How to Connect PS4 to Discord

Discord is a nice way of communicating with friends via video call, audio call, screen sharing, and normal chatting. It is an excellent platform for gamers to stream their gameplay in front of their fans and friends. If you are a PS4 user and want to show your gameplay and gaming skills, then Discord is the perfect platform for you.

Having heard that, you might think about how to connect PS4 to Discord and stream the gaming session. Not to worry a bit, as following some basic steps will connect these two. But at first, the friends and fans with whom you want to share your gameplay must need to have a Discord account.

How to Connect PS4 to Discord

What are the Benefits of Connecting PS4 to Discord

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As a gamer, connecting PS4 with your Discord account will open up a new door of communication. The benefits that you will get by connecting your PS4 with your Discord account are:

  • You and your friends can play any game in multiplayer mode and see each other’s screen via screen sharing
  • It is also possible to make your friends join your Discord room and they can enjoy your amazing gameplay
  • If you have a fanbase of your gaming, you can share your Discord room link on social media, and they can join and watch your gaming session live
  • Connecting PS4 to Discord will also allow you to stay in touch with other PS4 players across a variety of games and learn from each other
  • You can also create a gaming community via Discord by keeping connection with all gamers of your area
What are the Benefits of Connecting PS4 to Discord

How to Connect PS4 to Discord – The Step-by-Step Guide

If you are new to this, Discord on PS4 browser may seem impossible to you. But it’s not like that; you can easily connect Discord and PS4 and share your gameplay with others. The answer to the question of how to connect PS4 to Discord mobile is almost the same as the desktop.

So, now let’s see the steps you will have to follow carefully for connecting PS4 to Discord:

Step-1: Audio Connection Set-Up between PS4 and PC

First thing first, you need to grab a headset that supports a USB connection and also comes with an optical cable. You should make sure that the headphone or headset is compatible with the PS4 you got. After that, you will be in need of the Astro TXD Mix Amp program with which you can switch between the PS4 console and the computer’s audio.

You will require a 5 mm male-to-male audio cable extension for completing the task correctly. At the same time, a 3.5 mm auxiliary splitter is also recommended with for the job. After that, you will have to connect the optical cable between Astro TXD Mix Amp and PS4, and that’ll be all in this step.

Step-2: Discord Account Set-Up in PS4

Choose your device first with which you will connect the PS4. Then whether on your phone or computer, download the Discord software. Then create your Discord account by providing your email id, and of course, you should provide a strong password to keep your account safe. 

When all the account-creating process is done, you need to pick up your PS4 and open the browser. In the search bar of that browser, you need to type Discord, and the search results will be in there. Then you need to press “OK,” provide your username and password, and then click on “Enter.”

After all these, you have to go to your Discord account and sign in there correctly.

Step-3: Audio Modification and Settings Correction

The next step is to modify the audio input. The establishment of a connection between Astro TXD Mix Amp and PS4 via optical cable in the first step will be an advantage here. Then comes the part of changing the primary-connector output to the digital output in your PS4 console, and you need to enter the “Settings” section first.

After doing so, access the “Audio and Display” part from there, and then go to the “Audio Output Settings” sector. 

Step-4: Establish a Proper Connection

The base station and your desktop or primary device should be connected correctly. Use the USB cable for the job and connect the one end of it with the base station of your setup. At the same time, you will have to connect the other free part of it with your desktop.

Check properly if there is an error in the connection or not. Because, if there is any, the base station is not going to work at all. Another important thing you need to make sure that the base station is set to the “PC Mode,” unless nothing will work.

When all these are done correctly, a strong connection between your computer and the base station will be established.

Step-5: Input and Output Device Changing and Set-Up

In this part, boot up Discord on your computer or mobile, whichever device you are using. Then you will have to set the audio input device for streaming your gameplay. You can do it from the “Voice Settings” section and set the device as the Astro TXD Mix Amp of yours.

After that, you will have to grab a high-quality 3.5mm audio jack. Then run it from PC speaker output to the Astro TXD Mix Amp of yours and go to the “Voice Settings” section of Discord.

After entering there, all you need to do is changing the output device to your PC speakers, and you are all set for enjoying Discord on PS4.

How to Connect PS4 to Discord in 2021!

Final Thoughts

Many gamers’ dream is to stream their gameplay in front of their friends and fans. Now it is not a dream anymore and became possible with the help of Discord. But the confusion about how to connect PS4 to Discord will always be there in the mind of those gamers who haven’t done it before. We are here with the proper solution to that as the connecting process is much easy. All you need to do is follow the correct procedure and remain careful while establishing the connection. When the connecting process is done, you can stream your live gameplay with live audio in front of the audience.

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