How to Merge Two Documents in Word

For many individuals, physically copying and pasting multiple Word documents into a single one is the easiest way to combine them. This isn’t the most efficient way to merge documents. Inserting your files as items is a much easier technique. This should be possible in any current edition of Microsoft Word, even those bundled with the most recent Office editions. This article will go over how to merge two Word documents in a nutshell.

Process of Merging Two Documents in Word

The approach is straightforward and may be combined effectively by completing the directions. Open a fresh or current Microsoft Word file to get started. It will be the “main” document, which will be used to assemble all of your Word files into a unified composition. Select the “Insert” button from the ribbon panel.

Merging Two Documents in Word

Within the “Text” area, you’ll have to look for the “Object” option. Based on your display resolution, the symbol may be huge or tiny. Select the “Text from File” choice in the drop-down list that emerges after pressing the down arrow beside the “Object” icon.


Identify the first Word file you wish to include in your active file in the “Insert File” selection window. To attach a file to your document, choose it and then hit the “Insert” option.

Insert File

Your existing document will be blended with the material of the specified Word file. If it’s a brand-new document, the contents will start at the top. When you merge Word files into a preexisting document, the information of the added files will display beneath any original material.

You may redo these procedures as many times as you prefer to merge as many Word files as you want. Before you combine numerous documents, you’ll require to consider the sequence in which they’ll appear in your final draft. To explain the series of insertion, numerous Word documents can be titled with the ends A, B, and C in the sample beneath.

numerous Word documents

When you combine several documents that employ the exact Word format, your structure, photos, and other information should all transfer to the fresh version; however, double-check that this is the scenario once the fusion is accomplished.

Merge Word Files Without Changing Their Format

Although Microsoft Word may not be your primary option for generating and preserving a virtual scrapbook, it, however, enables you to cut, copy, and paste between its pages just like you would in actual life. If you wish to merge files in Word without modifying the source format, you must be cautious.

Inadvertently clicking on the file you’re pasting into rather than the one you’re copying from might cause the present document to take on the appearance of the one you’re copying from. Even when merging files, Word makes it quite simple to maintain formatting control. When you feel the impulse to combine, be mindful.

To combine files without affecting their formats, start by opening Word and the document you wish to integrate. If it isn’t already selected, hit the “Home” button and the “Select” option on the toolbar afterward. Choose “Select All” from the drop-down selection. The document will be outlined in its entirety.

Select “Copy” from the list of selections when you right-click anyplace in the outlined region. If you accidentally press off the highlighted region before copying, go through the “Select All” step again. If you want, you can safely exit the document.

Proceed to the next Word document and open it. Navigate to the point in the page where you wish the first document to be merged in, such as the very bottom of the file. To create a fresh page with a page break for the copied content, use “Ctrl-Enter.” If you want to split a line, simply click the mouse and hit the “Enter” button.

Choose “Paste” from the context menu when you right-click anyplace in the new location. The copied document is pasted in with its structure preserved. Navigate to the position where the pasted-in text joins the one that was initially in the file if you inserted the new item in between portions of some other file rather than at the ending. The structure of the pasted-in text does not replace the formatting of the one it encounters; each part preserves its formatting.

Merge Word Documents with Online Tool- Smallpdf

If you’re combining word files to exchange with others, saving them as PDFs instead is recommended. This assures that no one else can meddle with your information. In addition, PDF files are far more accessible and lighter, making them simpler to share with anyone.

To begin, convert Word documents to PDF. You may achieve this by using the ‘Save to PDF’ option in Microsoft Word.

Use the link provided below to access the Merging tool:

You may upload as many documents as you prefer to combine, and they’ll do the processing for you. After that, you may save your merged file. Before downloading, select ‘to Word’ on the resulting site if you need the documents you would like to combine to remain in Word.

Since they don’t have a restriction as to how many documents may be loaded into the application at once, Smallpdf tries to make the procedure of combining several files as simple as possible. Before converting numerous word documents to PDF, ensure that they are all in the same format.

How to merge two or more word documents into one document


It’s impossible to make integrating Word files any simpler, whether you do it online or manually, using Microsoft Word or any merging tool like Smallpdf. Learning how to merge two documents in Word can spare you time and enable you to carefully manage two or even multiple documents without missing data or damaging the formatting.

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