Why you can’t highlight text in a Word Document

You can’t highlight text on the screen in Word like you can with a highlighter on paper. You can use Word’s highlighting tool to highlight important text within a Microsoft Word document so that the reader notices it. You can also search within the document for highlighted text. The reason is that what appears to be highlighting is another type of coloring. If you select the text that appears to be highlighted and try to remove the Highlight, the color does not disappear.

Why you can’t highlight text in a Word Document

No other program has ever matched the popularity of Microsoft Word since its inception.

  • It is distinguished primarily by its feature set, the emergence of graphical user interfaces, and its high quality!
  • Microsoft Word currently leads the global software market. 
  • You may encounter minor issues while using Microsoft Word, such as the inability to remove highlighting in Word.
  • You can use the Microsoft Word Repair tool to quickly and efficiently resolve issues with Microsoft Word. 
  • The software is intended to recover corrupted Word files and prevent errors when operating with the documents.
Why you can't highlight text in a Word Document

What To Do If Can’t Remove Highlighting Word Document

You have a few options for fixing this. The clear formatting option in Microsoft Word removes the highlighting. Your No Color option is another option from your home button options. You can also remove your highlighting by using the cut-and-paste option. Now let us go over the systems described in full depth.

Select the Clear Formatting option.

  • When removing a highlight in Word, choose the clear formatting option. The text highlighting could be character shading. MS Word provides numerous formatting options for your text.
  • First, select the highlighted text and then look for the Clear Formatting option.
  • Once you’ve obtained it, click the button on your home tab. You also have another option.
  • Hold the Ctrl key and press Space to remove the format. Select this option to remove the highlighted format.

Select the No Color Option

  • If the Microsoft Word highlighting doesn’t go away, choose no color for the Theme color.
  • Word has a Theme shading option for adding a background color to text, similar to highlighting.
  • Select the shaded text first, then navigate to your home tab.
  • Click the arrow next to the shading option to open the corresponding palette.
  • Next, select No Color to remove the shading.
  • You can also remove the shading by pressing the Ctrl key and the Q hotkey.

Come Up with a Different to The Default Paste Setting

  • You can also make changes to the default paste settings in Microsoft Word. As a result, the source formatting will not be applied to the highlighted text. You can have the specific text copied and deleted.
  • First, navigate to your home tab. Then, on your paste button, select the arrow.
  • Right-click it and select Set Default Paste. This will now open a window.
  • Next, select the Keep Text Only option from the window of the Cut, Copy, and Paste options. To confirm, press the OK button.
  • Now, press Ctrl + C to copy the highlighted portion of the text mentioned above.
  • Delete the copied text while holding down the Ctrl key.
  • This will help you to paste the text back without any formatting.

Cut and then paste the text back into the document.

  • You can also try this option, which allows you to cut the text and paste it back into the document using the paste option. This will also assist you in removing they cannot remove highlighting in the word problem.
  • First, select the relevant text from the document. Then, on the home tab, use the scissor icon to cut the text as shown in the image.
  • Point the cursor to where you want to paste the text back in.
  • Return to your home tab and select the paste option. Expand the option and then select Paste 
  • From the list of available options, select Unformatted Text.
  • When you click the OK button, you will get the text without any formatting as plain text.
  • Check to see if the 

Why I Can’t highlight Text in Word mac

You can temporarily highlight text in your document’s body, text boxes, and shapes if you’re reading a document and want to highlight certain sections. These highlights are not visible in Word Mac printed documents. When multiple people work on the same document, each person’s highlights appear differently.

  1. Select the Text to be highlighted.
  2. Carry out one of the following actions:
  • On the keyboard, press Shift-Command-H.
  • From the Insert menu at the top of your screen, select Highlight. (The Highlight command is not available via the Insert button.
  • In the review toolbar at the top of the document, select Highlight. The review toolbar only appears if the document has comments, highlights, or tracked changes.

You cannot highlight text in table cells, but you can use conditional highlighting to change the appearance of a cell based on its value.

Why I can’t highlight text in the word table

Changes to the properties of a selection or a Range can be made in Word, just as in Excel. It is often preferable to use the Range because it eliminates the need to move the selection constantly. You should begin by defining your location in terms of a Table object. Each document contains a Tables collection, and an index number identifies each table. If your document contains multiple tables, I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how to identify the one you want.

A cell in the table can be identified by row and column (look for Help on the. Cells method). You can use 

The range method uses starting and ending character numbers with identifying the Text section to format. To determine the character numbers for the Range, retrieve the text in the cell to a string variable and perform a search in the string to find the end-of-line.


How do you remove a highlight in a word?

In word, open the document and select the entire highlighted text or a section of the highlighted text. A mini toolbar should accompany it. – In the ribbon menu, select the Highlight icon. The highlighting in the text should be removed. – If the mini toolbar does not appear, click the Highlight icon in the home tab’s Font section.

How to highlight in words using Find & Replace

 When highlighting recurring text, use the Replace function.

1. First, decide on a highlight color. This step may be unnecessary, but it is important to note that the word will apply the current Highlight, which may be none.
2. Choose green from the Text Highlight Color dropdown in the Font group for our purposes.
3. Click the Find tab after clicking Replace in the Editing group (or Ctrl+H). In the following section,
4. Select Highlight All from the Reading Highlight menu. The highlights are depicted in Figure A.

Why can’t I drag and highlight the word?

You can’t highlight text if you can’t choose it with the document screening tool. My highlighting/selection of text needs to be fixed on Microsoft Word.

When I try to select multiple words by holding down and dragging, it either:

  1. It does not highlight in any way.
  2. Highlights a single word 
  3. Highlights an entire paragraph

Final thought!!

It would help if you looked for the best solution that you cannot highlight in a word document. You can also use the dedicated section below if you have any additional ideas or suggestions about this topic. 

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