What Can Discord Admins See

With everything available online, it’s natural to wonder what can Discord admins see about you when you join.

In most cases, an administrator will have access to a list of all members and their respective permission levels. The public may view all communications and activity records, even those for deleted messages and banned users. Below is an elaborate explanation of this.

What Can Discord Admins See?

Many users worry that the server owners might view too much of their private data. The truth is, the server owner doesn’t have access to most subscribers’ private content.

The only information accessible to anybody outside the server owner is the list of members and their associated information (such as profile pictures and conversation logs). The server owner may also view activity logs, which provide information like who was banned, what was removed, who made new channels, and what privileges each user has.

What Can Discord Admins See

What Can’t a Server Owner See?

When a person joins a Discord server, they still maintain their anonymity. As a result, the server owner has restricted access to data. These are the most important details that a server administrator doesn’t know.

IP Address

No one on the server can see what your IP address is. Your Discord IP is only accessible by the Discord team and is never shared with any other parties. A user’s IP address is kept secret even after being banned from a server unless the user is tricked into employing IP address loggers.

User Email

You may be assured that no one, not even the server administrator, will ever see your email address. Your email is private until you provide it to the server owner, who then has access solely through that address.

Private Messages

You may be certain that your direct messages are secure and out of the server admin’s reach. However, everyone in the group may see messages that are sent to it. The server administrator will be able to view the message deletion log but not the actual message that was removed.

User’s Activities

The actions of members on the server remain confidential. In other words, the server owner will be completely unaware of your activity, even if you do things like go at the list of members or browse down through the messages to view ones sent by other users. Furthermore, your search history will remain private. If you set your visibility to invisible, not even the server administrator will be able to see what you are up to.

The only information an administrator can see is what is recorded in the audit logs, such as which users were banned or which channels were made.

How To See Who Is an Admin in A Discord Server

The Discord server makes it simple to view who has certain duties and who is a part of the server. You can do the same thing with other Discord servers, identifying the server’s administrator, owner, moderator, and any other roles & members.

In Discord’s Web-Based Client or Desktop Application

Here’s how to determine who the Discord server’s administrator is on your computer:

  • Startup Discord on your computer.
  • Select the appropriate server from the menu on the left.
  • In the top right quadrant of the server, under the pinned messages, you’ll see the choice to “Show Member List” (two white silhouettes).
  • On the left side of the screen, you can view all of the team members. In most cases, the administrator will be listed under the “Admin” heading, while moderators will be listed under the “Mod” header. As one moves up the ranks, relative to other members, so does one’s status within the group.

It’s not just the names of the people that fill those profiles that are revealed upon clicking. If you have a question, want to report someone, or just want to talk to them directly, you may do so via direct messaging. Those that have a crown on their profile picture are the owners of the group.

With the Discord Mobile Application

Here’s how to identify the server’s administrator via the mobile Discord platform:

  • Start up the Discord client on your smartphone.
  • You may access further options by clicking the three horizontal lines in the upper left.
  • Select the appropriate server from the list on the left.
  • Crack open the text chat and head to the “General” section.
  • Select the white icons of two people in the top right edge.

There are designated areas where you can locate the administrators and moderators.


Can Discord Admins See Your Activity?

Answer- It is impossible for server administrators to monitor your Discord chats. In a server environment, your actions are invisible to anybody but yourself.

Can Discord Admins See What You Search?

Answer- Those who manage a Discord server are unable to view your search history. Your search history in a Discord server is encrypted and visible only to you.

Can Discord Admins See Invisible Users?

Answer- No. When viewing a Discord Channel as an administrator, you will appear offline. If you go invisible but then start typing in the conversation, others could figure out that you’re there.

Can Discord Admins See Private Messages?

Answer- Although you have access to any messages posted on your server, including those in private channels, as a server owner or moderator on Discord, you are unable to examine direct communications between users. Even if they are both members of the server, this remains the case.

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Final Words

If joining a Discord server have you scared about your personal information being exposed, this article should help put your mind at ease by explaining what can Discord admins see. The server’s administrator has access to restricted information and can only perform certain actions. Data like member lists, channel chats, and server activity logs are all accessible to them, but private data is beyond limits.

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