How to Gift Discord Nitro

In order to make the software more pleasurable for its clients, Discord Nitro offers additional rewards and functionalities. Customization options enable you to make your profile more distinctive. Nevertheless, a Nitro or Nitro classic membership is not free.

You have the option of purchasing Discord Nitro for yourself or a beloved person. Using this tool, you can offer your friends exposure to the extra perks that come with the Nitro package by giving them a membership. You may learn how to gift Discord Nitro as a treat by following along with this guide.

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Attributes of Discord Nitro

Registered members of the program may make use of a myriad of new group chat features thanks to the Nitro bundle. Consider upgrading your emojis or exchanging larger data in order to distinguish yourself from the grey crowd. Nitro in Discord may be given as a present to your buddies as an added benefit.

What extra features are available to the user once they have installed Discord Nitro? Services entail:

  • Enhanced video definition (720/1080p resolution and 60/30 fps maximum frame rate) for the utmost possible clarity of the video files.
  • Setting a tag for yourself. For the term of your membership, you may use whatever tag numbers you prefer.
  • Avatar in motion. If you hover your mouse over an animation, it will run in the picture and in the conversation.
  • The amount of transmitted data grows, with Discord allowing you to upload documents of up to 8MB and the Nitro tool allowing you to publish items of up to 50MB.

Members of Discord Nitro have an elevated position within the community. Users will be alerted to the presence of the premium service by the appearance of unique symbols on their profile pages. The people you’re in touch with will be aware of this.

How to gift your friend Discord Nitro

Purchasing Nitro for Gift

You may purchase a Nitro gift regardless of whether you are operating Discord on your smartphone or pc. We’ll walk you through the process on both devices in the instructions that follow.

From PC

Sign in to your Discord profile using the desktop or web application. In order to access your User Settings, locate and press on the gear symbol at the lower left of the window.

Discord profile

You may access the Discord Nitro section by going to the billing settings area.

Discord Nitro

The Gift button may be found in either the Nitro or Nitro classic portion of the page.

Nitro classic

Decide whether you want to purchase a one-month or one-year gift.


After selecting a transaction option and accepting to the terms and conditions, click “Buy Gift” to purchase the gift.

You’ll get a sharable web address that you can exchange with a buddy or other Discord member after the transaction has been finalized. This URL will allow the recipient to redeem your gift and make use of the Nitro boost’s benefits for the time frame you choose.

On Smartphone

Launch the menu by tapping the hamburger symbol at the upper left of a channel once you’ve logged in. To access the User Settings, click on your account image in the lower right quadrant of the interface.

User Settings

Take a look at Nitro’s configurations and pick on the Nitro Gifting option at the bottom.

Nitro Gifting

Make your choice between a Nitro or a Nitro Classic gift to purchase.


Discord users may share the URL to a gift they’ve purchased after purchasing it. When someone gets a Nitro or Nitro classic code in their inbox, they may utilize that URL to sign up for a subscription. Your gift will no longer be available if it has been claimed by someone else. Only unused gifts on the Discord application are covered under the platform’s return policy.

Discord Nitro Gifts Management

Discord Nitro gifts may be found in your Gift Inventory, which can be located within your User Settings after you purchase them. It takes 48 hours for a gift code to become live. You will not be able to retrieve the gift if you attempt to access the code after that period has passed. This is done to restrict the spreading of gift links by others.

spreading of gift links

There is a collection of Gifts you have bought in your Gift Inventory. The gift code may be copied and forwarded to anyone else, or it can be revoked if you accidentally gave it to the incorrect person and want to be sure it doesn’t expire. Revocation of a gift is possible without its destruction. It’s as simple as clicking on Generate link to produce a fresh gift code.

Redeeming Discord Nitro Gifts

Have you received Discord Nitro from somebody? Wonderful! You must initially verify that you are logged into the correct Discord profile prior to redeeming. It is not possible to exchange a gift after it has been used.

Redeeming Discord Nitro Gifts

Select “Accept”, and afterwards, “I accept” if you received the gift code by direct message or server. If you’ve received a gift, you’ll get a message confirming its application. Enter your Discord username and password if you need to check-in before accepting a gift from a third party.

If the accept option is greyed off, a notice will appear noting that “This gift has already been claimed”. In the event that you currently have a membership to Nitro, the reward will be credited to your account. Subscriptions may be found under the User Settings tab.

You can’t use the gift without redeeming it first. To use Discord Nitro, you’ll have to individually subscribe to it. When you evaluate the transaction, the account credit would be deducted. Keep in mind that you must terminate your membership if you don’t intend it to be renewed periodically.


Sending somebody a Discord Nitro as a present for their birthdays, holidays, or simply because you care is a simple and affordable option. You may now offer your pals a Discord Nitro membership that they can utilize on their profiles, given that you know how to gift Discord Nitro. After the individual accepts your gift, they will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Nitro membership for the term of their subscription.

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