Discord Nitro Billing Address Is Invalid

If you’ve ever signed up for Nitro, Discord’s paid service, you may have been greeted with a notification stating that your billing address is invalid. We have put together some information to help ensure that your payment information is correct so that this doesn’t happen again in the future!

Well, when you’re on Nitro, you should be paying for it. It’s not something one should use for free. That will lead to more issues than just this one!

Having problems with Discord Nitro?

Having problems with Discord Nitro?

The most commonly reported problem is that users who register using their Google Play or iOS billing accounts are seeing issues with invalid email addresses associated with their payment information.

If that’s what happened to you, check your billing account for any typos or errors. The easiest way to do this is by logging into Nitro on a different device (one with internet access) and checking the email address associated with your payment information.

If you notice an error such as an extra “i” or the wrong capitalization of the first letter, fix it before signing back in! This can fix the problem of paying for Nitro.

And remember, if you’re not paying for Discord Nitro, you should not be using Discord Nitro.

But it’s still not working!

If your billing account is correct, but you’re still being told that your email address is invalid, something else might be going on.

This can happen when information gets entered incorrectly, or when someone presses the “back” button and edits an address after it’s been sent to the Discord store.

What should I do if my billing information is wrong?

If this happens to you, the first thing we recommend is going to your account settings and updating your payment information.

How Do I Check The Billing Address?

There are two ways to check the billing address:

1) Log in to Discord “Settings” and under Personal Information, click on your Account Information. There you can enter your billing information.

2) Create a new free account on Nitro, go through the signup process, and then enter your billing information. This will not be a free account!

If you see that your billing address is invalid then immediately contact Discord Support! If it’s invalid, they’ll want to know the reason why.

If you’re already a Discord Premier member, just let them know that they can reach out to support@discord.com to verify the billing address.

Discord Invalid Payment Source

Your payment source does not match your billing address.

If you’ve been experiencing issues with Nitro, we wanted to make sure that we covered everything that needs to be known in one place.

The most common issue reported by users is that the billing account may have contained a typo or an older email address. Having an outdated and incorrect email address associated with your payment source can prevent you from successfully signing up for Nitro.


When you sign up for the Nitro, in your account you’ll receive a verification email. This email has the information you will need to verify your billing address.

Keep in mind that all of this is depending on how reliable these companies are, so if the process is taking too long then it’s possible that there isn’t a typo or an older email address associated with your payment information. It might take some time.

If your billing information is found to be incorrect, you should take a few moments to check the billing account associated with your payment information on the Discord Store.

If you notice that there is an error, such as an extra “i” or a misplaced capitalization of the first letter, make sure to fix this before signing back into Nitro! If your email address contains any extra characters or mistakes, it can cause issues with verifying your account.

You can check for errors in several ways. The first is via the store.

  • From your phone or PC, go to “Log in” and then “Account Settings”.
  • Click on the Trust & Security tab and then on the Billing section, and you will see your payment information.
  • If there are any typos on this screen, it can lead to an incorrect billing address.
  • You should be able to get in touch with support@discordapp.com and they will be able to verify the information.
  • Visit their website to verify your payment source’s address.

The second way to verify your billing information is through Discord Support. They are available 24/7 and can help you get this fixed as soon as possible, so it’s probably a good idea to reach out if you have any issues with Nitro!

Discord Nitro Payment Methods / Options

Discord Nitro is a paid subscription service and requires a payment method in order to sign up. There are several different methods that can be used:

  1. Direct Credit Card Payment
  2. PayPal Payment
  3. Paytm Payment
  4. Payment with Google Play or iOS Address Book
  5. Credit Card Payment

This is the most common method that’s used when paying for subscriptions. If you’re using Discord Nitro, it’s also the easiest one to use because it doesn’t require any other information from you. While it can be used on both PC and phone, mobile payments are the most reliable way to go.


If you’re having problems with the credit card payment process, simply wait up to 10 minutes between payments. The card should be validated after this time frame has passed so this might help fix any issues with your payment method when you come back.

  • PayPal Payment Methods

PayPal is one of two paid subscription options on Discord Nitro alongside PayTm. This is an easy payment method to set up and can be used with both PC and phone.


