Nitro Classic vs Nitro- Which one is better

With over 150 million regular consumers, Discord is a fast-developing network. Users could pay a monthly membership to receive more benefits from the service, which is free to utilize. If you’re a frequent Discord user, you’ve probably realized that the platform has certain restrictions. These restrictions are implemented by Discord to incentivize people to pay for the subscription.

Among the services is Discord Nitro. Nitro is available in two variants: Classic and Full. Discord Nitro is a feature that allows advanced users from the most prominent mainstream gaming communication application to boost their experience. This post will evaluate Nitro Classic vs Nitro.

About Nitro

Nitro is a premium subscription that gives users access to various enhanced amenities, including global emoticons, animated avatars, higher upload limits, and much more. It is accessible in two membership variants: Discord Nitro & Discord Nitro Classic.

Discord, unlike Twitter and Facebook, does not operate advertisements. It, if you’ve ever been curious about how Discord earns money, it is one of the means it does so. The platform has a freemium business strategy, which means that anybody may access it for free, but you can also spend a monthly subscription to enjoy a lot of perks.

You may or may not require a Nitro membership based on how frequently you utilize Discord and what you use it for. The lower-tier Discord Nitro Classic membership would suffice for most individuals, but those who are actively involved in numerous Discord groups would benefit from the more premium Discord Nitro package.

Nitro Classic

Let us begin with the Discord Nitro Classic membership, which is cheaper. This is Discord’s initial premium subscription package, which debuted in 2017. For a monthly subscription of $4.99, it provides customers with a variety of chat-specific benefits.

Discord Nitro Classic

The yearly plan, which costs $49.99, allows you to conserve the expense of two months’ amount of membership. With Discord Nitro Classic, you have access to a total of 5 essential benefits. To begin with, you’ll get exposure to customized emoticons and animated emojis that you may apply throughout any Discord groups you’re a member of.

As a freemium member, you usually can’t utilize a server’s customized emoticons on another server. You could utilize your server emoticons everywhere in Nitro Classic, including direct chats with your buddies. You’ll even be capable of customizing your Discord picture with an animated GIF. As a result, if you possess a brief video snippet, you may transform it to a GIF and utilize it as your animated profile image. This is the most convenient approach to flaunt your Nitro membership.

As a free user, you cannot modify your Discord profile’s four-digit number. However, if you pay to Nitro Classic, you will be free to select your own unique hashtag as long as nobody else has the same identity. Discord will inevitably randomize your username once your membership lapses.

Discord is more than simply a talking app. You may play video games in real-time and also share your screen with others. Sadly, for both screen sharing and broadcasting, free users are restricted to 720p at 30FPS, however as a Nitro Classic member, you may access 1080p quality at 60FPS.

Finally, the Nitro Classic membership from Discord significantly boosts the file upload limit. You can merely upload 8MB at a time as a regular user. As a result, you won’t be able to post high-resolution photos. This capacity has been upped to 50MB with Nitro Classic, so you will have no difficulty sharing pictures or short videos.

Nitro Full

The Discord Nitro package is more costly, costing $9.99 monthly and $99.99 annually. Therefore, for double the price, what precisely do you receive? 


You get two complimentary server upgrades in addition to every Nitro Classic benefit stated previously. Considering each server upgrade charges $4.99 per month, this is a tremendous motivation for individuals who really enhance servers.

Profile Banners are also accessible. It’s comparable to Twitter banners or cover pictures on Facebook. Depending on your preferences, these banners can be fixed or dynamic. Regular users and Nitro Classic members can only send texts with a maximum length of 2,000 characters. Discord will boost your character count to 4,000 characters for each text if you spend $9.99 monthly for Nitro.

If you’re a frequent Discord user, you’re probably aware that there’s a limit on how many servers you can connect at once. For both regular users and Nitro Classic members, this restriction is set at 100. On the other hand, subscribers of Discord Nitro can join up to 200 servers at any specified instant.

Your file transfer capacity is increased to 100MB with the pricier Nitro, so you’ll be more satisfied exchanging videos. Nitro users will be able to broadcast at original resolution, including 4K broadcasting if they have the appropriate gear.

To Pay or Not to Pay

Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic aren’t for everybody. Why should you spend over something you’re unlikely to use? If you’re using a platform rarely, the concept of subscribing for it quickly fades away. Discord’s premium subscriptions are aimed towards frequent users who interact in communities on a routine basis.

Unless you desire to flaunt off your unique dynamic avatar, you don’t need to subscribe for Nitro if you just wish to communicate with your friends or participate in voice/video chats on Discord. However, if you believe you’ll require a greater file-sharing capacity or perhaps more emoticons to convey yourself, the Nitro Classic membership is the way to go.

Only contemplate the more costly Discord Nitro package if you’re interested in server upgrading or if the advantages of the Nitro Classic plan aren’t enough for you. If you wish to connect to over a hundred servers concurrently or transfer files greater than 50MB, for instance, the premium membership is the way to go.

Discord Nitro VS Nitro Classic – Which one is better for your money?


The topic of Nitro Classic vs Nitro was briefly explored in this article. If you’re a consistent Discord user who engages in several servers, you may get a lot of value with Nitro Classic for a low price. Nitro is well worth it if you’re a developer or community administrator with a server. Hopefully, the information provided about Nitro Classic and Nitro will assist you in selecting the best package for you.

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