How to Split a Word Document in Half Vertically

Whether you’re working on school projects, office work, or literature writing, splitting your document in half can make them look more arranged. If that’s something you agree with, you’ll find that splitting your word document in half is pretty easy to achieve. The instructions below will teach you How to Split a Word Document in Half Vertically, similar to how newspapers are laid out.

Splitting a page in Word allows you to divide the content into different columns that flow across the page. Without any further ado, here are some easy solutions for splitting a page or pages in Microsoft Word.

How to Split a Word Document in Half Vertically

Dividing a Page Vertically (in half) using Two Columns

If you want to divide the pages vertically in your document, Microsoft Word allows an easy solution using columns.  Columns are the most convenient way to split your page into multiple sections. Follow the instructions below for splitting pages into two parts vertically in Microsoft Word.

  1. Using your cursor, select the text you wish to split into two halves on the page.
  2. Be careful not to select any text you do not wish to split as it can cause trouble formatting your Word document.
  3. From the Microsoft Word ribbon, click on the “Layout” tab.
  4. On the left side of the ribbon, you may find the “Page Setup” group. Click on the “Columns” option to open a menu with five different options.
  5. From here, you can split your document into columns. Click on the “Two” option for dividing your page or pages into two columns vertically.
  6. If you want the left column to be narrow and the right column to be wide, click on “Left”.
  7. Select “Right” if you want the right column to be narrow and the right column to be broad.

Section breaks in Word have an impact on columns. If your document just contains one section, the columns will apply to all pages. If your document has multiple sections, however, the splitting will only affect the pages in the current section.

Utilizing columns is one of most convenient ways in Microsoft Word to split a page or pages in half.

Using Tables to Split a Page

This approach involves utilizing grid tables as a layout to divide your page in the way you choose. If you want to show four unique photos, charts, or even a blog of text, you can use the tables option to divide your page into half or even four grid parts.

Follow the instructions listed below to split your Microsoft Word document vertically using tables.

  1. For adding a Table, navigate to the “Insert” tab in the Microsoft Word Ribbon.
  2. Click on “Table” to add a table.
  3. Create a table with one row & two columns from the drop-down menu.

Insert table

4. To select the table, select the + symbol in the edge on the upper-left of the table.
5. Select “Table Properties” from the context menu by right-clicking.

Table properties by right clicking

6. Then, Navigate to the “Row” tab from the “Table Properties” window.

7. Next, ensure that the “Specify height” box is unchecked and the “Allow row to break across pages” option is selected.

8. Click the “OK” option from the bottom right corner.

Specify height

9. Click and drag the boundary between two columns to customize the size.

boundary between two columns

10. Select the table again using the “+” sign and right-click and hover the cursor over the “AutoFIt” option.

11. Click the “Fixed Column Width” option from the extended menu

Fixed column width

For hiding the borders of the table, select the table and navigate to the “Borders” option under the “Design” tab. Then, select “No Border”.

Keeping Two Pages in Side to Side View

When you’re working on a project in Microsoft Word, you may use a view that suits you best. In addition to reading mode, you may choose print, online, draft, or outline views. Sometimes you may find yourself in a positing where you’re going back and forth two consecutive pages in your Word document. It can be stressful, but there is a simple solution to this issue. You can view keep pages side to side like a book.

The great feature about Word’s side-by-side layout is that it also offers you a thumbnail view. Therefore, you can view all of the pages and then click on the one you want to go to. We’ll teach you how to use the thumbnail function with the “side to side” view. You’ll need to enable the Print Layout view in Word for using Side to Side. After that, open your document in Microsoft Word and follow the guidelines below.

  1. Select “Print Layout” from the “Views” area of the ribbon by clicking the “View” tab. If “View” Shortcuts is on in the Status Bar at the bottom, you may also use the “Print Layout” button.
  2. On the “View” tab, pick “Side to Side” from the “Page Movement” area of the ribbon.
  3. Microsoft Word will automatically adapt to show two pages simultaneously.
Page Movement

One important thing to remember here is that, if your document consists of only a single page, this method won’t work for the obvious reasons. Click the “View” tab, then choose “Vertical” in the “Page Movement” to revert to a one-page view in Word.

How to split a page


Dividing your document in half can make it appear more organized, whether you’re working on schoolwork, word processing, or creative publishing. You can use sections and tables to split your pages in half when writing your documents in Microsoft Word or use side to a side view when reading your documents.

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