Know What Can Discord Friends See About You to limit Your Privacy

Discord is a gaming social media platform with some privacy settings, but in most cases, it has features that can help others recognize your authenticity. Meanwhile, it allows every member to control theirs also. To use them correctly, you must have learned first what can Discord friends see or what cannot.

Discord friends are allowed to see a lot of things about their users. It depends on the user’s willingness. But username, text messaging, live gaming streams, group chatting, and last active status are the common things that cannot hide on Discord. There is, however, the option to edit profile information and current activities.

All of them are distinctly important to learn if you have a strict privacy concern. Therefore, switch to this article, where I uncovered everything about Discord privacy settings, manual settings by default, and many more.

What Can Discord Friends See?

Your friends can see a lot of things about you. They can check your profile, messages, game scores, and the types of games you recently played.

If you’re a novice in this platform, get ideas below. Here I share some crucial things about Discord that other people can see about you so that you can prevent users from breaking away from your privacy.

What Can Discord Friends See

1. Your Username

This is the most obvious thing which no one can avoid. Choose an attractive username to become friends or prolong your network on Discord. Your username is the verification of your identity.

Meanwhile, the Discord app is advanced since it works automatically and simplifies everything easily. You don’t necessarily have to write down or copy someone’s username on the search bar to send a friend request.

Click on the name you want to connect with, and you are instantly added to a server. Your username also plays a very crucial role on another side. Username lets you look them up via contact information that you may already save on your phone. Also, a Discord username helps you connect with strangers and steadily with your phone contacts.

As you can see, many things depend on the Discord server, so your username must be shown to others to give them additional information.

2. Whether You’re in a Server With Them

This is also straightforward but natural. Discord’s new members are always visible on the official platform of this site. It’s normal because if you’re on a server, anyone can find you on the list of members. Correspondingly, you’ll also go through the list to find out your friends or family members there. Unlike any other social site (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), you and your friend can be on multiple servers without knowing it.

Besides this, searching for your favorite person or close friends on Discord can not be done automatically. You’ve to search for your friends on this site manually, yet it is good if you’re able to add some extra information during that time.

3. Private Conversations Between the Two of You

Your conversations with your close friends become private except for the people involved. This means you and your two friends privately have a group chat on Discord.

Both of you can see the whole chat whenever you want. Again, people can chat privately with any stranger who isn’t their friend. This is because privacy settings allow its user to have private chats with their friends or any close ones.

4. Your Profile

Another great thing you enjoy here is the user profile. In Discord, your friends can view your profile because of some important matter. A user profile means a lot in Discord. When any individual makes or opens a profile in Discord, their profile lets you know about the

  • Amount of Tag number
  • User profile picture
  • User banner
  • The proper biography (including the user’s profession, hobbies, current occupation, point of view about life, etc.)
  • Showing mutual friends tag
  • User’s mutual connections (like steam, Spotify, etc.)

So, whenever you add or connect with new friends, you give them permission or access to this info.

5. Messages in a Common Server

Your discord messages can be shown to others who have access to it. This is another case but not specific to all your friends in Discord. If I give you an example, you might be clear about this. Suppose you’re a regular discord player and play with a group.

Suddenly, some of your game partners leave the group, but you won’t remove the group access from them. This is why the person who used to remain on the group chat can check the previous and new conversations.

The discord server you used isn’t designated to ban or restrict chats from any stranger; everyone can see everything you chat with others. But the good news is that users can limit and restrict who can directly message them by changing the privacy settings.

6. Nicknames in Common Servers

Nickname is another thing visible to your friends and allows them to find you distinctly. The discord username is not similar to your nickname. Because every time you play different games on Discord, that allows you to maintain a certain name. Otherwise, you cannot enter into the previous game you left in the past.

Setting up a common nickname in Discord is known as Guild Discord. Every member of Discord here needs to put a common nickname with 4–5 letters. Furthermore, remember that your nickname acts as your identity as a player and prevents confusion.

Correspondingly, you may now be confused about that. If my nickname is my identity, then what about the username? Does it appear to my members or not? Well, let me vanish your confusion.

When texting, video chatting, etc., your Discord nickname is used to dignify you individually in the list of members. Yet, both your nickname and username are shown to your friends simultaneously.

In this way, they get to know both your nickname and username. In games or other activities, your nickname appears next to your username.

What Can Your Friends See on Discord Only If You Let Them? (4 Things)

All the matters I discussed above are available to all your friends without any remote control option.

Discord is a part of communication, so you shouldn’t deny them since they are crucial for communicative purposes. Meanwhile, some common things exist in Discord that you can control according to your will.

Discord Friends

1. What Game You Are Currently Playing

This is the most charming feature which doesn’t annoy you anymore. The feature displays your current activities to all the members of Discord. But there is a good option to switch this off. Users can turn off this so that no one can see what game they enjoy on this platform.

To turn off this feature, tap or right-click on the “Activity of Privacy” section.

  • Next, navigate to “Settings” > Edit the gaming activity status.
  • If you want to hide it, turn off the pop-up which is probably included with “Display currently running game as a message status.”

2. If You Are Online

All the discord members and friends of the current list can see your activity status. They can detect your position by checking your online status. This means Discord will notify all your chat members of yours by a green signal when you use the apps or when not.

Did it show my last seen, unlike What’s App or Messenger? Of course, it is. Unlike any popular social media sites, Discord shows your activity history: “User last active yesterday at 10:30”.

Fortunately, Discord gives users an option, so users can modify their activity on this platform. When you enter Discord, see the bottom-left corner. You see an icon there next to the username. Click on it to turn off your active status. You can also choose the invisible option if you want to hide it from everybody.

3. Your Streaming Information

Users can control their live-streaming views on themselves in Discord. Since it helps to grow your impressions on others, you can keep it a secret or turn on privacy if necessary. Before going live, you can also set the alarm or an automated message to notify others.

Discord members can organize the community and synchronize their video streaming through Twitch. Therefore, you get many options to control the viewers on your own.

4. Your Profile

Your profile is the king of everything since it is an identity card. But Discord doesn’t restrict or ban the members who don’t keep necessary information on their profile. This means every piece of information that you put on Discord is totally up to you.

Your bio, username, and other information aren’t necessary to open up a profile on Discord. You can directly control that if you don’t want to share everything with your profile members.


Can My Friends on Discord See What I’m doing?

No, your friends in Discord can’t be able to see what you’re doing. But it has global settings that modify your active status, like Messenger. This toggle controls and notifies your user whether you’re active on Discord. If this setting is toggled on, your active status will automatically be displayed on servers.

Can Everyone See You About Me on Discord?

Yes, your discord profile is visible to everyone who visits your profile. Previously, only Nitro users could access this feature, but now everyone can post a bio about themselves to their discord profile.

Final Words

Discord is a community server hub allowing users to enjoy many games by creating different groups. You can maintain privacy if you want. Because you can control what can discord friends see here individually and whatnot.

Study all the conversations that I’m discussing above. Keep all of these things in mind and be aware of two matters. First is, making new friends, and second is sharing every personal thing on the profile because sometimes your friends can trace your discord members’ log-in browser identity if you use the same browser. This is a fun trick you can use to find out someone’s browser name or hide your own. The mutual servers can be viewed by clicking on the mutual servers.

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