Discord Emoji in Nickname – Need To Know Everything

Discord is the platform for keeping connections with family, friends, and fans via online chatting and calling. It also comes with screen-sharing and live streaming features which are pretty helpful for gamers and official use. In all these sectors, emojis are necessary to express the situation and many things.

While messaging or doing any casual meeting, using emojis make the situation cool and easy. For the gamers and streamers, using the Discord emoji in nickname can also be helpful to grow publicity. The nickname that contains emoji, catches the eyes of the audience quickly. It also builds up an excellent impression for the gamers and the streamers.


Why People Use Emoji in Discord Nickname?

Mainly the gamers and the professional streamers use emoji in their Discord nickname. It gives a cool look to the nickname and the profile of that user. The reasons why they use Discord emoji in name are:

  • To provide a cool look to the nickname and catch the audience attention
  • Using emoji in nickname also express the channel and profile type
  • The easiest way to describe the nature of the gamer or the streamer

How to Add Discord Emoji in Nickname – A Step-by-Step Guide

The presence of any emoji in your Discord nickname is a fantastic addition and doesn’t require you to follow any complex steps. You should choose the emoji wisely first and then add it to your Discord nickname. The steps you need to follow to complete this task are:

Step-1: Open Discord

The first thing you need to do is open Discord on your laptop or desktop. Then go to the main page of the Discord tab and check your nickname.


Step-2: Select the Emoji and Copy

When you are using Discord on your computer, neither the computer keyboard nor the Discord comes with default emojis. But if you use mobile, you will get several emojis on the mobile keyboard. As you use a computer, so you need to import the emoji from elsewhere.

You will find a bunch of emojis of different types on various websites. Choose a website, enter it, and check all the emojis from there. You should inspect at least two or three emoji websites to find your desired one. Once you find the perfect one as you wanted, you need to copy it to your clipboard.

Take your mouse cursor over the desired emoji, and highlight it by clicking and dragging over it, and right-click to copy the emoji.


Step-3: Access to the Nickname Section

After copying the emoji, come back to the Discord page. At the top-right corner of the Discord tab, you will find your profile picture along with your nickname. From there, you need to click on the profile picture, and a small window will appear. It will contain some options, and the last one of those will be “Change Nickname.”

Nickname- Change

Select that option to start the proceedings of putting the emoji in your Discord nickname.

Step-4: Paste the Copied Emoji in Nickname Section

As you will click on the “Change Nickname” option, a tab will appear containing the space to write your nickname. You will see your older nickname there, and you need to clear it first. Then write any character if you want. After doing so, right-click your mouse and paste the copied emoji, or you can just type “CTRL + V” to paste.

Thus, the emoji will appear there, and you should click “Save” to save all the changes. As you will go back to the main page, you will see that desired emoji in your nickname.


Emojis are an excellent way of conversation to express your opinion and situation quickly. In any social media or connecting platform, emojis play a significant role. That significance increases when you use Discord emoji in nickname, and it gives a cool look to your nickname.

By following some easy steps, you can add your desired emoji to your Discord nickname. If you add emoji in your Discord nickname, it will catch the audience’s attraction while you are streaming or just present on any server.

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