Funny Discord Memes – Need To Know Everything

Memes persisted to dominate social networks and the general public’s attention, and Discord isn’t any different. Players want to create memes from the games they enjoy, and there are many meme materials in the games. Furthermore, memes might help you de-stress from your day or from the game you’re playing.

This demand led to the creation of Discord Meme Servers, which provide access to the world’s most popular gaming memes. Discord memes may be simply added to your chat box using the Discord GIF Picker tool. This post will go through many Funny Discord Memes that you may share with your friends!

Discord Memes to Send

Memes have grown in popularity as a fun way to share memorable events with friends or people. To make good memes, you’ll need some intellect and creativity. Memes are usually an excellent way to brighten up your day. Here are some hilarious Discord memes to exchange with your friends and other Discord users.

  • One of the members in the server may be trying to tag everyone but cannot. In such a situation, this memewill definitely make “everyone” laugh.
Discord Memes to Send
  • If you’re a member of the discord meme community, you’ve probably heard of Dank Memer BOT. You can make whatever meme you want with it! Below is one that will blow your mind.
discord meme community
  • Occasionally, you may stumble across a meme on a server that you want to share with your friends or, more so, “steal” it. The meme below is ideal for your scenario.
  • If you’re a moderator on a large discord server with many users, you could run into some troublesome members who post inappropriate messages or don’t respect the server’s rules. They may even harass other members, which leads us to the terrible side of the situation. Even if you want to, you can’t ban them for whatever reason. You can empathize with this meme in that circumstance!
  • Nothing is more satisfying than to find an absolute Dank meme to send to your friends and take some pride in it!
Dank meme

These are only a few of the memes available; there are many more in the Discord Meme Communities listed below.

Best Meme Servers on Discord to Join

Here’s a list of the finest and most popular discord meme servers to join! The features of each of these servers are also discussed.

  • Lounge

Searching for a way to unwind while meeting new people, laughing at memes, and participating in contests, activities, and mini-games? A lounge is unquestionably a server where you should spend your time. Lounge is a laid-back community server where you can talk, make new friends, have a good time, and take part in server activities!

Invite link:

Self-roles, Fun section, Meet-the-staff, Support Channel, and Voice Channels are some of the features of this server.

  • Cartoon Carnation

The next server on the list is a one-of-a-kind and entertaining server. It’s one-of-a-kind in that it features a cartoon motif. You can anticipate a welcoming environment where you may meet new people, exchange memes, and have a good time! This invite link will allow you to join the server.


The unique features of this server include self-assignable roles, Leveling System, lazy town, and Nitro Wars.

  • Money Hunters

This server is dedicated to Dank Memer thefts, freebies, parties, and more! Although the server offers a lot of features, they are always open to recommendations from the community! Use the following URL to join the server:

Self-roles, games, Events, Leveling systems, and Memes are some of the server’s significant features. Giveaways, fundraisers, a dank memer bot, and a dank memer mini-games segment, among other things, are offered. Money Hunters is a great community that you should certainly join.

  • Dank Café

Another server on the list is Dank Cafe, which hosts entertaining events and freebies while focusing primarily on “dank-memers.” This is a dank memer server founded by a small group of friends to have fun and ensure that the community they establish has an exciting and uplifting experience. The following is a link to the server:


Self-roles, color roles, gender roles, age roles, and a media section are among the features. Because this server is built on dank-memer, there is a distinct section dedicated to the dank-memer bot, where users may use it to obtain cash, play dank-memer mini-games, and so on. Overall, this is a welcoming community server that welcomes all sorts of players and ensures that everyone has a peaceful and enjoyable experience. If you’re intrigued, join now!

  • Supreme Dank

Supreme Dankers’ major focus is on the Dank-Memer bot and freebies. This next server on the list is great, regardless of where it sits on our ranking. Use the following URL to join the server:

The server’s highlights are trading center, heists, self-promotion, dank house, media section, counting area, level system, and other features. These are just a few of the excellent features of this incredible server where you may talk, have fun, exchange and appreciate memes, and have a pleasing experience!

  • Dankers Continental

Dankers Continental is a platform where you may publish any type of meme or material, and everyone in the Dankers Continental community is friendly and inclusive. Use the following URL to join the server:

Organized Structure, Gaming Section, Level System, Booster Perks, Media and Memes, Donator Perks, and other amenities distinguishing this server. These are only a handful of the server’s several other incredible features.

  • Memer’s Den

Memer’s Den, like the majority of the servers on this list, is a Dank-Memer centered server where Dank-Memer fans may meet and participate in a fun and interesting community. This server’s connecting URL is:

This channel’s major features include self-roles, rewards channel, leveling system, media, birthday section, dank memer, and so on. Memer’s Den is a rather small server with a membership of just over 1k members compared to the other servers on this list, but be certain it is a welcoming community of a limited number of individuals where you can enjoy and meet people. 


Other than playing games or other activities, you may make your time on Discord with your friends or community members more fun by sharing Funny Discord Memes! There are numerous Discord servers where you may participate in a variety of activities while also enjoying the dankest memes! The most well-known ones are mentioned above.

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