Discord Hide Member List – Need to know Everything

Other than playing games, Discord servers are among the most prevalent approaches for like-minded people to congregate and discuss their favorite issues. There are specialized servers for various subjects, including education, sports, music, psychology, true crime, and many others. You can participate in discussions, streaming, or voice conversations in any of them.

Whenever you join a server, the server users appear on the right side of your screen, whether you’re using a desktop, browser, or smartphone. Nevertheless, you may want to hide the member list if you don’t want to know who is active or offline on the server. With that issue, this Discord Hide Member List article will assist you in concealing the member list.

Discord Members

Individuals who have entered a Discord server are known as Discord members. They’re used to boost your server’s social validation so that others can view how many folks are on it and determine whether or not to join. It’s also an excellent technique to boost your server’s engagement because it encourages users to participate in the community.

Process of Hiding Member List on Discord

With only a few clicks, you can hide the member list on Discord. Anyone may conceal member listings; it is not a function reserved for administrators and moderators. To accomplish this, simply follow the instructions indicated below.

For Computer

If you are using Discord on your desktop or laptop, you can apply the following simple steps to hide the member list on servers.

  • The Discord desktop program must first be launched.
  • After that, proceed to the server where you prefer the member list to be hidden.
  • When you go to the server, look for the people icon on the top right, next to the member list (shown below).
  • The member list will be hidden if you click on that sign. Simply tap on it to bring up the member list once more.

You may do the same operation with different servers by executing the same steps.

Using Browser

If you don’t want to utilize the desktop software and instead want to use Discord through your browser, follow the steps below. The procedure is identical to that of the desktop program.

  • To commence, open your favorite browser.
  • After that, head to the Discord webpage and log in to your account.
  • Next, navigate to the server where you want the member list to be hidden.
  • The people symbol is beside the list on the top right of the screen. The members will be concealed once you press on that icon.
  • If you wish to view the member list afterward, simply hit the very same button, and it will display.
member list

If you wish to conceal the member list on additional servers you’re a part of, repeat the process.

For Smartphone

Member listings are typically concealed in the Discord application for Android or iOS. If you wish to see the list of members, swipe right, and it will appear. From the member list, you can see who is reachable online. Simply swipe left to hide it.

Conceal Offline Members on Discord

On Discord, server administrators and other users frequently complain about being able to see people who are offline. They came up with the notion of displaying just online users and concealing offline members. Unfortunately, you are unable to turn this feature off at this time. 

According to Discord, owners or administrators of major servers will be able to observe offline members as an added function. It’s a bummer they didn’t provide the option to turn this list off as well. It isn’t a concern for everyone in the group because they aren’t visible there, but it is an additional complication for admins to identify who is on the server.

You can utilize Discord’s Prune tool if your server appears to have too many offline users. Pruning is a planting phrase that refers to the removal of dead sections from a plant or shrub to promote growth. It’s also a good phrase to apply here. By deleting inactive members from your server, you may reduce the number of people on it and reduce the amount of administrative work you have to perform. There’s also the added benefit of eliminating any fake accounts that trolls might have created on your server before they start causing havoc. It’s a minor gesture, but every little bit counts.


It’s a great deal of pleasure and thrilling to be a part of any Discord server of your choice when you can talk with like-minded people. It’s possible that you’re only interested in conversations and don’t want to see the online members on the right side of the screen. As a result, knowing Discord Hide Member List will enable you to use the display to read through the conversations.

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