How to Become a Mod on Discord

Discord is a massive network for virtual communication and information exchange. Discord allows users to form Servers where they may chat with one another. However, if users’ private message preferences are switched on, they can use the private chatting function. There are a multitude of servers on Discord that requires to be managed, so if you’re passionate about community development, you should learn how to become a Mod on Discord.

Mod on Discord

What does it mean to be a Discord mod?

A Discord mod is somebody who has the authority to oversee several areas of the server they’re running. The mods are usually one step behind the administrator. On the other hand, the server operator is responsible for determining the privileges and authorization for their mods.

Functions of a Discord Mod

The kind of Discord server, its scale, the objectives that the hosts pursue, and the duties that the server owner established for the mods all influence the variety of duties that Discord Mods might attain. The hours of work alter as a result of this.

For instance, in certain popular servers, the mods should constantly be available; for others, which are smaller or not as busy, it will suffice to be available at any moment to provide help and answer users’ requests. 

Developing and administering a community may also help a mod develop expertise and understanding about the management operation and its subtleties. Another strategy to develop as a Discord Mod is to share knowledge.

Process of Becoming a Discord Mod

It’s not simple to run a Discord server, particularly if you have a large number of users to manage. Even if you can handle large numbers of people, anything greater than that can become a genuine pain.

To be a mod on a server, you must be a pleasant and proactive user of the Discord server, support your fellow members when they seek aid, and present an online application to the server’s owner or an administrator. You may apply to be a Discord Mod by filling out a Discord Moderator Application Form. Individuals can utilize this form to apply to be a mod on a Discord server and oversee conversation activities. The Discord Moderator Application Form is an internet application that does not involve any downloads. This form is offered online, or you may create your personal unique version.

Participants of the server can enroll by giving their Discord username, age, and a rationale for joining the server, which will be displayed on the form. When an administrator gets a new request, they have the option to approve or deny it. If approved, the new Mod will have accessibility to the Discord server’s moderator tools, which include expelling members for offensive comments, banning users, and establishing rules for a pleasant atmosphere.

Becoming a Discord Mod

How to Be a Great Discord Mod

The following are the key significant concerns for Discord mods.

Maintaining a Positive Environment

The established rules must be appropriately set up and implemented before a server may survive. The mods must maintain a birds-eye perspective of the server at all times. They must proactively engage in regulatory actions to ensure that everyone is adhering to the guidelines.

Per week or every two weeks, the Discord mod could arrange activities or communal days, times for conversations, or include various Discord bots for gaming just to unwind. Music is another technique to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Groovy Bot, Rythm Bot, FredBoat Bot, and other Discord Music bots are available.  

Polls are a great method to get individuals involved in the Discord Server’s activity. It assists in making individuals feel useful by allowing them to communicate their concepts, views, and interests.

Channel Setup and Maintenance

Mods may build distinct text channels or audio chat rooms for diverse topics in a Discord server. Many admins also provide their mods the ability to build and administer channels. If this is the situation, the mods in concern must continue to optimize the channels to ensure that things remain in harmony.

Bots to Deploy and Monitor

In Discord servers, you may introduce AI-based bots that instantaneously execute specific tasks. You may, for example, set up a bot to inform you when new individuals enter or leave the server. A mod should be well-versed in the utilization of bots. They may create positions based on the group members’ preferences. Use translation bots, for example, to make multilingual communication easier.

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Are Discord mods compensated?

Answer- In a way, all of the server moderators are volunteers. As a result, they are not.

Is it necessary to be 18 years old to be a Discord mod?

Answer- Individuals who complete the DMA Exam will be able to request to enter Discord’s growing community of moderators. The Discord Moderator Community is for members aged 18 and over, whereas the Moderator Mentorship Community is for those aged between 13 to 17.

How long does a discord ban last?

Answer- The ban will persist till the individual is unbanned by a mod; nonetheless, bots can be employed to ban a person momentarily.

When a Discord Mod gets demoted


Among the most extensively used resources for community-based involvement and interaction is Discord. Several gaming firms build up and operate enormous Discord servers for any video game. Running such servers may be a difficult task, and a Discord mod can help tremendously. As a result, this post demonstrates how to become a Mod on Discord.

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