Discord Account Disabled Appeal

Did your Discord account just get disabled? Don’t panic! There’s a 99% chance it was because of one of these four reasons.

In this post, we’ll explore the four main reasons a Discord account might be disabled and all the ways to fix them in order to avoid being banned again. We’ll also go over best practices for preventing future bans, as well as what to do if your appeal fails or is denied.

Appeal after getting the 3rd ban

Appeal after getting the 3rd ban

What’s the appeal process?

If you get a third ban on your Discord account, you are eligible for one last chance at appeal. After that, it’s permanent – there are no waivers. However, when you appeal a ban, what it means by “final” is that the official Discord staff will review your case in detail and make their decision. If they find any of the reasons listed below true, they’ll disallow your appeal.

Now, if you’ve been banned for more than the first time, chances are you have some sort of one-time warning on your Discord account. That being said, if you’ve been banned multiple times in a row, there’s a good chance they’ll review your appeal as it’s the 3rd instance of any kind of punishment.

How to appeal a Discord ban

Instead of making your own appeal, you can make the process much easier by doing this:

Open a new web browser tab and sign in to your account at login. In the top right corner, click your avatar and choose ‘Report a Problem’. Fill out the form accurately and truthfully. Hit “Submit”.

Wait for an email from Discord stating that they’ve received your appeal request and that it’s been reviewed.

This is it! The next move will be up to the Discord staff. If they’ve determined that your account has been permanently banned, they’ll send you an email telling you so. The email’s subject will say something like:

“Your appeal request has been denied”

If they’ve determined that you’re eligible to rejoin at any time, they’ll let you know that your account’s restrictions have been removed and you can sign into your account again.

What to do if your appeal is denied?

If you have another email address you can use to sign in to Discord, use it. However, don’t sign in right away. Try using the account for a few days, and you’ll notice that even though the email says your account was permanently banned, that’s not true. As long as you take the necessary steps to prevent yourself from getting the third ban, your account will remain available.

Without another email address, you can’t go back. So instead of signing in right away, use your own Discord account until the expiration date. Once that time has passed, log into your Discord using your personal Discord account and deactivate it manually. You’ll then be able to re-activate it again under a different name with a confirmed email.

How to Undisable Discord Account

How to Undisable Discord Account

The Undisable feature was introduced in 2018. It allows you to re-open your Discord account if it’s been permanently banned. This works for all accounts that are disabled by Discord staff, but once the account is unbanned, it will keep working as it should have from the beginning.

You can do that in two ways:

Through your email, if you have an email from discord confirming the ban. (appeal after the 3rd ban) Through your account itself if you have any kind of one-time warning on your account.

This feature is excellent but it’s still not very easy to use. It requires you to input all the info you had on your account before the ban, including email and password. By doing this, it could get banned again since you’ve been warned about behavior that could lead to a ban.

Here’s what I’d recommend:

Create an entirely new account by clicking ‘sign up instead of ‘login’. Do not use the same username twice. Don’t sign in to your email address which is already banned. You need a valid email address. Once you’ve confirmed your account, deactivate it. You’re done!

Now you can confirm your email, reactivate the account and ban yourself again! This time there won’t be any warning, but if that’s what you want to do, just make sure to be careful again. Also, make sure to mass-delete messages and activity until your account is as clean as possible.

How to Delete Disabled Discord Account

While it’s possible to delete your Discord account, it won’t actually work. Deleting an account triggers a four-day ban, so you’ll keep getting notifications and will be unable to use the site anymore. You must only delete your account if you want to stop using Discord altogether.

Here are a few tips for deleting a disabled Discord:

Delete apps.

Delete your cache.

Go to https://discordapp.com/apps and delete all the apps you don’t use anymore. This way, you’ll make sure that even if the Discord server goes offline, you won’t be forced to use it again three weeks later.

If your Discord account was disabled due to harassment or other inappropriate behavior and that’s not the reason why your email was banned, then deleting your account won’t help. You’ll still have to contact Discord staff.

How to appeal for disabled Discord account for restore

Final Word

Although it’s not much fun, getting banned from Discord is an important life lesson.

While it might seem irrelevant at first, it’s actually extremely important to change your behavior if you want to avoid bans in the future. Likewise, for your IP address and device. Deleting all these things from your profile is a step to preventing yourself from getting banned in the future.

If you’re getting banned constantly and/or you feel like your bans are unfair, then something is definitely wrong. I’d highly recommend reaching out to Discord staff for help. It’s a bit of a reach, but since Discord is a community-driven platform, their staff will probably answer your emails in a timely manner and try their best to resolve the issue efficiently.

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