How To Fix A Subwoofer With No Sound

You are enjoying good music in the car while driving and suddenly you hear no sound! Or, you are simply switching on the subs to have some party with your friends but there is no sound at all!

In such cases, what can you do? How to fix a subwoofer with no sound coming out of it? Well, no worries, we have the perfect solutions for you! Take a look!

Fix Subwoofers with No Sound

Here are some basic methods of fixing the subwoofers that have no sound. If you are facing the same issue, proceed and fix it!

Fix A Subwoofer With No Sound


The very first thing you need to check when the sound is not coming from your subwoofer is to check the volume of the subwoofer and the device. Turn on the subwoofer and check the volume level first.

Both for the subs and the amplifier or receiver, you have to go through the volume. Increase it and decrease it to the lowest. And then again increase it to see if it works. This is the most common mistake people do when it comes to subwoofers.

They keep the volume low and search for all the other solutions available to fix the no-sound issue. But the issue is very simple and easily solvable! All you need is to turn the volume up and you are done!

Check the Connections

First of all, it’s necessary to check the connections and wires of the subwoofers. Go through all the wires along with the connections points. As you are dealing with the subwoofer, you have to check the amplifiers along with the receivers and the speakers.

The connected cables should be firm in their positions. In most cases, there are issues with the plugging and it’s easy to solve! Check the back of the subwoofers and ensure that the connections are perfect.

Also, there can be defects on the wire too. Worn, damaged, or torn wires can be the reason why the subwoofer turns on but no sound comes out! If there is any issue, fix it and then check again.

Power Outlets and Cables

Whenever you are confused and hear no sound from subwoofer Samsung, you get sad! Don’t be sad, it might be just a little power cable issue! Trust us; it’s easy to fix! To learn that the subwoofer’s sound isn’t coming, you must know it is turned on.

Yes, this is when the LED indicator light will help you out. When you plug in the subwoofer, the first thing that you get to see is the LED light glowing. It should be lit if it is switched on.

If it is not, you have to go through the wall socket, power strip, and surge protector to ensure that it is plugged in. Check the switches to ensure they are on. Check the power cable of the subwoofer too.


Some of the subwoofers come with fuses. In some cases, the backplate requires removal. At times, there are issues with the fuse and it required replacement. If you are good with it, go for it and replace it. Or you can take it to a professional.

System Settings

After you have looked at all the possible methods we have mentioned before, you need to take a look at the system and menu settings. Go for the receiver or the amplifier first. There can be changed done too! The subs should be added to proper stereo input selections.

Make sure it is done right. At times, the sub’s output can be adjusted down. This shouldn’t be this way! For the input devices, there can be speaker size settings. Settle for the smallest option first.

Car Amp Solutions

We use the car amp for providing the additional power that your subwoofer required for moving needed air so that it can create bass. But in some situations, when you switch on the subwoofer of your car, you might not hear any sound. If the amp has power and your car subwoofer turns on but no sound comes out, we have fixes for you!

  • First of all, you take a look at the subwoofer control. Go for the head unit first. For the aftermarket car stereos, there is a separate control from subs in your settings. If you see the settings turned off or not playing when the amp is on, they might be set low. Go through the settings and turn it on. Check the DB level and set it to more than 0.
  • Go for the speaker wire not. In some cases, it gets disconnected if it’s not carefully secured. Get your eyes on the amp and the screw terminals on your sub box. Search for the loose connections and fix them.
  • There is an adjustable point on your car amp. Search for it. It helps in matching the incoming voltage from your stereo and minimized the clipping or you can say distortion. If this is turned down, increase it.
  • Now, finally, it’s time to check the RCA cables. If you require an amp with a perfect music signal, you must check the RCA cables. At times, they can simply be plugged into the wrong RCA plugs into your amp. You might also see that they are plugged into the rear of the car stereo.

And this is why your amp is not working and the subs are providing no sound! Fix it by plugging it in the right place and you are ready!

Note: If you see that nothing is solving the issue, chances are your subwoofers are blown out. There are ways to fix it. But we recommend you to settle for a new one if you want the best music of your life!

Subwoofer With No Sound

How to repair subwoofer with no sound

Wrap Up

Most of the subwoofers with no sound that we face are our silliest mistakes. At times you keep the volume low and don’t notice! And there are also times when you simply forget to plug it in or the connection gets loose but we do not check. However, there are times when there are serious issues. We have solutions to all of them. If these don’t fix the subs, you might need replacing. 

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