to download.

2. Top. gg:

This is yet another useful bot for adding animated Discord emojis to your server. You have to welcome the bot and connect it to your Discord server once more as NQN. After then, you’ll notice the bot in your chats, and then you can follow the procedures above as a guide. The following characteristics stand out:

  • Input an emoji code : spinthink: > and the bot will construct animated emojis for you.
  • Yiu can use these emojis as responses: n!react spinthink > React to the most recent message with (n!help react for more information).
  • Adding additional emojis: Go to your Discord Server‘s “Settings” > “Emojis” > “Upload” to add new Emojis.


Can animated Emojis be used by Discord bots?

Any emoji, including animated ones, from any server, can be used by your bot.

How do you obtain Emojis without Nitro?

You can obtain emojis in the discord server without Nitro. For that, you need to download emojis from various websites such as Emoji.gg, Animated Emojis, Discord.st, etc. and upload them to your discord server.

How do you build a BOT animated emoji in Discord?

Input an emoji code : spinthink: > and discord you will have to bot will construct animated emojis for you.

Animated emojis as reactions: n! react spinthink > React to the most recent message with (n!help for more information).

Adding additional emojis: Go to your Discord Server’s “Settings” > “Emojis” > “Upload” to add new Emojis.

How To Use Animated Emojis On Discord Without Nitro 2021


Emojis have been ingrained in everyday conversation as well as modern culture. Discord animated emoji servers make communications with each other more expressive and improve the effectiveness of the communication. The simplest method to start utilizing animated emojis is to get a Nitro subscription. However, if you don’t want to spend $4.99 per month on recurring fees, the solutions listed above are the biggest opportunity for you.

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