If you’re having issues with PayPal, it’s often to do with the billing information associated with your PayPal account. Try simply updating this billing information on the Discord Nitro website or contact their support team.

  • Paytm Payment Methods

Nitro users can use PayTm to pay for their subscription service. This is a relatively new payment method and is only available for certain countries (currently India, Pakistan, and Indonesia).


If you’re having issues with this payment method, it could be the same issue described above for PayPal. You might need to wait up to 10 minutes between payments or contact support@tmtel.com and have them check on your account.

  • Payment Methods with Google Play or iOS Address Book

This payment method is only available on PC and requires a phone number associated with your PayPal account. If you do not have a phone number associated with your PayPal account, this payment method cannot be used.


If you’re having problems with this method, it’s most likely because the billing address is not associated with the payment method. You’ll need to verify this information using PayPal or contact support@discordapp.com for assistance.

Discord Billing Address Is Invalid

Discord Nitro Billing Address Is Invalid

Your billing address is invalid. Discord Nitro requires your billing address to be associated with the payment method that you plan on using in order for the account to be verified and for you to receive Nitro!

If you’re having issues with this, it’s most likely because there are typos or an incorrect email associated with the payment information. This can sometimes take up to an hour, so just wait it out and chances are everything will work out if you make the changes in a timely manner.

If you still can’t verify the address, reach out to support@discordapp.com and they will be able to help.

Discord Nitro Payment Not Working

While the payment method is not working, there are usually multiple reasons behind it, and support resources that can help you fix the issue.

To verify the payment method, simply log in to your existing Nitro account on your PC or phone and

  • Go to “Account Settings” and
  • Select “Billing” on the Trust & Security tab.
  • You can also do this by visiting https://discordapp.com/account.

On this screen, you’ll be able to see the payment method that you are using as well as its status. You will either see “Good” or “Bad”. If it’s “Good”, you do not need to take any further steps. If it’s “Bad”, it will show an error message with a list of possible reasons why your payment method is not working.

If you can’t see the payment method on this screen, try restarting your browser or computer. If this doesn’t solve the issue, try to contact support@discordapp.com for further assistance.


How To Redeem Discord Nitro Code On Mobile

If you have a Discord Nitro Code and want to redeem it on your phone,

  • Click on the two horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Select “Your Account” from the drop-down menu and then choose “Redeem a Nitro code” from that page.
  • Enter your code, then tap Next Step. You will then be able to use Discord Nitro on your device.

If you have already redeemed your Nitro Code,

  • Click on the “Gear” icon in the upper right-hand corner and then choose “Your Nitro” from that menu.
  • Click “Redeem a Nitro Code”.
  • You will be able to see all of the codes that you have redeemed on your account under this section.

How To Redeem Discord Nitro Without Credit Card

You can redeem a Discord Nitro code without a credit card for a limited time! If you have been using Discord for a while, then you might remember that you could use PayPal to pay for Nitro previously. This is only available in limited countries, but it’s possible to change your location on your phone and make sure that you are able to sign up before they change it again.

Here’s how:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Choose your username and tap on profile settings.
  • Scroll down to where it says “Location”.
  • Tap “Change Location” 
  • We recommend selecting “United States” from the list that appears.
  • Tap back once, then tap settings again. A pop-up will appear saying that you are now in the United States.
  • Tap on Payment Settings at the bottom of your screen to continue.
  • Tap “Credit Card Billing Address”, then tap “PayPal Payment Method”.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Tap on “Payment Methods” and choose your payment method. The default option will be PayPal.
  • Tap on “Verify” to confirm that you would like to move forward.
  • After completing this step, tap on “Done”.
  • You will now see a message saying that you’re using a PayPal account as your payment method. Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and tap “Next” on the blue banner to verify that you are over 18.
  • Wait for the “Congratulations! You’re Nitro!” message.
  • This will be sent to your email address after you have completed this verification process.


Discord Nitro is a great way to support the developers and it’s also used as a way to thank users for being active on the platform. If you are thinking about purchasing a subscription, or have already done so, this guide should help you with anything that you might encounter along the way.

If you have any problems, feel free to drop by our Discord Server where a staff member will be happy to help you with your issue. You can also use the help section of the Discord website if you have any questions about Nitro in general or can’t find what you need in this guide.

Please share this guide with your friends if it has been helpful to you!

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