How to merge Word documents and keep formatting

It is inconvenient to combine several Word documents into one, copying material from one and pasting it into another. This can take a long time, especially if you’re working with several documents or formatting that’s complicated. The following article describes the easiest approach on how to combine word documents on Mac. Word for Microsoft 365, Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, and Word for Mac are all compatible with the methods in this article.

Process of Combining Multiple Word Documents

The instructions below will lead you through the process of combining numerous documents. You can effectively merge several docs into a single primary file if you properly follow all of the steps.

Step-1: To begin, open the file that will serve as the main document.

Step-2: Place your cursor in the document where you want the new information to appear.

Step-3: Select the Insert tab in Word’s upper-left corner.


Step-4: Click Object from the Text section.


Step-5: When you will open the Object dialog box, you will find Create from File tab.


Step-6: On Windows, choose Browse, and on macOS, select From File.


Step-7: Browse and choose the file or files that contain the information you intend to include in the document.

Step-8: Select OK on Windows or Insert on macOS once the File name field has been filled up with the correct location and source files.

Step-9: The contents of the target files are put at the specified location in the current Word document. If you like, you may repeat these procedures for numerous documents.

Note: If you only want to input plain text from a source file and don’t care about keeping the formatting or the graphics, go with Text from File.

Process of Combining Multiple Versions of the Same File

You can have various versions of the same document when numerous people work on it. Without manually copying and pasting, these versions can also be combined into a single main file. However, the procedure for doing so below differs from that described above.

  1. Click on the Review Tab on MS Word.
  • Under the Review Tab, look for Compare and select it.
  • Pick Combine or Combine Documents from the drop-down list.
  • In the Combine Documents dialog box, click the primary document. Using the Original document drop-down arrow or the folder icon, pick the file.
  • Select the document that will be integrated with the main document. From the Revised document drop-down arrow, select the file containing the modifications.
  • On Windows, click More, and in macOS, press the down arrow. This provides a number of options for how the two files are evaluated, as well as how changes appear in the resulting document.
combine word documents
  • When you’re content with the selections, press OK to merge the files. All files are displayed side by side, together with a list of changes and their associated details.

Methods of Merging Word Documents without Changing Formatting

We frequently encounter the problem of the original document’s formatting changing while combining papers or adding material from other pages. Follow the easy steps below to resolve this issue.

Step 1:

Start the Microsoft Word application. Turn on “Tracking” under the “Review” section if you want to know which version of your document you’re looking at. When you see “Review,” pick “Compare.”

Step 2:

From the drop-down menu, select “Combine.” A new pop-up window with the name “Combine Document” will appear. From the categorized menu, choose “Original document.” Next, from the other drop-down list, select “Revised document.”

Step 3:

To combine two versions of a word document into a single document, select “OK.” Afterwards, select “File” and then “Save” to save the unified document.

Process of Merging Word Documents Online for Free

If you’re having trouble integrating your documents, there’s another option! You may combine documents online for free, whether they are in Word or PDF format. To do so, simply follow the two simple steps below!

  • Find the Filesmerge website- In your web browser, type and launch it. When you first access the program’s primary interface, you’ll see a number of options, including “Merge Word,” “Merge Texts,” “Merge into PDF,” as well as others. During this time, go to the second line and select “Merge Word.”
  • Free merge word documents online- You may combine word documents by dragging and dropping them. Make sure the single file is at least 50 megabytes. Next, under the “Insert Page Break” option, choose “Yes” or “No.” Lastly, click “Merge” to free online merge numerous papers into a single document.

Process of Merging Multiple Word Documents into one PDF

Combining numerous word files into a pdf may appear to be a hefty task, especially when there is a problem with appropriately incorporating the files without changing the format. How to merge multiple files into a single PDF file is described below.

Step 1: – Open an empty Word file, then navigate to Insert tab, find Object and Text from Files under the Object drop-down menu.


Step 2: – Select the Word documents you want to merge into a PDF file in the Insert File box, next hit the Insert button.

insert for Merging Multiple Word Documents into one PDF

Step 3: – Then, in the current document, all of the papers that have been selected are inserted. At first go to File, then choose Save As, and Browse.

save and browse

Step 4: – In the Save As box, give the PDF file a name, select PDF from the Save As type drop-down box, and then click the Save button.

save with pdf

As indicated in the picture below, all chosen Word documents have now been merged into a single PDF file.

Hopefully, these guidelines will make it easier for you to merge documents of any type without complication.


Question 1: How to combine word documents with different headers and footers?

Answer: You may effortlessly preserve headers and footers, comments, and many more items if you use Microsoft Word 2016/2013/2010. Follow the steps outlined in the previous paragraphs. Then, when you see a box labeled “Compare Documents,” select “More” to see all “Comparison options.” Click “OK” to save your changes after you’ve made your settings.

Question 2: Can multiple word documents be combined into one PDF?

Answer: Yes, you may quickly merge word documents into PDF files both online and offline. If you have a good number of documents that need to be converted to PDF format, you may use Adobe Acrobat to assist you

Question 3: How do I convert the certain PDF pages to word on Windows?

Answer: WidsMob ConvertPDF is a comprehensive PDF converter with several features. In only a few clicks, you may convert PDF to Word without compromising any formatting. Additionally, this tool allows users to convert up to 5 PDF pages to Word at a time.

How to Merge MS Word Files Into One Document


That’s all there is on how to combine word documents on Mac as well as a Windows PC. You may obtain a detailed lesson from the procedures listed above. Proper application of the listed methods will solve your problem swiftly.

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