Best DIY Speaker Kits Reviews & Top Picks

Are you into DIY projects? Have you heard of DIY speaker kits?

These kits come in puzzle form, and you have to build them following a manual. That sounds like heaps of fun, right?

Ideally, DIY speaker kits on my list are suitable for both beginners and advanced users of soldering. The kid-friendly speakers don’t require any soldering, but the advanced ones do.

These devices are suitable for aspiring and professional engineers and tech gurus. What makes this product so popular is that they are open to creative extensions!

Want to know more about them? Scroll down to get to know each product through and through, followed by a buying guide and FAQs. Then, let me know what you think!

A Quick Summary Of Our Top Picks [2022]

Don’t have time for the long reviews? Here is a quick summary of each product!

Gikfun USB Mini Amplifier [Speaker Kit for Advanced Users]

You are looking for a DIY speaker kit that will challenge your soldering skills? This is the one for you! Made of rock-solid iron; it supports a two-wire LED producing a power of 30 watts! That is a lot for a small kit like this. Furthermore, assembly is entertaining and demanding. So, once you’re done putting all the pieces together, you end up with wonderful mini speakers that you made yourself!

CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker [Most Kid-Friendly Speaker Kit]

Next in line is the best DIY speaker kit for children below 14 years of age. The wooden shell is pretty and safe for kids as it is made of wood. Because you don’t need to solder anything, it makes assembly more simple. This device can be connected to your android phone, TV, and computer. You can play it anywhere in the house due to its compact size. Plus, your kids will love it!

fyeTa DIY Electronic Kit [Most Challenging and Educational Speaker Kit]

This one is a PCB electronic kit that you have to build first to enjoy later. I found this kit the most stimulating because it is indeed a bit of work! So, this can be the one for you if you enjoy soldering activities. Additionally, fyeTa speakers kit can be connected to Bluetooth, so you can have most of your favorite music wherever you go.

Degraw DIY Speaker Kit [Most Efficient and Creative Speaker Kit]

This speaker kit has a high-efficiency rate as it is usually used on flat-screen TVs and monitors. You can make it work even with just one speaker! Even beginners can get creative with this device. The experts will have a blast! Don’t judge a book by its cover. These speakers are quite loud.

Arylic Home Audio Amplifier [Best Wide Range Connectivity Speaker Kit]

Safe to say, Arylic is one of my favorite brands. This kit supports a wide range of high-resolution file types and can connect to dozens of channels. So, when one lags or disconnects, try another. When that goes down, try another. You can keep going. The best part is that your music experience is enriched with the 4Stream app and IR remote control. Plus, you can connect to WiFi and Bluetooth!

Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board [Best Mini Subwoofer Amplifier Speaker Kit]

Another best creation from Arylic, this device has its own subwoofer and amplifier. On top of having WiFi, Bluetooth, and a dozen other channels to connect to, this mini machine can produce a power of 100 watts! Not only will this electronic board stimulate your creativity, but it will also blow your mind. You can add as many subwoofers to this device as you want!

MiOYOOW DIY Speaker Kit [Best for Family Education Speaker Kit]

My last review on the list is about this family-friendly DIY speaker kit. The output of this device is 53 watts. It comes with a remote and voice control, and U Disk and TF cards supported. The speakers come with attractive LED lights that play with the music! Although building it is a bit technical, you will love the outcome. Its Bluetooth range is about 10 to 15 feet!

Comparision Table- Top 10 DIY Speaker Kits

Best DIY Speaker Kits: Product Reviews

Portable speaker kits are an on-demand item in today’s world. Imagine taking your jumbo speakers everywhere you go. I can’t do that!

Plus, DIY is an exciting way to build your own speaker kit! So here is a list of the best DIY speaker kits.

1. Gikfun USB Mini Amplifier [Speaker Kit for Advanced Users]


5.12 x 3.7 x 3.31 inches
Weight: 10.5 ounces
Output: 30 watts
Gikfun USB Mini Amplifier
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When I saw the output wattage, I was impressed and skeptical at the same time. How on earth is a miniature device like this product 30 watts of power without burning the circuit? Unless you have advanced soldering skills, don’t buy this!

If your flasher LED is self-contained, you can use any 2 of the colors to wire the LED. It doesn’t even require a controller for that. However, this may be a bit too technical for some people. So I’m not recommending this kit for fledglings.

