How to Get Someone’s Discord Profile Picture

Primarily intended for gamers, Discord is a freemium social messaging program. It is used by millions of individuals across the globe for gameplay and other activities. A discord user’s avatar is a photo on their profile page. Other individuals’ photos may appear if you click on the icon.

Many individuals on Discord have beautiful profile images, and you may have wondered how to get someone’s Discord profile picture. Discord user avatars may be retrieved from both PC and smartphone devices with the help of this guide.

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Ways for Obtaining a Discord Profile Image on PC

The methods listed beneath describe how to get a Discord user’s avatar picture.

Method-1: Copying the User’s ID

You can quickly store someone’s profile picture by obtaining their ID and entering it into the discord ID webpage.

Discord developer mode should now be activated on your server. Activating developer mode in Discord is as simple as heading to User Settings and finding Advanced. Discord developer mode may be activated by clicking the toggle switch.

You may now capture the ID of any Discord member in developer mode. Choose “Copy ID” from the context menu of the user’s avatar image.

Copying the User's ID

Then head to a webpage, which is essentially a website for looking up any Discord ID. Tap on lookup and then input the ID you acquired earlier. Captcha verification may be required, so hit the start button to begin, and in a few moments, it will reveal the user’s profile image and relevant information.

Copying the User's ID

A new tab will emerge when you tap on the user’s profile image. From the options menu, pick “Save Image As” of the right-clicked profile photo. Save the image to the desired location.

Save Image As

With this, your preferred Discord profile photo is now correctly stored.

Method-2: Employing a Browser’s Inspect Element Feature

Get a person’s discord profile image without using a webpage, application, or bot using this fast and straightforward technique. This conventional approach can only be used when connected to the discord network. So even if you’ve missed your preferred profile image, this will assist you to reclaim that lost picture.

Launch the Discord client on your Google chrome search engine and find the Discord member whose profile photo you’d want to save. When you are on their profile page, tap on View Profile by hovering around their photo, and you’ll notice a new profile field.

Use the Ctrl+Shift+I key combination to pull up the inspect element tab on the right sidebar of the editor window. It’s best to examine elements by clicking the square box with a cursor symbol, which can be found at the top of the inspect element box’s left-hand side. Repeat the process by clicking on the profile image a second time.

discord profile

A little arrow will appear next to certain content on the right edge. Select “Edit as HTML” by clicking on the three-dot symbol to the left of the little arrow icon.

Edit as HTML

A further editable field will appear, and you’ll need to enter the URL, beginning with https, in this one. Make a new tab in your browser and copy and paste the following URL.

Edit as HTML

To store the picture, select “save image as” from the context menu of the right-clicking mouse button. You’ve now successfully saved and downloaded the photo you want to use for your profile.

Method-3: Utilizing the Discord Bot to Save Profile Picture

You may also store a person’s profile photo via a discord bot. Avatars are provided by a plethora of bots. The Dyno bot will be used to illustrate how a user’s profile photo may be obtained. The default photo size for the bot is 256px; nevertheless, you may alter it if you prefer.

Using the Windows search tool, type in “discord” and press enter to launch the shortcut on your desktop. Proceed to the server and look for both the Dyno bot and the person to use as an account image there. When utilizing your own server, just add Dyno bot as a service to the server you are already running.

When you’re ready, write the command as presented in the picture into a text channel with that individual’s user id.

Profile Picture

You’ll be able to view the person’s avatar image. Then all you have to do is tap on it, and the actual file will be opened in a browser.

Discord Bot to Save Profile Picture

It’s possible to save a picture in your browser by selecting “Save Image as” by right-clicking. You may also vary the dimensions by altering the URL’s last digit. The photo will be saved as a PNG file on your PC.

Ways for Obtaining a Discord Profile Image on Smartphone

A person’s discord profile photo may also be seen and downloaded by Android and iPhone users. Many players have widely discussed discord profile photo stealers for smartphones. The Discord developer mode must be on for this procedure.

Access discord settings by launching the discord program and tapping on your profile image in the lower right corner. Navigate to the Behavior portion of the application’s settings menu by scrolling down and tapping on it. Verify whether Developer mode is turned on, and if not, hit the switch to do so.

Return to the user account image you wish to keep. You may access their profile by tapping on the profile photo. You may access the Copy ID option on their profile by scrolling down and selecting Copy ID.

Copy ID

For this step, start up a web browser on your smartphone and go to Enter the ID you obtained and press the search button.

Discord members’ full profiles will now be visible on the site. You may launch a new tab by clicking on the profile image. Press and hold the profile photo and then select the “Download Image” choice to save a photo.


This guide on how to get someone’s Discord profile picture on PC and phone should have assisted you out. Unfamiliar Discord members may have difficulty obtaining other members’ profile images, but these ways allow you to do it for nothing. Furthermore, as long as you don’t violate anyone’s authorship, all of these strategies are acceptable. However, Discord does not explicitly allow any of these ways.

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