How To Insert An Arrow In Word Using Keyboard – Learn The MS Trick

MS Word has all the elements that we require to do in a document while printing. But we all face a massive problem: lack of knowledge.

If your document requires symbols like arrows, you can do it in two ways. The first one is to use the keyboard. Select the insert option from the above. On the right side, you will see an option named ‘Equation.’ Click on it. A box will appear in your document. Type backslash (\), and without any space type ‘downarrow’ if you need the downarrow. Now press the spacebar, and your arrow will be on your document.

Let’s know about some other arrows and how to insert an arrow in a word using the keyboard.

How To Insert An Arrow In Word Using Keyboard – Trick To Draw Arrow

How To Insert An Arrow In Word Using Keyboard

Arrow is quite frequent in our daily notes. Therefore, circumventing the arrow is pretty complex. Here are some of the arrows and tricks to type arrows. But about how to type arrow symbol on phone, you need to use a symbol feature for that.

For Windows

If you use the Windows operating system, the way to type arrows is easier than on other operating systems. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. First, open MS Word on your Windows PC.
  2. About how to make a right arrow on keyboard? For the right side indicating the arrow, press hyphen ( – ) by using the keyboard two times without any space. Now press ( > ), and it will become an arrow indicating right.
  3. For the left side indicating the arrow, press ( < ) once, and without any space, press the hyphen ( – ) by using the keyboard two times. You will see an arrow indicating the left side appears.
  4. For the up and downside indicating arrow, you need to press on the ‘Insert’ option from above. At the right side of the insert menu, you will find ‘Equation.’

Click on it, and a box will appear. Now type the backslash and, without any space, the arrow you want. Like, ‘\downarrow’ for the downside indicating arrow and ‘\uparrow’ for the upside indicating arrow. Lastly, press the spacebar, and your desired arrow will appear.

For iOS

The way to type the arrows in the MacBook is not dissimilar. So, how to type right arrow on mac? The process is to type a hyphen ( – ) two times without any space and, afterward, type ( > ). The MS Word will convert it into a right arrow.

Again, about the up indicating arrow, choose the ‘Equation’ from the ‘Insert’ menu first and type as per the Windows process given above. You will see the arrow appearing in your document.

Alternative Way

If you are facing difficulties in typing arrows, you can choose an alternative way. This way is pretty simple. Here are the steps to type an arrow with a mouse only.

  1. First, you need to select the insert option from the above document.
  2. After that, in the right corner, you will see ‘Symbols.’
  3. Click on the symbols and a box with a variety of symbols including arrows will pop up.
  4. Choose the arrow according to your need.

How to type an up arrow on mac? You can add arrows this way in both Windows PC and MacBook. Moreover, this way is not complex but time-consuming for the people who use the keyboard only.


How do you type an arrow right?

Answer: After typing the texts, type hyphen ( – ) for two times and press ( > ). MS Word will convert the text on the right side, indicating an arrow. You can also type an arrow by selecting ‘Symbols’ from the ‘Insert’ menu.

How do you type left and right arrows on Mac?

Answer: The typing process of the left and right arrow on Mac is similar to Windows. For the left arrow, type ( < ) and two hyphens ( – ) without any space. MS Word will turn it into a left arrow. For the right arrow, type the hyphens first, and then type ( > ). It will become a right arrow.

How do you insert an arrow in Word on a Mac?

Answer: The insertion of an arrow in MS Word on a Mac is similar to Windows. For the right arrow, you need to type two hyphens and >. The right arrow will appear. Type < and two hyphens; the left arrow will be there.

But for the up and down arrow, go to insert from the menu above. Then select ‘Equation’, and a box will come up. Type backslash (\) and downarrow, and press the spacebar; the down arrow will come. The process is the same for the up arrow; just type up arrow instead of down arrow.


MS Word is a tool that belongs to MS Office. Whether you are using iOS or Windows, the answer to how to insert an arrow in word using keyboard is always the same. But in the mobile app, the process is entirely different. Some of the features are not even available in the mobile app. So, desktop and mobile versions are completely different from some angles.

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