Discord Desktop Notifications Not Working

Discord is an amazing platform for bringing gamers and other communities from all over the world together. The app’s extensive feature set makes it one of the greatest chat apps accessible. However, it isn’t always flawless and has its share of shortcomings. Discord Desktop Notifications not working is a widespread complaint among users.

On Discord, users are frequently asked to provide information quickly. It’s a pity that alerts aren’t working in this situation. You may miss critical information and events as a result of this. This issue can be caused by a number of factors. It might be due to incorrect settings, a fault in the Discord program, or audio driver issues, among other things.

Resolve Discord Desktop Notifications Not Working

Check out the methods below if you’re seeking a way to mend your Discord notifications. Any of the approaches should work for your PC if the process is done correctly.

Method-1: Allow Desktop Discord Notifications

To begin, make sure Discord’s desktop notifications are turned on. Navigate to User Settings in your Discord app. After that, go to App Settings and choose Notifications. Verify to see if the Enable Desktop Notifications option is turned on; if it isn’t, switch it on.

Allow Desktop Discord Notifications
Allow Desktop Discord Notifications

Method-2: Choose the Most Appropriate Voice Output Devices

Launch the Discord program and head to the User Settings section. In the left panel, tap Voice & Video, and then choose your output device from the drop-down menu beneath Output Device. Close the Settings tab and listen to Discord for any notification sounds.

Method-3: Streamer Mode should be switched off

You can try disabling Discord’s Streamer mode to verify if it solves the problem of Discord notifications not working.

  • You may do this by opening Discord and hitting the User Settings option.
  • In the left pane, head to App Settings and select Streamer Mode.
  • On the right pane, you can verify the state of Enable Streamer Mode. Discord Streamer Mode will be disabled if this setting is turned off.

Method-4: Activate and then Deactivate Discord Streamer Mode

You may try enabling and disabling Streamer Mode to see if it helps with the Discord app not receiving alerts on Windows 10. Click on User Settings in Discord. Afterward, go to App Settings and pick Streamer Mode. In the right pane, look at the state of Enable Streamer Mode. Turn it off if it’s already on. Turn it on if it isn’t already.

Close the Settings tab. Pick Streamer Mode from the User Settings menu. If the Streamer Mode option was enabled in the previous step, deactivate it now. Check whether the problem with Discord notifications not working has been resolved. You may also try disabling Automatically Enable/Disable and enabling and disabling Streamer Mode to see if it helps you resolve the problem.

Method-5: Modify the Notification Settings on your Discord Server

To do so, launch Discord, right-click the Server symbol in the left pane, and then choose Notifications Settings from the drop-down menu. Afterward, below Server Notification Settings, choose All Messages and press Done. Configure the notification settings for all of your servers using the same procedure.

Method-6: Upgrade your Discord Desktop Program

You may also attempt updating the Discord software to see if it solves the problem with the Discord alerts not working. To reload and update the Discord application, launch it and click Ctrl + R.

Method-7: Change Do not Disturb status

Members on Discord may change their status to Online, Invisible, Do Not Disturb, Idle, or any other status they desire. Discord’s DND mode disables all desktop notifications. At the bottom of the screen, tap on your profile symbol. Confirm the selected choice and, if it is DND, modify it. Verify the ‘Status’ drop-down if you’ve created a customized status. Make sure DND isn’t chosen.

Change Do not Disturb status

You can delete and then reinstall the Discord Desktop software if none of the other methods work.

Resolve the issue of Discord notifications not working on Smartphones

On Discord mobile, ensure notifications are enabled. Launch the Discord app and touch the three lines at the top left corner. By pressing on your profile icon in the bottom right, proceed to ‘User Settings.’ In the ‘Notifications’ option, enable both ‘System’ and ‘In-App’ alerts. Go over to the ‘Tweak Notification Settings’ section as well.  Select the alerts you want for direct messages, friends, and other items from the drop-down menu. Typically, turning on all of the choices solves the problem.

Cache memory might sometimes clash with your app’s data, causing the program to stop working correctly. You can find Discord in your ‘Settings’ by going to ‘App Settings/ Manager’ and searching for it. Remove the data and cache. Also, hit the ‘Force Stop’ option to bring all current activities to a halt. After removing the data, you may require to re-login to your Discord account.

If it doesn’t appear to fix the problem, update the software in the Play Store or App Store, according to your smartphone. You may also delete and reinstall the program.


Why aren’t my Discord notifications appearing?

Answer- If your Discord status isn’t set to Online, you won’t be able to get alerts in the Discord app. Open the Discord software and select the user profile. Switch your status to Online, then examine to see whether Discord got rid of the concern.

Why is it necessary to delete the Discord cache?

Answer- Cleaning out the folder makes room for more critical items. I if someone deletes a picture, Discord stores it in your cache. As a result, if someone harasses you on a server by posting unlawful or unpleasant material, Discord will store it in the cache, although the mods erase all of the photos.


If you are experiencing Discord Desktop Notifications Not Working, you may attempt the solutions listed above to resolve the issue. Each one must be well explored and applied. You should be able to get Discord notifications with no difficulties by the completion of the process.

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