How to Mute People on Discord

Discord is a well-known social networking platform for interaction. You can chat with your buddies, have voice conversations, and even broadcast your video games through Discord. It might be challenging to communicate with individuals through the internet. It’s tough to communicate tone through writing, and it’s easy to speak over somebody in a voice conversation.

Fortunately, Discord provides a variety of alternatives for muting someone. You can mute individuals on voice channels if you don’t want to hear what they’re saying. You may also mute someone to cease receiving alerts if they’re contacting you excessively. This tutorial will demonstrate how to mute people on Discord.

Why Mute People on Discord?

In a voice call, people have been known to do various activities, like eating noisily or creating annoying sounds. It becomes incredibly irritating for you and anyone else on the voice channel during this point. The simplest strategy to deal with such a situation is to silence them.

You won’t be able to listen to what the other individual is expressing to you over the voice channel if you mute someone. Members in the voice channel of a server on Discord can mute another user’s sound.

To Mute or to Block?

On Discord, there are two basic techniques to prevent anyone from communicating with you: muting and blocking. You will not listen to anything if you silence a member on a voice channel. They can still write you text messages and connect with you.

Not only will blocking a person prevent you from viewing their contributions on a Discord server; however, they will also be unable to post any personal texts to you.

Will Members on Discord Be Aware of Being Muted or Blocked?

When you Mute or Block anyone on Discord, there are apparent consequences. To begin with, it contains the ability to offend. This may cause a lot of turmoil in a close-knit group. Nobody wants that, especially given how readily these issues can separate individuals.

The great thing is that people are not notified when they are muted on Discord. They won’t get any texts or notifications, but they could realize if you stop replying to what they speak in the channel. Of course, it will be far less evident in channels with several or hundreds of people.

Process of Muting Anyone on Discord

The method of muting someone is fairly straightforward. You can protect yourself and others from bothersome individuals if you follow the instructions carefully.

From Computer

To begin, go to your desktop and launch the Discord program. Next, in the voice channel where the individual you wish to mute is active, right-click on their image and select Mute.

Discord program

Locate the mute option and pick it from the options.


Their sound should now be turned off instantly. Perform these procedures and uncheck the mute button if you wish to hear from them anytime in the future. 

From Smartphone

To begin, launch the Discord program on your smartphone and hit the menu symbol near the upper left side of the display. 

my server

You will currently be enabled to view all of the servers in which you are a participant. To access the server, choose the symbol on the left side of the window.


Afterwards, on the voice channel in which the individual you wish to mute is active, pick Mute. Finally, select the user you desire to silence and activate the ‘Mute’ button. After this moment, you will not have to listen to the hushed member’s audio.


You’ve now successfully silenced anybody you choose on Discord from both your PC and your mobile device.

Mute Server on Discord

When an administrator, server operator, or moderator with the appropriate authority silences a member or members for the whole server, this is referred to as a server mute. They will ultimately fade away since no one on the server can listen to them. Everyone can see this because the noise abruptly fades away, and the person who is creating the problem is muted.

Individuals cannot silence servers; only people with the appropriate authorization may do so. If you ever require to do so, right-click on the member’s profile in the server and select Server Mute from the menu. If you’re using a mobile device, long-press on their username until the choice displays in a box. Once they have settled down or vowed to comply, you can unmute them by repeating the abovementioned method.

Muting Channel on Discord

Muting a channel operates in a similar way as muting a server does. Rather than muting the whole server, you simply mute a channel. You may do it by picking the channel in the application by clicking right on it. You’re fine to go using Mute #channelname. To unmute the channel, follow the exact instructions as above.

Muting Texts on Discord

Muting anyone’s audio just means you will not be capable to listen to them speaking, but they can still be capable of sending you texts. You may mute anyone’s Discord chats by following these instructions:

Launch the Discord application and navigate to the top-left part of your display and select the Discord symbol.

After which, right-click the individual’s name you wish to silence. Next, from the submenu, choose the ‘Mute’ button. The next step is to choose for how long you wish to mute them. You have a choice of time intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours. You can also choose to have their conversations silenced indefinitely.

Muting Texts on Discord

As a result, if you don’t want to communicate with someone right now or don’t have the mental space to do so, you won’t be troubled by their communications.

How to Mute People on Discord


You’ll be able to silence bothersome users on a server or voice channel if you learn how to mute people on Discord. This will assist in preventing issues during key discussions and preserving a sense of harmony among server members. Hopefully, this article will aid you in attaining your objectives.

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