Animated Discord Avatar -Need To know Everything

When you create your Discord account, setting a profile picture is a must. In this server-based platform, you can change your username along with changing servers. But your profile picture should remain the same. The Discord profile picture is also known as the avatar, and it will represent you in Discord.

You can use an image or a GIF for your profile picture, and there is also an opportunity to use an animated Discord avatar. That means you can set an animated character in your Discord profile picture or avatar. It will be easier to download the animated character, or you can create one by yourself as well.


What are the Benefits of Using an Animated Character as the Discord Avatar

The gamers and streamers mainly use the animated character as their Discord avatar. It provides a fancy look and makes their appearance cool in front of the audience. The benefits of using the animated characters as the Discord avatar are:

  • You will be able to make an excellent impression in front of your friends and audiences
  • The Discord profile will get a more fantastic look
  • It will catch people’s attention in no time

How to Add Animated Discord Avatar in Discord Profile

Adding an animated character as your Discord avatar is much accessible. The steps you need to follow are:

Step-1: Choose the Animated Character and Download It

At first, you need to choose the character that you want to use as the avatar. Many websites contain a ton of animated characters. Keep searching those websites to find your desired animated character, and hopefully, you will find it soon.

After finding it, you need to download it, and most probably, it will be downloaded as a GIF.

Step-2: Resize the Animated Avatar

The Discord avatar requires a circular shape of the image, GIF, or character you want to use. When you download the GIF, it won’t be in the perfect shape for using as the avatar. So, you need to resize it by keeping the ratio 1:1. The Discord animated avatar size should remain within 300 x 300 pixels to provide a perfect shape.

Then you need to provide a round shape to the image to make it fit for the avatar.

Step-3: Background Adding

It is also possible to remove the background from the desired animated character. As a result, it will become transparent, and you can use it this way in your profile. But you shouldn’t make it your Discord avatar while it is transparent. So, you need to add a background by using Photoshop or other editing software.

Once your editing is completed, you need to save the JPG or PNG image as a GIF no matter what was the base file.

Step-4: Adding the Avatar in the Discord Profile

To add your desired animated character as your Discord avatar, you need to go to the “Profile Settings” first. Then select “Edit” from there, and you will be directed to the profile editing page.

Editing-Page- Discord

You will see the option named “Change Avatar” on your older avatar, and you need to click on it. As you click, you will be directed to the Files section with a small window appearing. Then go to the section where you have kept your desired animated GIF character, and select it.


Click “Open,” and the animated GIF character will be imported to your profile. After importing, you will see the “Apply” option below the GIF and click on it to save the process. Go back to your profile, and you will find your desired animated character GIF as your Discord avatar.


Animated discord pfp


The Discord avatar represents you and your profile, so you need to choose a suitable avatar. You can add your favorite animated character as your Discord avatar. As an animated GIF avatar, it will be a moving avatar character. If you add an animated Discord avatar, it will make your appearance cool by creating an excellent impression.

Whenever you enter any server, the other members and participants will see that animated avatar beside your username. You can also create a GIF with your picture and add it as your avatar.

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