As for the instructions, the schematic diagram may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I’m telling you, it’s like a big puzzle! I couldn’t find any labels on the box parts either.

Although you can’t blast the speakers when you connect them to the computer, make sure you keep it low with the computer volume. Otherwise, it may sound disturbing!


  • The kit supports a two-wire LED
  • Gikfun is already put together, so you don’t need to glue it separately
  • You can use them as computer speakers
  • Assembly is entertaining


  • High wattage may melt the circuit board
  • The sound quality on computers is poor
  • Direction is hard to understand
  • Surface mount parts are too small
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2. CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker [Kid-Friendly Speaker Kit]


4.9 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches
Weight: 10.8 ounces
Output: 5 watts
CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker
CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker
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This best DIY Bluetooth speaker kit is kid-friendly. It is suitable for children 7 to 14 years old. Therefore, assembly is a piece of cake! Overall, it is a nice creative project for children.

Even though CYOEST is able to handle loud noise, if you turn up the volume, you will hear distortions. So, beware there. On the plus side, not only can you connect it with your phone, but you can also couple it up with your TV and computer!

Proper magnets have been used to design this speaker kit. But I don’t think the chips are of good quality.

The manufacturers are quite confident about this kit. You can even return them if you don’t like them, and they won’t ask any questions! Also, you need 4 AA batteries that have to be purchased separately.


  • You can connect it to your android phone
  • No soldering iron makes it easy to assemble
  • No question asked before return
  • Small but loudspeakers


  • There is no volume control knob
  • Battery runs down easily
  • Sound quality is not top-notch
  • Bluetooth connectivity may be challenging sometimes.
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3. fyeTa DIY Electronic Kit [Most Challenging and Educational Speaker Kit]


5.24 x 4.09 x 3.46 inches
Weight: 6.2 ounces
Output: 3 watts
fyeTa DIY Electronic Kit
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Here is another DIY speaker kit that is a bit of work. But if you find soldering projects interesting, this is the kit for you!

Since there is no volume control, you must rely on the connected device (phone, TV, or computer) to adjust the volume. The speakers are roughly 2 inches in size. You have to use a USB to charge the machine.

fyeTa electronic kit comprises electronic switches instead of mechanical ones. This is so that even beginners can get their hands on this building device. If you are teaching, take this to your school. Let the kids learn from scratch and have fun with it!

Additionally, the QR code on the manual paper gives you access to welding and soldering guide videos. Make the most of it!


  • It is a challenging and fun soldering project.
  • Transparent design and sound are of decent quality
  • QR code gives access to video tutorials
  • You can connect it to Bluetooth


  • The kit lacks an internal supply
  • Loudness is extreme
  • There is no volume control
  • Not a good value for money
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4. Degraw DIY Speaker Kit [Most Efficient and Creative Speaker Kit]


4.57 x 3.46 x 1.18 inches
Weight: 2.39 ounces
Output: 5 watts
Degraw DIY Speaker Kit
Degraw DIY Speaker Kit
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Typically used in flat-screen TVs and monitors, the Degraw speaker kit has an efficiency rate of 90%. Luckily, you will find a volume control knob in this kit. In fact, this kit comes in a full package except for a power supply!

What I like the most is that it works even if you connect only one speaker! The static is annoying, but the problem can be solved with an aux cable filter.

The speaker’s sound is not so impressive. For the price, they can get away with it. A demerit is that you can’t improve the stereo by connecting it to an amplifier either. The kit’s plugs won’t fit any amplifier.

The speaker kit uses a USB cell phone charger, a cell phone battery bank, and 3 AA batteries to power. Each speaker produces 3 watts of power so that it can be fairly loud. On the whole, you can get super creative with the nuts, washer, and breakout board.


  • It includes a potentiometer and header pins.
  • The kit can be assembled with minimum soldering skills
  • It is perfect for Raspberry Pi
  • Let your creativity flow with the constructive parts


  • Static noise may bother you
  • The cable picks up too many interferences
  • Header pins have to be soldered
  • The instruction is misleading
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5. Arylic Home Audio Amplifier [Best Wide Range Connectivity Speaker Kit]


3.94 x 3.15 x 0.59 inches
Weight: 9.2 ounces
Output: 50 + 50 watts
Material: Board
Arylic Home Audio Amplifier [Best Wide Range Connectivity Speaker Kit]
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I think I have found the one with this audio kit. This amplifier can handle a wide range of input voltage. So you can use a USB-C PD “sink/decoy/trigger” adapter to power this from any USB-C PD power bank. It has a sleep timer function as well.

