How to Double Space in Word on iPad

Microsoft word is one of the most popular platforms to write an article on various topics. To make the article look perfect in MS word, the line spacing and alignment should be appropriate. Spacing mainly depends on the necessity and context of that specific article you are writing.

Double-space actually means keeping a blank space equal to the space of a line between two lines. Many people out there use iOS devices for such works. As a result, knowing how to double space in Word on iPad and other iOS devices is way crucial for a beginner in this sector. 

How to Double Space in Word

The Parts Where and When to Use Double Space in MS Word

Double spacing between lines is not always necessary, and it won’t suit every scenario as well. Based on the right context and necessity of the article, you can use this double spacing to make to article catchier. Let’s look at the cases where you can use this double-spacing between lines appropriately:

  • You can apply it between all lines of text, but make sure to double space from the beginning to the ending
  • There is also an option for you to include double space between the regular text and the block quotations
  • Between two paras of any article, you can easily apply double spacing to make the paras clearly understandable
  • But it is way crucial to add this double spacing between a heading and subsequent text to clarify the differences correctly

Apart from all these, you can also use double spacing in the creative way you want. In the parts of the article where you feel it is necessary to add double space, apply it without any hesitation. Proper application of double-spacing will help your written article to look more attractive to the readers.

When to Use Double Space in MS Word  

How to Double Space in Word on iPad – The Step-by-Step That You Must Follow

Adding double space between two lines isn’t any rocket science. But as there is a number of devices all around the globe with various OS, people might think, operating Word on those devices are significantly different. But it is not like that as most of the parts are the same, including all the major sections.

But there are some differences because of the variety in type and Operating System of the devices. Now let’s take an example of the iOS devices as there are iPhone, Mac, and iPad. The interface of the MS Word in the iPhones may be a bit different than the other two. 

But if you ask how to double space in word on mac, it is almost the same way as the process on iPad. Now it’s time to take an attentive look at the steps on how you can apply double space in MS Word on iPad:

Step-1: Selection of the Desired Text

The first task is to choose that part of the text you want to make double spaced from your written essay. For the selection process, reach the starting point of your chosen text part first. Press your finger on that top portion, hold it, and then carefully and slowly drag your finger downward.

Keep dragging the finger until you reach the ending point of the text you have chosen for double spacing. You can also select the text differently by starting from the ending point of the text and ending at the starting portion.

Step-2: Enter the “Paragraph Options” Section

The next step of double-spacing the text is hidden in the “Paragraph Options” section. To perform the task, you first need to reach over the selected text area. You will have to remain very careful as pointing your finger at the unselected areas won’t do.

Staying careful about the selected text not getting deselected is also crucial in this case. Now, let’s get back to the second line of this step, where your finger is just over screen of the selected area. Then hold your finger a bit to open up the options tab with various necessary options.

On that tab, you will find different options starting from “Cut” and “Copy” to “Paste” and “Hyperlink.” In the below part of that tab, you will see the option named “Paragraph Options.” Select it to enter this portion for the further adjustments of line spacing of your article in Word on iPad. 

Step-3: Set the Line Spacing to Double Space

By doing so, you will access the final stage or tab from where you can apply double spacing. This newly appeared window will be comparatively small, and there will be a heading named “Paragraph.” In this section, you will see various sub-sections for the other adjustments of your composition.

There will be the “Alignment” section for right, left, and middle alignment. Below this part, you will see the “Indentation” portion, from where you can even make fine adjustments even on the letters and sentences. Now let’s come to the business end beside which is named “Spacing.”

The first two options of this sub-section are not mandatory, but you can set them both at “0” or whichever number you want. Then you will see the “Line Spacing” part with a blank box beside which will contain a dropdown menu icon. Press on that icon with your thumb to open up all the possible four different options of line spacing. 

The first one will be “Single,” and right below it, you will find the “1.5 lines” option. Following these two, there will be the desired “Double” option for applying double spacing to your article. The fourth option on this list will be “Multiple,” with which you can use all the above three options in a single para. 

Select the “Double” option and then click on “OK” to apply the changes you made in this “Paragraph Options” section. Then while writing, you will see the gap equal to the size of a line between two lines. After that, the question might appear about what is 1.5 spacing in Word

It is the middle one with a bit less gap than the double space and a bit more gap than single spacing. You can set any of these spacing options from the tab as per your necessity in the context of the article. 

How To Double Space in Microsoft Word | Double Lines Space In Word


Why Should I use Double Spacing between my article in MS Word on iPad?

The theme of double-spacing mainly came to separate any particular part of the article from the text body. You can use it to give a clear indication between two paras and topics. Even you can use double spacing between two lines in your whole article if the context, body, and topic require so.

Can 1.5 lines perform as double spacing in MS Word on iPad or other devices?

If you use 1.5 lines spacing between two lines, it will be a bit less gap than double spacing and a fraction more than single spacing. So, we can say that the 1.5-lines is in the middle point or halfway between single and double spacing. But it is not the same as double spacing, and you can use it if your article and its topic require so.

Final Thoughts

In the first few days, people can get confused about how much gap to maintain between two lines in MS Word. Sometimes they fail to manage the whole thing, and the end spacing result seems a disaster. That’s why it’s a must to gain complete information about the spacing system between lines.

If you are an iOS user, how to double space in Word on iPad is simple but way essential to acquire. The more you become good at this, the path of becoming a pro in MS Word writing criteria will seem more straightforward for you.

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