How To Join Random Discord Servers

If you want to talk or text with other people, then Discord is one of the best places to do it. Additionally, Discord is well-known for its vast range of Servers that bring people together over a similar interest or hobby while they enjoy a game.

Discord servers may be used for various purposes, from collaborating on a class assignment to just meeting new individuals from across the globe. To locate open servers for your preferred videogame or to meet new people on a Discord matchmaking server, there’s an option for that on the Discord platform. In this piece, we’ll discuss how to join random Discord servers.

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Connect to Random Open Servers

If you’re curious about how a server works and wish to access any arbitrary one, here are the procedures to take:

Launch the Discord program or website application, and if required, login to your account.

Connect to Random Open Servers

Select the magnification lens symbol at the top edge of the display. There, you may access any of the available public servers.

public servers

Using the search box at the front of the page, you may enter in a subject of preference or just browse to discover a server that fascinates you.

discover a server

Tap on the server you intend to connect to after you’ve discovered one you prefer.


The server’s particular regulations will then be shown in a new pane that just opened. Check out the regulations attentively before joining.


Hit the Join Server button after you’ve finished reading the guidelines if you’re ready to join the group.

Join Server

Cover images of servers you’ve joined will be shown on your Discord’s left sidebar whenever you log in to a new one. The Server List is what you’re looking at here.

The webpage may also be used to identify the finest Discord servers. Many anime fan communities and videogame groups may be found on Disboard’s database of Discord servers. Discord servers devoted to entertainment, science, films, comedy, and role-playing games are also included.

If you’re looking for a Discord server, use the genres and prominent keywords on the homepage of the Disboard index to narrow your search. Blueish denotes categories, whereas green denotes prevalent tags. Discord servers dedicated to a specific matter may be found by clicking on a subject.

In addition to the server’s title and highlighted user review ratings, you’ll also get a short outline of the server and the number of individuals who are presently connected to it whenever you choose a particular subject. If the server is exclusively for adults, you’ll notice an NSFW emblem and a marker indicating the languages.

Adding a term to the inquiry field can help you target your findings. Alternatively, you can examine user evaluations of Discord servers by clicking on Reviews at the head of the page. Hit “join” after you’ve found a server you prefer.

Connect to Random Personal Servers

Discord private servers may be joined using the URL you got if they have been specially offered to you. To do so, this is how:

Hit the + symbol in the top corner of the Discord page.

Discord page

To enter the server, hit the “Join a Server” option in this section.

Join a Server

Once you’ve got the URL, just copy and paste it and click the green “Join” option.


Connect to Discord Servers Using Code

You may enter a Discord server in several different ways, depending on whether you’re operating the desktop software or a website client. The “Join” option is all you require to perform if a buddy has welcomed you to a particular group in Discord. At that time, either an administrator will designate you a position, or the server’s regulations and norms will grant you a role.

Execute the following steps to access a random Discord server using your desktop:

Get a Discord account by registering or simply log in. Make sure to find the server’s code or an invitation URL. Joining the server should be as simple as clicking a link. As a last resort, you may just move forth.

Discord account

There is an array of servers you previously belonged to on the left part of the application. You’ll find a “+” sign at the end of this listing. Go ahead and tap on it. 


It will launch a pop-up window. Select “Join a Server.”

Join a Server

Press “Join Server” after entering the invitation code.

Join a Server

Connect a Server using the Discord Smartphone Application

Launch the Discord service. Get a Discord account by registering or simply log in. Be sure to obtain the server’s code or an invitation address. Entering the server should be as simple as visiting websites. 

Your application’s primary page will provide a collection of all servers you presently have access to. Towards the end of this listing, you’ll view a “+” sign icon. Activate it by clicking. It is expected that you will be sent to a separate page. The “Join a Server” option is located at the base of the page, so press it. Select “Join Server” after entering the invitation link.


How can I enter a Discord server if I don’t have an invite?

Answer- Since Discord needs an invitation address or a server’s code to access, you cannot connect a server without one. 

Can I use an old URL to enter a server in Discord?

Answer- Using an outdated URL to enter a Discord server is impossible; however, you may ask the originator for a new one, or if the servers have community facilitated, you may obtain them in the Discover area.

Is it possible to connect to Discord without having an account?

Answer- Whenever you tap on a server URL to enter Discord, you may do so without setting up a profile; however, this is only momentary.


Finding and joining groups that share your passions is a cinch with Discord’s user-friendly invitation options. Even though it’s simple to access using an invite URL, finding the finest public servers might take some time. Thanks to various server identification techniques, finding and joining a server is now much easier. I’m hoping this guide on how to join random Discord servers would be of use.

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