The fact that this device can connect to multiple modes of connectivity is just epic! If one doesn’t work or starts lagging, you try with another. Let’s just say you don’t have WiFi. Just use your phone’s hotspot to get on Spotify and listen to your favorite music!

Moreover, the button board comes with an in-built IR receiver that helps when you mount the device somewhere out-of-sight. There are external antennas for WiFi and Bluetooth for those of you who want a better range.

On the downside, sometimes the Bluetooth automatically switches to WiFi. It is a pain to switch it back with the 4Stream app or IR remote. Please also be careful not to break the jack when you unplug the stock antenna.


  • Connect it to the home receiver, stereo, amplifier, and speakers
  • It supports MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC, and other high-resolution audio
  • Bluetooth 5.0 extends upto 30 meters
  • You can install “4Stream” for free
  • It connects to the WiFi, DLNA, QPlay, UPnP, Spotify Connect, and Airplay


  • You can’t play the left and right channels independently
  • Updating firmware is challenging
  • Possible delays when it is connected to multiple rooms
  • Gaps between tracks are noticeably large
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6. Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board [Best Mini Subwoofer Amplifier Speaker Kit]


4.92 x 3.5 x 1.73 inches
Weight: 4.6 ounces
Output: 100 watts 
Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board
Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board
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On the pricier side of the speaker kit, but for a good reason. Let me explain.

This device supports numerous channels and protocols of streaming. For example, Deezer, QQFM, Qobuz, Napaster, TIDAL, QQ Music, XIMALAYA,iHeartRadio, Tune in, airplay1, Qplay, DLNA, UPnP, Spotify, USB flash drive, NAS, and line inputs.

Once you attach all the devices to Arylic amplifier board, you can stream music via your tablet or phone. The 4Stream app will help you to maintain a playlist and make little adjustments here and there.

This is a wireless subwoofer that you can carry around and play music in different rooms of your home. The stereo system can be instantly upgraded to a 2.1 channel system for better bass. Moreover, you can control the volume of the device and the bass and treble!

If you are into amplifiers and woofers, this device will give you the chance to express your creativity. For the talent, it is quite compact! In my opinion, Acrylic Subwoofer Amplifier is the best DIY bookshelf speaker kit on this list!


  • Kit with a 100 watts subwoofer
  • You can add as many subwoofers to the system
  • It supports multiple formats, such as MP3, FLAC, WAV, and APE
  • It gives you room for creativity and innovation


  • More expensive than other kits on this list
  • Connecting to multiple channels may be a challenge
  • You may experience network glitches
  • YouTube may be inaccessible
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7. MiOYOOW DIY Speaker Kit [Best for Family Education Speaker Kit]


8.39 x 5.67 x 2.05 inches
Weight: 10.86 ounces
Output: 53 watts
MiOYOOW Bluetooth Speaker DIY Kit
MiOYOOW Bluetooth Speaker DIY Kit
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I have a lot to say about this speaker kit. Firstly, it has a remote and voice control! It is on the pricier side, but for good reasons. Secondly, the device supports both U Disk and TF cards.

Despite it being a fun project for the family, if you don’t have basic soldering and electronic knowledge, you may become confused. Make sure you know the difference between ‘peg and hole’ soldering and surface soldering. Also, the instruction is accessible with a QR code.

To ensure proper sound quality, use a power supply of 2 amperes and a 5-volt computer power supply or mobile charger. The colorful LED lights are cool to have when you play music, especially for parties.

I found attaching the acrylic case together really challenging. With a bit of experiment, I figured out that the top plate easily slots into the speaker plates. You can also use magnets against the side of the nuts while you screw them in.

After-sale service is quite helpful. If you still have issues, get in touch with the customer service, or browse through some online tutorials!


