How to Blacklist Someone on Discord

Blacklisting or blocking someone on Discord reflects that you don’t want to hear from that person anymore. It is not the desired thing to block someone from a community, but sometimes it becomes necessary. Blocking or putting someone on the blacklist is the least expected thing to happen.

But still, you may require performing this action to keep your server clean and safe from unwanted situations. Because of these reasons, gaining a grip on matters like how to blacklist someone on Discord becomes crucial. Once you know the process correctly, you can apply it when required, though it is the least desired task to perform. 

The Things that will Happen When You Blacklist Someone on Discord

Blocking a user or putting that person on the blacklist points towards the same thing. Though we would never want someone to be blocked or blacklisted by the users, sometimes, no options are left. Unfortunately, any user can harass you when you are chatting with others on any Discord server.

Some users can even send you inappropriate messages or use slang, which is always unwanted. These are the most common reasons you can block someone on Discord only if you feel necessary. Also, if you think any user is using a fake account or pretending to be someone else, you can also blacklist that user.

Now, if you haven’t blacklisted anyone before, you might not know what can happen after doing so. So, the things that are going to happen after you blacklist or block someone on Discord:

  • The blacklisted user won’t be available in your friend list anymore, and that person won’t be able to send you personal messages
  • If there is any messaging between you and the blocked user, those messages will be removed
  • When you and the blocked user are on the same server, you won’t see that person’s messages, but that person can see your messages
  • The blocked user won’t be able to call you, ping you, or notify you even after being present on the same server
  • Discord won’t ever send a notification to the blocked user regarding the matter that you have blacklisted that particular user

How to Blacklist Someone on Discord – The Step-by-Step Process to Follow

As we always stated, blocking or blacklisting users is the least wanted thing in Discord. But still, it is necessary to prevent unwanted and inappropriate matters from happening. In Discord, you can block a user in two different ways based on your necessity, and those are:

  1. Block from the Chat
  2. Block from the Profile

Performing both these blocking tasks is quite the same, but there is a bit of a difference between those two as well. So, let’s take a look at the processes of those two blocking processes one after another:

The Process of Blacklisting Someone from the Chat

Blocking someone from the Discord chat channel won’t block that person from Discord entirely. Now, the steps you will have to follow to block someone from any particular chat are described below:

Step-1: Locate the Username of the User You Want to Block

You might be chatting with various people on a channel and find someone using inappropriate words there. It can even be a situation where you find that person too annoying. No matter the reason, if you feel the necessity, you can block that user immediately.

To do so, you will first have to locate the username of the particular person you want to block. Then, if that person continuously sends messages, you will find the username popping in the left side of the chat window. The username will be right beside the profile picture and just above the message that the person sent.

Step-2: Block the User from the Chat

After locating the username, you will have to right-click on that username which will bring a small window containing some options. Those options from the window will be for accessing that person’s profile, mentioning, and more related options.

In the below section of that options window, you will find your desired option named “Block.” Select this option, and it will block the user from the chat for you. This is the go-to method if you ask how to block someone on discord without adding them.


The Process of Blacklisting Someone from the Profile

You may be the owner of a server and need clarification about how to prevent someone from joining a discord server. In that case, just block the person from the profile, and they won’t be able to enter your server. Now, if you ask how to block someone on discord with their id, here are the steps to follow:

Step-1: Locate and Click on the Username of the User from the Message Section

Someone might send you inappropriate messages personally or on a mutual channel. If you want to block that person from Discord entirely, just blocking them from the chat won’t be enough. That’s why the process is a bit lengthy, and you need to locate the username of that user from the message section.

The process of finding the username is the same as the process by which you found the username while blocking from the chat. After locating the username, you need to click on it to access the next phase.

direct massage

Step-2: Click on the Profile Picture to Access the Profile

Right-clicking on the username would have brought a window of options, just like the process of blacklisting from chat. But just clicking on it will bring another window consisting of the large version of the profile picture with some options. So now, you need to click on that profile picture, which will direct you to the profile of that user.


Step-3: Block the Person from the Profile

Your click on that icon will bring up three more options “Remove Friend,” “Block,” and “Message.” Obviously, you will have to select the second option from that list. Your action will block the user from their profile which won’t notify them that you have blocked or blacklisted that user.

block the person

Discord: Ban someone without them even joining your server


How to see blocked users on discord mobile?

You can easily see the blocked users on the Discord app through your mobile phone. But first, you need to access your profile by clicking on the profile picture from the Discord dashboard. As a result, after entering your profile, you will find some options below and click on “Account” from there to access that section.

As you access there, scroll down a bit, and you will find another section named “Blocked Users.” Click on it to see how many users you have blocked from your Discord account.

How to block someone on discord on android?

Blocking someone on Discord through android mobile devices is relatively easy. First, enter that user’s profile by clicking on the username from the personal or channel message section. Next, there will be a three-dot menu-bar icon on the upper left section of the profile window. Click on the icon, and three options will unfold.

Select the “Block” button from those unfolded options, and that person won’t be able to contact you anymore. 

Final Thoughts

As we always stated, blocking or blacklisting someone on Discord is what we want the least. But for some cases, it becomes a necessity, and that’s why learning the process of how to blacklist someone on Discord becomes crucial. 

There are options for blocking someone either from the chat or even from their profile. You can apply any of these blocking procedures based on your needs. Performing those tasks is not the toughest if you have a proper idea about the step-by-step process.

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