  • LED voice control is pretty and colorful
  • Bluetooth module board comes soldered
  • Suitable for family education
  • The range of Bluetooth is 10 to 15 feet


  • The amplifier makes unpleasant sounds at high volume
  • The instruction manual is unhelpful
  • The printed circuit board is not so durable
  • It is possible to crack the case when putting them together
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Buying Guide: Best DIY Speaker Kits

Want to know what you should consider before getting the best DIY speaker kits? Keep reading.

Size and Wattage

Consider the size and power of the DIY speaker kit you are thinking of purchasing. Most kits on this list are compact, typically ranging from 2 to 11 ounces. Yes, you can even carry them in your pockets!

Despite the size, some of them come with extreme wattage of 50 to 100 watts. The more power, the louder they can be. So, don’t underestimate their small size!

The smallest speaker kits are Degraw DIY Speaker Kit and fyeTa DIY Electronic Kit. If you want to know the loudest on the list, here they are Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board and MiOYOOW DIY Speaker Kit Arylic Home Audio Amplifier.


The truth is DIY products always cost less than the already built ones. Whether it is a big surround sound speaker kit or just a portable compact kit- build it yourself, and you will save some money.

If you are looking for a cheap DIY speaker kit for fun, check out Degraw DIY Speaker Kit, CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker, and fyeTa DIY Electronic Kit.

The other speaker kits are pricier, but the quality is way better than the ones less expensive. They are Arylic Home Audio Amplifier and Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board.

Learning Experience

The DIY speaker kits were initially designed for people who are enthusiastic about electronics, woofers, amplifiers, wiring, soldering, and all those good stuff. Let’s be honest. What else in the market is better than DIY speakers you built yourself?

Yes, you will be making heaps of mistakes and comparing your work to other people’s on the internet. BUT you have access to a number of online tutorials to enhance your soldering skills. Therefore, in my opinion, it is a great learning experience.

Besides, when you have successfully assembled the device and even tweaked some awesome extras here and there, it boosts your confidence. By sharing your own suggestions and tutorials with others, you associate with like-minded people who are inspired by you. Now, how cool is that!

Here are some of the most challenging DIY speaker kits from my list: fyeTa DIY Electronic Kit and Gikfun USB Mini Amplifier.

Room for Creativity

Lastly, the DIY speaker kits on my list stimulate creativity. It is not uncommon for users to add their own alterations to the kits. You will read all about that when you are looking through the tutorials.

Personally, I have learned so much from others and how they have put their DIY kits into place. You can too!

For some people, creativity is painting, singing, dancing, cooking, or gardening, whereas, for some, it is building a music box.

Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board and Degraw DIY Speaker Kit– these speaker kits will give you plenty of chances to squeeze out your creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I finish, let’s look at some questions about DIY speaker kits.

Why Build Your Own Speakers?

It is like asking why tailor your own dress when you can buy it at a store? Or, why build your own wardrobe instead of buying it?

The main reason is that it is cheaper. The touch of creativity is the second reason to DIY something.

For you to build your own speaker kits shows that you are interested in electronics and woodworking. It is true that you won’t be able to make something worth 1000 bucks. But whatever you create will have a lasting value.

On top of that, all the DIY speaker kits on my list come with an instruction manual. So, you are learning new skills as well as enjoying while doing it!

What Tools are Mandatory for Building DIY Speaker Kits?

Consider your own protection first, and get ready with eye, nose, and ear protection. Then, make sure there is adequate lighting to see what you are doing.

If you are new to cutting boards, use slightly larger boards so you can alter them later. In order to hold the enclosure, you need bar clamps. Don’t forget carpenter’s square and pencils, a set of drills.

What are the DIY Speakers Kits Mainly Made of?

In spite of the different materials the speaker kits are made of, the main internal components are the same for all. For instance, the kit can be made of wood, plastic, or a circuit board. But the internal parts are always a magnet, a voice coil, an iron core, and a cone.
The cones can be of plastic, fiber, paper, and metal. Then, the rest are just wires and chips.

In a Nutshell

The best DIY speaker kits may not look as appealing as some big-name speakers in the market. But if you are passionate about building your own speakers, these are the ones you need to practice your skills on.

Besides, you may not find a lot of options in the market when it comes to DIY speaker kits. Some people choose to build them from scratch!

Down the road, these kits are a great choice for school projects. I mean, how many of you had the chance to do soldering work at school? If not, let’s make this happen!

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